Sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/07

This song is so sad it remines me of my grandfather who died of cancer every time i listen to it

O M G | Reviewer: Leslie | 8/28/07

this song is the saddest thing ever especially the video... MY GOD THE VIDEO MAKES ME CRY! :'''''''( but i love it... when the little girl cut her hir and omg *starts crying* im crying this songs so sad I LOVE IT !!! but i hate that it has a small amount of lyrics... THERES LIKE NOTHING But there is alot of lyrical content. Like theres a little bit of lyrics but it means so much. Well Im a fan of mcr so anyone who wants to bullshit me about wha im commenting well go for it

i love u.. .. | Reviewer: stella tan zheng wei | 8/27/07

I love elvis soo much that i want to dedicate my preview to let him know that i love him so much

Cancer. | Reviewer: Brittney | 8/17/07

this song is just SO amazing.
i've had a few family members have / die from cancer, and this is is just beautiful

Survivor | Reviewer: Cali | 8/15/07

I've never been a big fan of my chemical romance, but when I got diagnosed all my friends put this song on their respective "myspace" pages while I was in the hospital. I'm home now and still fighting, but this song, with the help and love of my friends pulled me through.

Feeling Sad | Reviewer: Naomi | 8/9/07

Even I don't know you Deanne I hope you survive. Even though I havent went through any of this I alwaysed believe that people have hope and I know how it feels.So good luck :) and the video to this song made me cry too.

This song is so beatiful | Reviewer: Lyss | 8/9/07

This song is so sad,but yet it is so beatiful, I can completely relate to it because my cousin was just diagnosed with brain cancer and is now going through chemo,this song makes me want to cry everytime I hear it!!! I <3 you Ryan I know you will beat this cancer!

MyChemicalRomance, one of the best emo punk bands ever. | Reviewer: Trent | 8/8/07

I always thought that the songs from punk or emo bands were easy to play on the guitar.
I believed that only 80's muisic (led zeppelin, guns n' roses, queen, aerosmith, etc...) where hard to play.
But now that I know this group (MyChemical Romance) i see that is very complicated and beautiful to play! =)

LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

love My Chemical Romance<33
well gtg kk ttyl ppl<33 peace out

Punk Music. | Reviewer: | 8/5/07

They always say Punk Music is screaming, or just about slitting your wrists to take the pain out. This song shows how beautiful the mind of any artist is. This song shows deep pain of the My Chemical Romance band that none of us know, but get a taste of.

stay strong | Reviewer: Grace | 7/30/07

omg this song is really sad it made me cry when i first heard it my aunt had breast cancer but now she is better and if you have cancer and are reading this know to never give up hope!!! hope fully they will find a cure soon!!!!

Emotions | Reviewer: Dynn | 7/23/07

This song made me cry.I'm amazed at how people can write out what they feel beautifully in a song.I wish I could write a song like this one too.Im pretty emotional and this song made me feel what cancer patients feel.Its just awesome..I love it

Amra | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/07

Wow what can i say about this song..
Its a very sad song.
i feel bad for everyone who has cancer.Hopfully we can find a cure for cancer.Jus like the kids at St. Judes Hopfully they can help them!!
this song is amazing.

Still crying | Reviewer: Wayne | 7/21/07

I love this song and hate the anguish it brings out. My Grandpa and Father were lost to cancer and now its found in my GF's dad.
Please get a checkup/scan to help catch it when it can be treated early. Spare everyone the worst anguish and pain.

huhu very very touching song.. | Reviewer: leea | 7/20/07

What can i say,This song is amazing full of meaning to someone who have cancer like my sister..very suffering but still survival for her life,her kids and her feel emotional and cries to hear this song.but what can i do...juz praying and praying to god and hope some mircle for them. may god bless all the cancer victims. sis..i love u very much