Cancer by MCR | Reviewer: Becca | 10/31/14

So many of my family members have been affected or died of some variation of cancer and that makes this song all the more touching. I love MCR but not so much because I'm an emo or anything like that (although perhaps I am slightly). I admire them for telling the truth- the brutal truth. They sing the feelings of themselves and others and they're not afraid of being judged (despite their controversial style). And that's what they're doing here. They're telling the brutal truth, and that's what they're doing in this song. They're so empathetic and that's what makes their songs (particularly the sad ones such as this)so haunting. Although I'm dead upset that they broke up, I think that the legacy and the 'idea', as Gerard Way said, of My Chemical Romance lives on in us.

awesome | Reviewer: homer | 4/30/13

well i have lost some one of my familly she was my sister i remember her just a little becouse i was very jung bus it still hurting me when i liten the song i almost cried bus i say no wait she used to be so strong and i guess she had no wanted to cry

.~Review~. | Reviewer: .x.X.x. | 1/23/13

This song is one of the best MCR songs ever. I am sitting alone crying my eyes out from this. A few of my family members have passed away from cancer, my cousin has it, and my grandmother has emphazema. *Horribly depressed* ;(

Btw. sorry for my english | Reviewer: LittleLuckySpider | 7/1/12

I love this song. Im not sick and now one from my family had died because of cancer. But now Im just sitting here, alone im ny room and thinking. What if Im going to get sick? How would I feel? How I would be able to say goodbye to all people that I love?

thankyou | Reviewer: Daisy | 2/24/12

My friends introduced me to MCR a couple of months ago and this was one of the first MCR songs I ever sat down to and listened to by myself. It made me think of my Auntie, who passed away from cancel two years ago, and it just made me cry. The lyrics are just so touching I don't usually think too much about song lyrics cuz usually they are a load of nonsense that means nothing to me, but with MCR's songs there is no way of escaping the lyrics touching you xxx

It's incredibly touching. And beautiful. And easy for anyone to connect with, even if they aren't a cancer survivor, or haven't had a loved one battle it, etc. The inevitable heartbreak is something we all experience, and the sweetness of this music brings tears to many-an-eye.

Why not love this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/11

I have went into so many talent shows with sad songs and my teacher denies them. I wanted to do greenday blvddreams but I am picking this song next year. I will face the teacher with all the songs that make me up. All the depression!

Thank You My Chemical Romance | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/3/11

How many bands like MCR, write songs that get people to give out memories that are more than painful? Truthfully, not many. MCR reaches out to people and helps people. You can see that under my post on "Welcome To The Black Parade". No matter what my mom says, she can't pull me from MCRs group of fans they reach out to. She could never understand. NEVER.

I'm so sorry... | Reviewer: Lauren | 10/3/11

I'm so sorry you lost your father. I can't say how sorry. I can't say I relate in the same way, but I lost my dad when he ran off and has had no contact with me. I'm not comparing myself. I couldn't do that. But I live thinking about the fact I don't get to see me dad because he doesn't love me. And I want to say your very lucky he loved you, and i feel more than sympothy and empathy for you. I might not know you, but I'd take that pain for you if I could. Because he loved you and you know that. You didn't earn this loss. He didn't either I bet. So I'd take the burden faster than you could say no. This song is sad, and it does trigger memories for some. But songs are to feel through. You can feel through this song like any other, and it can help.

Father's day | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/11

For six years, my daddy struggled through pancreatic cancer. His reason for fighting was because his purpose in life was to be a father. He passed away when I was four years old. Happy father's day to all that have lost someone <3

I'm so glad... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/14/11

....there aren't any trolls on this song, or I'd have to put my fist down their throat.

Doing this song for my middle school talent show. Hopefully it will reach out to some of the students. Cancer affects everyone sometime in their life...

Beautiful | Reviewer: Lucy | 5/22/11

I watched my boyfriend die of cancer, and sitting there by his side, knowing I could do nothing for him, I had never felt so useless in my life. This song makes me cry every time I hear it and it is so emotional and beautiful <3 Thank you MCR

ur a god from above | Reviewer: myami brown | 4/4/11

thank you my mom found out today that she is going to go to the doctor and she will be taking chemo therapy and i am so greatfull that you are writing these songs and reaching out to people everywhere and anywhere you can


touching other people | Reviewer: Myami brown | 4/4/11

my mom is going through this and this song is so touching a wonderfull its a blessing to to have someone understand what other people go through thank you so so much for helping me get throught this

thoughts | Reviewer: Kayla | 3/20/11

Honestly I didn't get past the first verse before I had to turn it grandpa was my hero and my whole world he recently passed away of cancer I sat by his side day and night watched him get strong to fade to nothing. It killed me to see the strongest man I ever knew grow so weak. This is a wonderful song with some amazingly touching lyrics, I just can't do it....