24/03.2010 | Reviewer: irfan mcrmy | 3/24/10

I felt touched my heart .. once reminisced sadly. my sister is 7 years old had died of cancer. time I was 10 years of age. I saw her video clips have been crying. Gerard true emotions in her songs are. elena her grandmother who died of cancer, and launch a song Helena. go MCR and Gerard!

. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/09

Everytime I here this song, I think of all my friends and relatives that have died from cancer. I lost my aunt to it. My friedn lost her mom to brian cancer. Its really, sad it is. I think MCR did an amazing job with this song.

It sad | Reviewer: T- | 11/14/09

This is my favorite bands, thats right, from the lyrics, MCR have saved life so many times. I think no one understand n love me. No one around when I m dying. I m really alone, sometimes I just wanna suicide, but when they say 'I m not afraid to walk this world alone' in famous last world. Its really cheer me up. All their song have deep meaning, we have so many reason to live even no one love us, because we live our life for ourself. Gerard really put emotion in it. My sister have a cancer when she was 11, she only have some months to live. Her skin getting dark, her hair abandoned her body. And she wasn't like to smile in the hospital. But theres a miracle because she saved n she stay alive, healed. This song really show the truth. I heard Gerard's grandma, Elena was died by cancer too. Thats why he made Helena song. Gerard really awesome.

an amazing song | Reviewer: nikki | 11/8/09

i love this song so much, although it makes me cry about 3 out of 5 times. the lyrics are beautiful and the singer gerard puts SO much emotion into it. it's even more amazing live. i encourage people to search youtube for live videos.

there is an error in the lyrics, its "i will not kiss you" rather than "catch you"

hahaha sugar high | Reviewer: kayla | 7/27/09

Cancer is my absolute favourite song ever. whenever i listen to it it makes me feel sooo good coz the lyrics remind me of things that i have gone through in the past and of my auntys and uncles that have died from cancer and all the good memories that i have with them!!!

Wow, | Reviewer: Stupid person | 6/28/09

This is one of the coolest songs from MCR. I find this song so amazing and so true. They really tell the truth of what people go through with cancer or disease of some sort. I cry everytime I listen to their songs. And all their songs are good, but to me...this song is the best. I love this song, the lyrics, the beat, and Gerard seems to put so much emotion in this song. That is why I love it so much...

'Cause The Hardest Part Of This Is Leaving You | Reviewer: Radz | 5/31/09

I've never had a close person who has died of this fatal disease. Touch wood. But I do know many people who are fighting it with their life.

My sort of GranDad has it for the past 15 years. He's about 70-something. People are shocked that he's still alive. But he wants to live more. He says that he's still young and has many things to do before he goes. He was a doctor and he still does it. He goes to help people even if its midnight. He's one of the most jovial person I've ever met. He's a real inspiration.

I love this song. It's so sad. It really makes want to cry.
I don't care if they are emo, cross-dressers or whatever. They write and sing songs with real meanings and that is really rare these days.
Rock on, MCR.

chill chickadee's. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/09

This song is sad. My grandmother died from undefined cancer. It was everywhere in her body.
There was no way at all to save her.

That's us one of these days.
Lying in a hospital bed.
Waiting for the lights to inevitably, finally dim.
It's a cruel fate, yes. But not an unjust one.

So just suck it up and realize that there are people dying every day around us. Be as kind and understanding as possible, because one of these days it'll be you.

But let's not start to feel sorry for our lazy a**'s. Yes, world peace is an impossibility, but we can do something to maybe help society and future generations out.

Cancer | Reviewer: Faithe | 3/10/09

This is such a great song. Though it makes me sad to know that there are really 1 in every 3 people suffering from cancer. Actually, I'm sad to think that there are so many people dying of any diease like cancer or Lupus. But I think anyone, even if your not suffering from cancer or know anyone who is, can relate to looseing someone close to them. And that's why this song has really touched my heart.

Cancer | Reviewer: rage-prone | 3/6/09

"lOve You MCR. xx"

Sad pathetic people. This song is not about your petty teenage cryouts, deal with it. Nothing gets on my nerves more than something like you, while I have to deal with 3 people closest to me at the moment having cancer, including brain cancer.

cancer | Reviewer: hannah | 2/10/09

I have a girl in my grade who had cancer for almost two years she was only 11 I felt so bad for her and I thought about her familyand how they have to watch their daughter dying everyday and how they never knew what would happen next but she and her family kept strong even when theyhad Christmas in the hospital and her older brother got people to donate money to his little sister and well I think that's the whole point you never known when your gonna die or what is going to happen so just keep on living your life and live it strong and right live it how you want to because who knows how long we have to live and honestly the ones who are leaving us wouldn't want you to waste. Your live because there gone but instead learn from the experience to live your life and like in famous last words " I am not afraid to keep on living I am not afraid to walk this world alone" it has been said so much but the truth really is My Chemical Romance really dose save lives they give you that hope to stay keep on going to live you life weather your depressed alchoholic druggy lonely rejected unwanted or just plain unloved because we are loved we are loved by mcr! And don't forgett it I know they gave me hope and reason and saved me and helped me help others and realize who I really am

i love u gramps | Reviewer: rj | 1/3/09

i love this band a lot. this is my favorite band. my step grandpa died a couple of yrs ago from cancer. i didn't kno him very well but it was still hard. i can't imagine those who had rele close loved ones die from it. this is great and deep and its real.

Cancer... | Reviewer: Kim | 1/1/09

My Grandpa passed away 3 weeks ago from leukemia. the type he had was in his blood and bone marrow. he fought the cancer for a year. we knew from the start of finding out he had it that only 3people have survived with having that type, he died dec.11th 9 days before my 19th birthday (dec.20) and of course christmas was coming, his and my grandmas 16th wedding anniversary was christmas eve (dec.24th) its hard for the both of us. Im the eldest grandchild, grandma is only 50 and he was only 53. they have raised me, to me they are my parents. i lost more than my papa, i lost my dad. my heart goes out to others going thru cancer, having it or having to see it happen to ur loved ones. please dont give up hope. keep faith in God, because my papa is in Heaven. If anyone wants to contact me, my email is ZeroRocks04@yahoo.com
God Bless!

i love mom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/08

i love this song very much
my mom had a cancer and now she still fighting the cancer on her body
i wish she will always strong to survive because i love her very much more than eveything event my own life
i love you mom

Amazing song | Reviewer: Perle | 11/25/08

I love this song. I love My Chemical Romance, and I love Gerard's voice. This Band is really amazing, and the lyrics of their songs are... true. I think to much people know feelings that tehy describe in this song. The Cancer touch every one, old or young, rich or poor... It's an universal problem. My Chemical is amazing <3
*I prefer speak french*

Jamais j'aurais pensé aimer ce genre de musique un jour, et pourtant je suis complètement tombée en amour avec ce groupe. C'est impressionant !
Les paroles sont vraiment vraisemblables, et ils ont très bien réussi à faire ressortir les émotions. C'est vraiment une très, très bonne chanson.