<3 | Reviewer: Jes Sedwick | 11/21/07

I think this song is about the people you grow up with in High School and the things they do to hurt you, and then growing up and seeing them as regular people who didn't really amount to everything they acted like they would've. Kind of spitefully saying "Well you did this to me, and you hurt me really badly, and now I'm here and I can sing these sad songs for the world while all you can do is your sad little job."

The life long wait for a hospital stay, I think, is just life in general, in the end all coming down to a possibly triumphant, but also possibly quiet and overall "disappointing" death. Disappointing isn't the best word, but you get it.

teddy evens by seth wagner | Reviewer: seth | 10/18/07

i love this song so much it reminds me of my friend... we used to sneak out and run from the cops he went to juvvy and i listened to this song for 3 days strait and didnt get any sleep...
i miss you teddy!

:O Amazing Lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/07

I spent my high school career.... Sell a car on tv"

When Gerard writes stuff like this those are the moments i say to myself.. "hes been taking intellingence pills!!"
wow those lyrics are amazing he really knows what hes talking about

disenchanted | Reviewer: megan | 10/4/07

obviously the song has been drawn from parts of gerards life and how he was feeling cause he wrote it and you cant just make that stuff up, but i think that in regards to the record and the story of the patient, the patient was looking back on his life, realising how little he had accomplished, that his whole life basically lead up to the hospital stay.
"a lifelong wait for a hospital stay"

my chemical romance i love you | Reviewer: farheen | 8/25/07

this song was so sweet and heart breaking i loved it and thought that the lyrics were awesome ilove gerard way he is super hot.this song gets a 100 out of 100 from me

DISENCHANTED and other MCR songs... | Reviewer: Paul Angelo | 8/15/07

Ohhhhh.....!U know all of you except for the band
Because you never learned a god damned thing!
Naaaaah! "i'm not okay" and i'm just joking.....
i like to lead "the black parade" and be a part
of the "Famous last words"...and i dont wanna be
"Dead"...i wanna leave forever and "Vampires will never hurt you"....and when i was a "Teenagers" i always paint my shirt black...."The End"

a real song | Reviewer: biboy | 8/14/07

i like this song because it's a genuine song and some kind of related to me so i like it very much. i always listen to this song all night, wherever i go, and mostly if i'm alone. and uuhhmmm.. i can really feel it's a real song. i like it MCR.

A sad song. | Reviewer: Zac | 8/13/07

This song has so much meaning,
the lyrics are all so amazing ,
MCR songs are all so thoughtful, as so many people can realate to them.

this song means so much to me. !


I loved it!!! | Reviewer: jessie | 8/9/07

i loved this song it spoke to my heart...it really did....it made me think about my life..i loved it!! thanks 2 MCR!! i loved this song!!

Feeling... | Reviewer: Someone | 7/27/07

This song gave me feeling about someone feeling lonely. Unusually I felt something like that in a song. I think this is one of Gerard' s letter to his life. He can gave me his feelings with his voice and his words on this song. Congratulations if he ment it, share his feelings with someone.

disenchated : LOVE THIS SONG!!! | Reviewer: ... | 7/2/07

omg i really like this song ALOT! i went and saw them in concert and i was AMAZED. they are such an awesome band and i hope tehy make another album because the black parade blew me away. I LOVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. xoxoxoxoxxo


I love it | Reviewer: Gerard's_Princess_xX | 6/17/07

one of mt favorite songs, along with cemetery drive, house of wolves and the sharpest lives.

Yeah I'm an MCR addict.

And proud of it. =)

awesome | Reviewer: anonymys | 5/30/07

this song is the frakin best! I can play the aucoustic part of the song also. I luv it. Long live the black parade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perfect | Reviewer: Vincent | 5/28/07

This is without a doubt one of the best songs in the album. And we can see that this song is probably Gerard's own life but I like the fact that people can connect with it's lyrics in a deep way, kinda in the way of being in Gerard's place. It's a real sad song but it's wonderful

i happen to like itt... | Reviewer: AnarKiss | 5/27/07

its a very emotional song, with realworld connections. whoever that was that sed the whole sellout thing, yea, its written for that, but theres also emotion in it. pure emotion. you dont sing like that live (ATL 4/24/07) just for show.