I love mcr so much! | Reviewer: Chelsey | 3/9/11

This song is so so touching. I saw mcr live last month and when they performed this it was amazing. This song is very emotional for me even though I've never really experianced any one close to me suffer from this disease. This song has true meaning, I love u mcr! XxxxxX

loved it | Reviewer: katya Poloni | 2/28/11

this song is so great. the lyrics are perfect and notes just work. its one of those songs that gives you goosebumps because it just works that well. my nana and a close family friend have both gotten cancer, but I was so young I didn't really know about the full potential of it. I realise now that I'm lucky to not have been affected by cancer, considering the amount of people that have been killed or affected by cancer.

love you mcr

---- | Reviewer: ----- | 1/31/11

I watched a close friend, get diagnosed with cancer, and go through chemo... I watched him get weak, i watched him get strong then fade again. In june, i watched as his lungs exploded and blood and pieces of muscle and lung gushed from his mouth. I watched him die on the ambulance stretcher. I remember walking through his blood, and i remember having to be strong and I remember not crying in front of anyone and, I will always remember him...
That is why, this song is so close to me.

memories listeming to this song | Reviewer: samantha cooke | 1/24/11

this song is so heart touching i remember when my nan was diagnosed with cancer a hole body cancer and i was deverstated thinking that the most closes thing in my heart was her she was why i am living i cry everytime i listen to this she was diagnosed with cancer all over 3 years ago in june but every time this song is played i remember only the bad thing that i experienced with her and i cry and cry and cry for at least an hour and i try to hide my pain from anyone else though. this song has the most powerful words i have ever listened to and they mean i lot in my life i will never forget these word they will stay with me forever and ever.

Waiting | Reviewer: MCR Freak | 1/16/11

Yeah, this song...I play over and over again. My Uncle Tony was diagnosed with a late stage Leukemia. Yeah, it sucked. I remember, when I was little, I wanted pudding, but I couldn't eat it in his hospital room; the smell was nausiating to him, and he would throw up. He basiclly shrank into nothing. My cousin painted a picture of him..skin and bones. He was broken by all the pain. He passed away soon after...it wasn't diagnosed early enough for treatment. So all we had to do is wait. Do you know how much it hurts knowing a huge part of your life is going to die? Its a terrible feeling of anticipation and sleepless nights. Now I know hes in a better place, where he can not suffer anymore, and where he is happy. But all the memories stay with me and they probably will for the rest of my life. MCR is my favorite band because of the intesity of the lyrics, and the fact that Gerard Way ACUALLY puts effort into his songs, and doesn't just have some professional auto-tuner make his voice sound better( EX: Justin Bieber; Kesha)
Go MCR For life.

crying :s | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/11

oh, this song's just so heart touching... my mom already passed away, when I was twelve (not with cancer, but closely)... when I saw her at the funeral, she seemed so weak, and she was bold... she looked like she had died long before :s I remember her everyday, but this song brings so many memories of the time she was at the hospital... since she went there, unconscient, I never saw her again :s I feel so bad right now, and only three years passed. I can't always just forget her. I miss her too much :S
I'm crying at this song, right now; it's really touching :s
mommy, I miss you, more than anything «3

Broken by Cancer | Reviewer: Anna | 1/1/11

I remember the first time I herd this song, I was in about the 7th grade, I started listening to My Chemical romance cause my brothers did. I'm not sure if I knew my Uncle had cancer, I'm not sure i knew he was sick. I just thought he was old. Then I soon find out while over hearing my mother that my Uncle Dave has level four colon cancer. i knew Cancer was bad, but I had no idea that what he had was so deadly. I almost didn't want to believe that someone I love and knew had cancer. For the next two years I took my uncle for granite. I thought No, he can't die. No one I love can die. July of 2010 came along and we had a fund raiser so my uncle could pay for the EXTREMELY expensive pill he needed to fight off the cancer. We raised over $600.00 We were proud and full of hope. Then soon enough my uncle was using an oxygen tank to breath. It was heartbreaking to see him like that. But what was more heart breaking was herring he was in the hospital, and he passed away as my mother held his hand. Of course i was in denial, I didn't want to believe it. But it hit me hard when I was at his visitation and there he was, in a coffin. cold and dead. It was devastating and just unbearable to see my uncle dead. This song reminds me of you Uncle David M. Meyer. you fought a long, tough battle against the cancer without one complaint. Your out solider. Although the family seems broken by your death. Broken by cancer. R.I.P. David M. Meyer.
Now turn away,
'Cause I'm awful just to see
'Cause all my hairs abandoned all my body,
Oh, my agony,
Know that I will never marry,
Baby, I'm just soggy from the chemo
But counting down the days to go
It just ain't living
And I just hope you know

That if you say
Goodbye today
I'd ask you to be true.

:( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/10

This is a good song, but it's hard to listen to. My mom had cancer when I was four. It brings up lots of bad memories...I also never knew what cancer was back then. For all I knew, it was a bad cold. My preschool teacher came up to me and said she felt bad and was praying for my mom. I didn't get it. I had no idea my mom could die because everyone pretended nothing was wrong. But my mom told me that eventually she explained what was really happening and I cried. I forgot about it because I was so young...but it explains why I've never eaten their ice cream since.

My mom is fine now, thank god.

my thoughts on Cancer | Reviewer: Tina | 12/23/10

i don't know anyone who has or had cancer but every time i listen to this song i cry. it makes me realise how luck my family and i are. i love MCR and i love the amount of emotion that Gerard puts into this song.

10/27/10 | Reviewer: nancy | 10/27/10

This song is so sad i read a book that's called "After ever After" and that's how i got this song. When i first heard this song it reminded me of my Cousin who was diagonosed with Canser and it hurt me so much having to see him go through alot of pain but i prayed and stayed strong just for him. He means the world to me and also to other people. Glad he doesn't have it anymore. To those you've heard it and have not exprirence this lucky you had time to listen cause it makes you relise that your life is worth alot and see that alot of people sufer but still can live to the fullest so people dont say your life sucks cause honestly your here for a reason and thank god your healthy and in a good shape :)

Tribute to you guys and your awesomeness at dealing with these hard situations x | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/10

i am going to do a piano arrangement of this because it is just a really amazing song. I havent experienced having anyone in my family having cancer, but one of my friend's mum had cancer a couple of years ago. Thanks to doctors and prayers, she was saved but my friend still has problems remembering that awful time in her life. I want to put the piano arrangement onto youtube for all the innocent people that have been taken by cancer and for all of the people that have lost loved ones to cancer. Just know that your loved ones are looking down at you from heaven, thinking about how much they love you and how proud they are of you for not giving up when you knew they would leave you. xx

Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you | Reviewer: Yohanna | 9/16/10

First time i heard this song i was crying.my father had died of cancer.my father is 57 and i was 17.
The lyrics remined me of things that i have gone through in the past.
I love my father.
I love MCR.good job.

cancer !! | Reviewer: rawr | 7/30/10

The first time i was listening to this song i was crying. It is so deep and it is a really sad song if you think about it. My friend has cancer and she listed to this and started to cry. It's an amazing song[: my favorite song and i am listening to it right now

The memories... | Reviewer: Kensei | 7/9/10

My grandma died of breast cancer. I was 8 and my sister was 2. The first time i heard this song it brought back all my memories of her. My sister never got to know her and I cry everytime I hear this song.

Struggle | Reviewer: Shail Deula(Nepal) | 6/8/10

Wow... amazing heart touchy song of MCR 1st time i heard this song i really liked it,it's reallity of life,when we will near of death most of all people want to cheer up wid frens n live few more days bt reallity is reallity,keep rockin' MCR