MCR RULE X | Reviewer: Natalie | 5/25/07

I love this song i got it as my myspace song it rock's i love it it's the best song on thier album keep on rocking mcr xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

think about this | Reviewer: Vanessa | 5/6/07

this song is definitely the saddest song on their record.. But there were a lot of startling lines is there...
Kind of makes you think that Gerard was actually singing about his own life.
"It was the roar of the crowd that gave me heartache to sing..." The awkward part was that he once anounced that he had lung cancer. He said this on one of their concerts..
This line makes me really believe that it was about HIS life, "I spent my high school career spit on and shoved to agree.." We all know that Gerard was rejected during his high school days..
Think about it guys..
This is why this song makes such an impact.
Reffering to the fans: "If im so wrong, HOW CAN YOU LISTEN ALL NIGHT LONG?"

wow | Reviewer: RO | 5/2/07

i love the begining of this song , the song is wonderful i can't believe how gerard does this this guy is talented !!

HOLY COW!!! | Reviewer: Cyruss | 4/15/07

two thumbs up!!

mcr digs another hole to emo world. dunno really how the came up w/ such freakin' out-of-the-world melancholic hell of a lyrics. all hail to you folks!

Reejis says postulate | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/07

It's magically deliciously sure, whatever.
Second only to 'welcome to the black parade'this par-ticular coagulation of musical treasures frikkin' means so much: imagine yer Gerard, after being labeled 'Emo', and yer on stage, the anxious heft of a guitar reposed in yer fingers and hands. It's a confessional snap-out of a trance of empty notoriety. It's self realization remaining helpless to the demands of his riot of fans.
'it's was the roar of the crowd; that gave me heartache tuh was the lies when they smiled and said you won't feel a thing...bring out the old guillitine; we'll show 'em what we all mean'...'it doesn't matter, after I'm gone'. No one learned anything except a gutless beat that they'll scream to, then turn off the radio like they'll do to him.
Decimating all chances to lend meaning and truth to those listening at all.
It's about sell-outs, maybe with good intentions,realizing they didn't say anything.
"just a sad song with nothing to it hard understanding, I'm incomplete...a life that's so demanding, I get weak..."

omg how do not love this song??? | Reviewer: Adria | 3/6/07

omg this is the most awsome song to see live!!
i saw them in cleveland and wow!!!!
you have no clue... wow...
but omg i kno all the words and everything!!
and learning how to play guitar!!
it acctually says somthing.
all of their songs do but this is how things went or were going for them.
and how alot of ppl are feeling now.
they kno how to write songs.
and i thank them for it.

disenchanted | Reviewer: nicole | 2/28/07

I really love the song, especially
'So go, go away, just go, run away.
Now where did you run to?
And where did you hide?
Go find another way
Price you pay' xD

disenchanted | Reviewer: hollie | 2/16/07

this is my second favorite song by my chemical romance i just love it 2 bits...... i havent listnded 2 mcr for long but i think they r g8 luv u all xxxx

disenchanted | Reviewer: Lauren | 2/17/07

personally i think this song shows off gerards voice the best, and its really nice to hear the boys experiment with a softer sound. love the acoustic guitar at the beginning and end. definately one of the best songs they've done. love it!