Cancer | Reviewer: Missy | 7/20/07

I LOVE this song.. It makes you think about what it would be like.. My great gran died of cancer.. My gran had cancer but she had an operation and now she is ok.. <3

This songs so sweet.. It's stuck in my head and i nearly cry every time i play it..

True... | Reviewer: Deanne | 7/19/07

I never get bored of this song... I listen to it all day. I have cancer, and there is 25% chance that I will survive... It's an amazing song, because it describes exactely how I feel. I don't think I'm going to survive, but for some reason, this song makes me feel better...
God bless "My Chemical Romance" for writing this song!

total sad and hopeless | Reviewer: ari | 7/17/07

it's very melancholy and sad kinda, but beautiful ... am actually in deep lament of my mom's cancer and when i heard i was helplessly crying.

Wow.. | Reviewer: Jake | 7/16/07

I Dont Usually Like These Slow Songs..But I Hav Lost 2 Loved Ones To Cancer Unfortunately..But This Nearly Brought A Tear To My Eye..Ive Never Heard Such A Heartfelt Song..

God bless | Reviewer: Katie | 7/14/07

I lost a cousin and my grandfather to cancer. This song means so much to me because it is absolutely true. If you thought someone having cancer upsets you just imagine how they feel. Its something we just cant comprehend because we just cant be in their shoes. God blesss MCR thank you for writing this song! <3

Cancer | Reviewer: pauline | 7/15/07

I really like this song a lot.. and in fact, i dont get bored even if i listen to it a hundred times.. it makes me feel like im in the shoe of a cancer patient and im about to die.. i realize that somehow it's really hard to say goodbye to him especially if my days are counted.. this song is really heart-breaking yet awesome!

wow .. | Reviewer: kaitlyn | 7/8/07

i can't believe how much this song got to me the first time i listened to it.
it was all i thought about for a few days ..

this song | Reviewer: holly | 7/10/07

umm welll my mom has cancer and shes lost all her hair and i want her to live through the kemo this song isnt very hopeful

KICKASS | Reviewer: DIEhardSOADfan | 7/7/07

the first time i heard this was when my brother was in the hostital with cancer
i almost cried
but didnt
i like had to show my brother this song
and he said it was awesome

granny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/07

My granny is battling with breast cancer, this really captures a patient's battle with cancer with eerie accuracy. I must admit that when I heard the name of the song I was hesitant about listening to it because I was afraid that it would be disrespectful, but never have I been more impressed by a songs depth and emotion.

chemo | Reviewer: rodney nolan | 7/9/07

i just listened to the song on youtube twice and it made me think about all the people alover the world going through the same situation.
it brought a tear to my eye.

very sad song | Reviewer: Barbara | 7/2/07

i love this song....but the its just so sad everytime i listen to this it makes me feel emotional, especially the music video when i first saw it i almost cried.

Thank you MCR | Reviewer: Jason Unila | 6/29/07

WOW!!! What can i say,This song is amazing.I lost my Grandfather just before xmas 2006 to spine cancer.without sounding too morbid i never thought i would ever find a song about cancer that means so much.To all the people across the world who have loved and lost anyone,friends or family to cancer.My heart is with you all,Love and remberance for all.Thank you MCR.GOD BLESS

MCR has outdone themselves | Reviewer: Becky | 6/28/07

Another heartwrenching, beautiful song. I think the only song of theirs that is better is Helena. This song has powerful meaning and will touch the hearts of everybody who has experienced cancer. They had a lot of courage to write this song. So damn good, I cried as I listened.

Heartbreaking. | Reviewer: Jamie | 6/26/07

This song reminds me so much of my grandpa.
Everytime I listen to it, it breaks my heart all over again. I wish my grandpa didn't have to Leave.

"'Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.. 'Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.."

I wonder if he felt that way.