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Performed by My Chemical Romance

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LOVE IT! | Reviewer: yaneksans | 8/17/07

this is such a nice song...... its so sad
you ppl should really listen to this song
SO ROCK ON MCR!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this song!!! <3 | Reviewer: bridget | 8/6/07

I like listen to this song all the time on my ipod I love it. It's one of the best MCR songs ever. Every since lastyear when I heard this song I've been obsessed with it..

mcr. | Reviewer: brooke | 7/26/07

When i was at their concert in march, i say they were FLAWLESS.
and before they sung this song gerard said,
"This song is about mother fucking dead people,
Boy is that a suprise!"
so yeah. haha
everyone laughed.

comment back to jake and about mcr | Reviewer: becky loves mcr! | 7/26/07

if you dont like the band and depise the lead singer then why leave a comment?it is a bit pointless.
i really love this song and i cried when i first saw the video because i thought mikey had died, but this song has to be one of their best ones.

MCR Rocks!!! | Reviewer: Cheyenne | 7/17/07

This song is so sad and awesome at the same time. My Chemical Romance rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/13/07

At first, I thought that MCR was pretty overrated (actually, um...) but this song kicks ASS! My favourite MCR song and a good attempt at rock.

Brill Song | Reviewer: Alice | 7/13/07

Hi Jenni and that is a great song I love it and now Jenni has her way. I sit there and randomly start humming 'never coming home' and feel like kicking myself!

------ About the song Ghost of You performed by My Chemical Romance | Reviewer: Jenni | 7/11/07

I love this song! Its pretty amazing - I was listening to it this morning at couldn't stop randomly shouting 'never coming home..' to people. Its amazing.
go and listen to it NOW!
(jk. but seriously; now)

... | Reviewer: Taylah | 7/5/07

This song is so catchy and gets stuck in my head all the time it rocks and so does my chemical romance

Great Song | Reviewer: gerard luver | 7/5/07

I love this song so much. and the music video too. MCR is the best band ever ((just in my opinion)) and if you don't like it, think to yourself: How many of their songs have I heard??
If you've only heard a few and just decided not to like them, your missing out. After you listen to all of thier songs, I bet you will like it, if not, then you have issues...hehe...jk jk, but you are seriosly missing out though.

This song rox my sox | Reviewer: Emz | 7/2/07

My dad actually started my liking for mcr and now i thank god that he got the black parade. This song is one of the best on their second album and i think it's one of my favourites of their's ever! To me Gerard sounds like he really means what he's singing and that for me makes this a winner(and all their other songs!) MCR ROX MY SOX!

MCR ROCKS!!!!! | Reviewer: Erin | 6/30/07

I love MCR!!!!!I've heard some of there other songs and this has to be the best!And the video is so sad,but i can relate to it soooooooooo much more!

FRICKIN AWESOME! | Reviewer: Tuscany | 6/27/07

I have always loved MCR, ever since I first got introduced to them. This song is just another great composition from them! They rock!!!

Okay, over-reaction people | Reviewer: Jake | 6/23/07

Okay, yes, this is a really good song, but like, every band has at least one REALLY good song. I'm not the hugest MCR fan, in fact, I despise Gerard Way, but the last few songs off "3 Cheers for Sweet Revenge" are great, but the first half makes me want to gauge out my eyes and use them to choke Gerard Way for calling the band "Death Metal".

MCR have their moments, but let themselves down a lot by throwing in any song they fix up. Gerard Way is a pretentious twat. :)

Great Song | Reviewer: wissam | 6/19/07

really its ana amazing a big fane of "my chemical romance"...:D n ice song!!

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