cancer | Reviewer: MCR fan | 6/27/07

this song reminds me so much of wat i went through wen i had cancer. this song touched me and will neva let me forget

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

i cannot describe how amazing this song is anymore than the other reviews.
it makes me tremble thinking of the lyrics.
they have wrote the song so beautifully and completely honestly.
mcr are simply brilliant and they release some of the most epic songs ever!

i love this song | Reviewer: adi | 6/25/07

im so glad i heard this song.
i didnt thnk that anyone could realise how to put such an awful thing into words.
i found it hard when 5 people in my family were diagnosed with cancer around the same time 2 also died around the same time.
when i heard this song i cried for ages and i love MCR for being able 2 let me cry,i found it really hard trying 2 stay strong for my mum when she found out my her dad had cancer n i got 2 cry eventually.

great. | Reviewer: dani | 6/25/07

wow that was beautiful. it almost made me cry. i felt the tears coming. but i wouldnt let them come out.
great work. ily MCR. Frank your my hero. ily!

so intense | Reviewer: so alone | 6/21/07

this song reminds me so much of my mother. it makes me sad, yet makes me understand things. i can't listen to it without cring. i have to listen to it over and over after i hea rit once. no other song means more to me.

Pleas!! | Reviewer: PrinCess | 6/21/07

Hey peoples...DOnt you have notes for this song....I play on the piƤno and luv this song....please write me

POSERS!!! | Reviewer: Ashley | 6/20/07

for all of who aren't already a die hard mcr fan i hope you all know that cancer isn't the only good song on the cd. thanx

woah | Reviewer: holly | 6/18/07

i love this song it just brings out the lighters and everything lol its touched me a lot...

crying | Reviewer: Ashley | 6/18/07

the song cance reminds me of my own father and i cry every time i listen to mcr die hard fan

this song makes me cry.. | Reviewer: aubreyd. | 6/16/07

about a month ago i hated my chemical romance and everything they represented, but now they are practically my favorite band! my two best friends got my into them and i just can't get out. the first time i listened to this track i did cry. i had just graduated and thinking about all the friends i would never see again just really made me start sobbing. i still can't listen to this song without shedding a tear, but i love it for that.
thank you my chem.


i am your pleasnt nightmare... make a wish:.* | Reviewer: cassandra | 6/13/07

this song... when i first heard it, ran chills up my spine... i almost started bawling, my aunt had died of cancer... she was the only member of my mothers side of the family that did not shun or exile me...
amazing song though...

i am ur pleasnt nightmare, dont be scared, just make a wish:.* | Reviewer: pleasnt nightmare:.* | 6/13/07

this song brought back a ton of painfully sweet memories of everyone close to me that has or has died of cancer...
i love this song...

Great | Reviewer: Paula | 6/12/07

i love the song :)
its so sad and made me feel so emotional.
youve got to understand the song to love it
i totaly understand it and love it

wow | Reviewer: larry | 6/9/07

wow. this song is just so so sad!
i was nearly crying when i read the lyrics 4 it.
and the way they sing it is just amazing.
this is 1 of the BEST songs i've heard.

something makes me feel upset... | Reviewer: H.KAR CHEE | 6/9/07

cancer is the most haunted ppl all over the plz after heard this song dat singing by MCR,i hope all the ppl have the awarenss about environment and healthy.......
and i dont want crying again becuz my family member leaving me~~ "CUZ THE HARDESY PAST OF DIS IS LEAVING U"