Disenchantment | Reviewer: Connie | 2/19/12

I haven't read all of the proposed meanings, but this is mine...

So I think of it as about how you see the world around you and how you feel about it, i.e Disenchanted. It's certainly something I can relate too. I think that 'sold the cause for the queen' does indeed mean that even the title 'Queen' is becoming obselete because nobody pays attention to the duties and responsibilities and privileges anymore, only the attention that it will get you. 'We watched our lives on the screen' seems to me to be a direct reference to looking back on your own acts, staring in the dark at what you've committed. 'I hate the ending myself but it started with an alright scene' seems full of regret at the fact that it began reasonably well, sufficiently, and the disenchantment developed and caused the ending that is so hated. As did the ending cause the disenchantment. It's slightly complicated.
'It was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing' shows to me the effort to have to lie to your audience. They don't know you're so disenchanted and they don't know what you think, so when they stand there screamingly dependent on you, it causes heartache because you know that your enchantment that's keeping them going is a lie and you can never reveal that to them or you will be the sad songs. You will have nothing to say. You will be the heroes that disappoint them. I think it's representative of the enormous pressure MCR felt.
'It was the lie when they smiled and said you won't feel a thing' - this line is tricky for me. I think it might be about the lies of happiness that people give, like when parents are arguing and they constantly say to you 'nothing to worry about' and you know it's a lie. They tell you everything is fine, and that it's not going to hurt you, but it does.
'And as we ran from the cops, we laughed so hard it would sting' is an amazing line, and I personally think it refers to memories - the past tense seems stronger here somehow - of 'enchantment' and of being alive, running from the people who lie to you about how you won't feel a thing.
The chorus, I think, is fighting against this disenchantment: it's being sung to the world. 'You're just a sad song with nothing to say about a life long wait for a hospital stay' is saying that all anyone's doing and ever will do is sit around, waiting for the day that they're taken to hospital to die. They're just a sad song. They're not motivating, lifechanging, powerful. Just a sad song, and these lines are representing the disenchantment of others.
'I spent my high school career spit on and shoved to agree so I can watch all my heroes sell a car on tv' definitely represents to me disappointment. Say you've been fighting all your life against these people who are spitting on you and forcing you to agree with them, only to see that the only people you ever looked up to are complying to the frivolities of society. They're joining in with the big group sing, the money-making commercialising scams. They're letting you down, making you disenchanted so that you think there's no point in even trying.
'Bring out the old guillotine' suggests to me to bring back the real-life, harsher, raw memories of what your heroes used to be like, when they caused that emotion that kept you going, and now they're just tv stunts.
'This never meant nothing to ya' seems to be a way of saying, similarly to in 'I'm not okay' 'you sing the words but don't know what it means' - you can't feel it the way we can, and it never meant as much to you. The richness of life just doesn't effect some people and leaves them disenchanted and this is a way of identifying who.
So yeah.
Idk ><

from an ex my chemfan | Reviewer: B. Lindemann | 6/27/10

"it was a lie when they smiled and said 'you wont feel a thing'" and "but where did you run to and where did you hide?" have ment so much for me. I simply love this song. Goddammit. It was also the first song I learned on guitar 8D

Disenchanted | Reviewer: Shouter | 6/29/10

"This is a sad song with nothing to say
About a life long wait for a hospital stay
And if you think that I'm wrong,
This never meant nothing to ya
If I'm so wrong (so wrong, so wrong)
How can you listen all night long? (night long, night long)
Now will it matter long after I'm gone?
Because you never learn a goddamned thing."

woow.. so touching

err.. if i read on MCR cassette text "you just a sad song"
which one right?

Help? PLEASE!!!!! | Reviewer: --------- | 5/17/09

I decided to use this song for a project and I was wondering...Is there anything in the lyrics that would count as a simile? A metaphor is "You're just a sad song, with nothing to sing", but I just cant find a simile! HELP!!!!!

...it started with an alright scene | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/09

to me, i think this is a kind of 'tongue-in-cheek' line here, basically referring to how the patient was conceived. i.e. for those who haven't caught on, i mean a 'sex scene'

but wow gerards lyrics are great. meaningful yet so open to interpretation. GO MCR!!!

disenchanted | Reviewer: lalala | 12/31/08

Erm, i think this song is about how this guy here is disenchanted with life on a whole, like what the title says. From what he witnesses from day to day, he thinks that people are not leading meaningful lives and just wasting it away for material things.

e.g 'sold the cause for the queen' literally meant that people has forsaken a good cause, maybe some charity thing, for the pretty girl or your superior. ("queen") It is trying to say that in search of their personal gains like chasing after a girl/getting into the good books of ur superior, we forgot to do good.

And when we "watch our lives on the screen", meaning we sat down to reflect about what we have done with our lives, he realized that people were kind and innocent to begin with (started out with an alright scene) but as they grow up, they became materialistic or smtg and ended up unkind. that's why he hates what we have grown up to become (hate the ending).

He cited how bad influences always try to bait innocent people into doing things by lying and saying that there are no consequences but in actual fact u will live to regret like maybe cutting urself or doing drugs in "It was a lie when they smiled
And said, "you won't feel a thing" " or ruin your future like shoplifting in "And as we ran from the cops
We laughed so hard it would STING".

the chorus i think he's saying that everything is meaningless and we are just wasting our life away and waiting for the day when we drop dead in the hospital. How his own existence probably dont mean a thing to anyone so no one will care when he's gone and how people simply dont seem to see that this is what they are doing to themselves and learn to change. He's also challenging everyone to disagree with him if you dare because he is so certain that hes right to be so emo and disenchanted. lalala and so on...what an emo and pessimistic song >< yupp that's my take on this song.

sold the cause for the queen and sell a car on tv explained...well....sorta | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/6/08

for those wondering what "they sold the cause for the queen" means, i think it's when the queen's political position of power became obsolete and turned into a simple title and references that they were there to witness this event or was there during that time. also for the "heroes sell a car on tv", i think this is supposed to be "the patient" from the albums overall story (or 'concept') before he found himself on his deathbed, and he used to be a gameshow junkie and wasted his life away (gameshows give away many cars and have been for quite some time)

...but that's just me anyway...
MCR for the WIN!

meaningful!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/08

this song means alot to me!!
but the thing is i dont get some lines that said "they sold the cause for the queen" and i dont understand why "So I could watch all my heroes
Sell a car on tv"...if i mean it literally for that part, it just doesnt make sense to me...
like who the heroes refer to and why they sell a car on tv.. i mean why the heroes do that??
so yeah anyone pls help me to get the meaning out of those lines..
overall this song is my favorite!!!and one of the bests from mcr!!!!!!
hope they will come back soon!!!!!!!!miss em!!!!!

meaningful! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/08

this song means alot to me!! especially when im friggin pissed off and then i listen to this song and then i feel sooo MUCH better..
yeah i agree that high school sucks and same to those 'cool people' there..
but the thing is i dont get some lines that said "they sold the cause for the queen" and i dont understand why "So I could watch all my heroes
Sell a car on tv"...if i mean it literally for that part, it just doesnt make sense to me...
like who the heroes refer to and why they sell a car on tv.. i mean why the heroes do that??
so yeah anyone pls help me to get the meaning out of those lines..
overall this song is my favorite!!!and one of the bests from mcr!!!!!!
hope they will come back soon!!!!!!!!miss em!!!!!

wrong wrong wrong | Reviewer: ALEXX | 9/2/08

That looong story beneath me it's a really nice story (your a really good writer) but that's not the meaning of the song. I can't see anyway it could relate to it.

like other people have been saying it's more about , well this is what i believe its about. its about a victim who was bullied in high school, and he is singing this song to the bully. and like the other person said before further down the song is really saying: "Well you did this to me, and you hurt me really badly, and now I'm here and I can sing these sad songs for the world while all you can do is your sad little job." I think that is absolutely correct and it gives out a really important message. It's saying like no matter how much someone hurts someone they aren't always gonna win. I mean its like karma, you do bad things you get a shit life.
I think thats a really good message to bullies out there coz it proves they aren't always right and in the end not everything is gonna go their way.

I don't understand "they sold the cause for the queen" either, but the selling a car on TV i do understand. I don't understand how other people don't understand it lol.!

I think a life long wait for a hospital stay, i believe thats saying that the bully has wasted their life, like they don't care about what happens in it all they wanna do is pick on people. so all they have really looked up to in life is death because they have no dreams and if they do they are just wasting them away and not caring about anything except bullying.

I also like "if i'm so wrong, how can you listen all night long?" It's saying "if i'm always wrong, if i'm the outcast , if i'm not right (thats why your picking on me) then how can you listen to this song all night long? hmm? Oh yeah becuase now that i'm famous you want to have everything to do with me!"
I think thats what that line means.
And also "price you pay" obvisouly its Karma.

OO another one i like is "run away, but where did you run? where did you hide?"
Its saying like so just go, your needless here, but where did you go? You've got no where to go, you've got nothing, you wasted it away. you've got no one who loves you!"

thats what i think =P
anyone agree?

keep it up mcr (Y)

the real meaning behind this song | Reviewer: rey | 7/26/08

this is actually the story behind the song

Its sunshine overhead and a soothing wind that seems to kiss the grass as two lovers; Andrea and Jason, both graduating student nurses, spent time together on a hill with a spectacular view of the city. A wonderful day in the summer they enjoyed. A special day marking their 4th anniversary. Its a simple affectionate moment of two bonded hearts seemingly impossible to detach. With excellent lighting, a prefect time was found by the lovers for a photograph to capture their long lasting love. After taking their photos, the couple went home on the afternoon of that day. At his place, Jason chose their most quixotic photo and had it printed. Afterwards he wrote on the picture saying, our 4th anniversary. I love you Andrea. On the evening of that day, Jason drove to give the photo to Andrea.

But destiny as if it was written, luck had turned its back from the two lovers. As Jason was about to make a left turn to the street where Andreas house was, a drunk diver losses his control and hit the right hand side of Jasons car, violently knocking Jason inside as his car spun a full 360o counter-clockwise. He hit his head against the right door of his car. The right door of Jasons car was unrecognizable. The drunk driver survived with minor cuts and bruises but Jason suffered a fatal head trauma. Andrea heard the impact of the car accident, a loud crashing sound of metal and glass. Goose bumps instantly ran through Andreas body and felt a gut-wrenching feeling. Hastily she ran outside. She saw Jasons crumpled car and ran towards it screaming Jasons name with a burst of tears on her eyes. Jason was rushed to the hospital, on the ER, only a respirator is holding Jasons life. But the ER team did well and stabilized Jasons condition. Their picture that Jason was supposed to deliver to Andrea was found by the authorities on the glove compartment of Jasons car and was handed to Andrea.

As the days pass, Jason was in a coma and Andrea was always at his side for a long hospital stay. 16 hours a day, Andrea sat close to Jason watching him lie on his bed and thinking about their wonderful moments. Andrea wept most of the time as she ponders if Jason will ever be the same again. Its been 2 weeks now since the accident and things started to change and a hope begins to glimmer on Andreas face as she sees Jasons eyelids started to move. A sudden rush of euphoria engulfs Andrea as she is seeing the eyes of his beloved boyfriend begun to open. It seemed like time stood still as Andrea watched in awe. Its happiness that no words in this world could ever define. Andrea didnt know what to say. Jubilation overwhelms her senses. However, Andrea heard the words that grab hold of her in the neck and brought her back to the deepest and darkest portion of the sea of depression, drowning in the words that her boyfriend uttered. Andrea heeds the words, who are you? Andrea felt surrounded by a black veil. All she sees is herself and Jason, everything else was black. She cant speak, her heart crushed and pulverized. She feels like shes breathing in sand. Her thoughts were of complete nothingness. Then it strikes her, streaming tears on her rosy cheeks forced her to realize that her suffering have not yet ended. Another immense mountain stood in between her and Jason and the love they have put together. Jason could not recall anything recent on his life. He slightly recognizes Andrea but doesnt know who she really is and does not like to accept the fact that she is his girlfriend for 4 years. Andrea tried to explain everything but her efforts were futile as Jason became irritable. As a result she ran away and could help herself from crying most of the time.

Jason was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia; it is the loss of memory for events occurring before a particular time in a person's life, usually before the event that precipitated the amnesia. The condition may result from disease, brain injury or damage, or a traumatic emotional incident. Andrea learned about this and tried to forget Jason for good. Jason eventually forgot the face of Andrea. They went their separate ways a year after the accident as Jason went to a Medicine school and Andrea became a Registered Nurse. But Andrea kept the picture that was taken on their 4th anniversary since it was their last time together that they cherished each other. The picture means a lot to Andrea that she secured it very well.

3 years have pass and there were a lot of men who entered Andreas life. None of them could ever take the place of Jason. Andrea couldnt truly love any of them. She still stares at the picture of her and Jason almost every night, reminiscing the past. 8 more years have pass and numerous events have occurred in Andreas life. So many that she could almost entirely forget her love for Jason. But the picture remained. She made digital copies of it to ensure the essence of those four years with Jason will remain in her heart as long as she lives. She places it on a clandestine enclosure on her wallet. She kept it only to herself. Even her parents did not know that the picture still exists. The picture that captured their love at the same time ended their love. She frequently goes as well to the place where they took that picture. Andrea goes to that hill always if she has spare time. The view of the city on that hill makes her happy and relieves her from the stress of work.

Then the day arrived that brought everything back to Andrea. On the hospital where she was working, a young Doctor was appointed. She came face to face with that new doctor and her heart beats rapidly. She cant believe her eyes. It is Jason! It is more than a decade since she last so him in person but the love was still as strong. It was awaken by the mere sight if Jason. She stared at him as he walked closer. She thought Jason will say something. As he came closer, her breath starts to shorten, her heart beat pounds stronger and faster, her palms started to sweat. She froze, but Jason just walked pass her as if noticing no one. Then the nights returned when Andrea used cried all night. Memories of love came back to haunt her. She was engulfed again by love of which she has no control of.

Subsequently, a breakthrough for their love arrived; Andreas wallet accidentally fell out from her purse on the hospital where she was working. Destiny seemed to interfere for the second time. But now its much sweeter. By some miracle, Jason was the one who found Andreas wallet first. Jason felt weird as he held the wallet on his hands. Meanwhile, Andrea found out that she lost her wallet; so she franticly searched for it, asking other hospital staff if they ever saw her wallet. Her search turned out unsuccessful. She wasnt worried about the picture that was in there since she still has a copy of it, so she forgets about her lost wallet. (Back to Jason) Jason did not report a missing wallet because he feels like there is a reason why he found that wallet. He doesnt really know it yet but he eventually will when he discovers what is hidden inside. As he examines the contents of the wallet, he found pictures of a beautiful woman, a picture of a guy, credit cards, and some cash. And then he discovers a hidden enclosure in that wallet. There he found a picture of himself and that beautiful woman who looks like a nurse that he once seen before. On that picture there was writing, it says our 4th anniversary. I love you Andrea he can somehow faintly remember the place where that picture was taken. He felt so anxious. He saw himself on a picture with a woman he doesnt know and he was very baffled of the words with familiar hand writing. Small memories begun to flash right in front of him, now it started to make since for him. His parents were always telling him that he had a girlfriend before his car accident. But he got very perplexed when ever he hears that story so he disregarded it. Now the pieces of the puzzles are rapidly falling in to place. A lot of thoughts are flowing on his mind while he stared on that mysterious photograph. As he stared longer on that photo, more memories flood in. He started to feel mild headaches. But he was determined to know what the meaning of the picture for him is. But Memories became stronger and at the moment are partially complete that he has now an exact idea of where that picture was taken. He hurriedly drove to that grassy place where he thought he knew that picture was taken. And he was right. There the place was, and upon arriving and seeing the surrounding trees, more recollections enter his mind. It was more than a decade and not much of that hill has change. It is again summer, sunshine overhead and a soothing wind seem to kiss the grass. There, now Jason remembers a girl named Andrea. Lost memories of his past romance have now almost completely returned. One thing is still missing. Then, Andrea, moments later came to that place. Its the place where she always goes. The place that makes her happy and relieves her from the stress of work, she sees there a man, standing whilst holding a photo, Andrea wept. Lots of tear fell down her cheeks. Jason heard Andrea crying behind him. He turned around; saw the woman he loved for 4 years a decade ago. Everything is now in place. One last thing will seal Jasons memories back. They came closer, more tears as they cried face to face, and then the embrace that completed the puzzle. The indescribable sensation of holding someone you love. They spoke nothing to each other. Words are meaningless to them at this very moment. Embracing tightly, and it feels like Jason and Andrea wont let go of each other. Their love waited more than 10 years, now they wont let the moment slip by. Winds became stronger and birds sung a bit louder. Everything seemed to be so perfect; looks like their hearts are bonded ones again. Tragically, fortune has forsaken their romance. And as Jason realizes it, he held Andreas hand; he saw a ring, a wedding ring. Jason asked with teary eyes and soft voice am I too little too late? Andrea replied if only you came back a bit earlier, we would be standing here as husband and wife. And she looked down. Saying, Im so sorry Jason, hes working abroad and Im 2 months pregnant Jason fell onto his knees and cried louder. Andrea heartbreak
ingly explained, It hurts so bad, but we see now Jason, we were never meant to be

lololololol | Reviewer: mr susan | 7/14/08

i think the "watch all my heroes sell a car on tv" bit is very literal and is talking about how your heroes as a child aren't as great as they seemed back then. For example, a sporting hero you worshiped as a child could, when you get older have to sell a car on tv so they can pay for their next meal. i think the eqivilant of today is when washed up famous people go into reality television, lol. the message of that line in my opinion is to tell people to not to look up to anyone because they will always let you down. i hope this helped someone. love :)

disenchanted | Reviewer: mcr luver | 2/11/08

i love this song and this lyric and of course the band itself
but there r some senteces i don't understand what they mean such as
"They sold the cause for the queen"
"So I could watch all my heroes sell a car on TV"
Can any1 pls explain what those sentences mean in this song.
thanks so much!
i would really appreciate this.
and keep up with the good work MCR!
I always love u!

Touching | Reviewer: Sully | 1/5/08

This song means a lot to many.. It relates to life in every aspect. And in my opinion life is a "Life long hospital stay"... The song talks about how in high school you have to put up with so much shit, and people annoy you, and think they are so much better. But in the end, all they can do is go to their crappy job, and sing a "Sad song"...

Its almost depressing how much this relates to many people and teens...

BTW WoW Rules!!

AWESOME! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/07

I absolutly love this song, and all their other songs. I listen to 'em all every night, no I don't have much of a life lol. But na this ia an excelent song I absolutly love it and Gerard Way lol :P . Well that's all from me ok, see ya!