sad | Reviewer: Paul Billanie | 12/8/07

Such a wonderful song although sad. i recently back in august lost my aunt sue to cancer so it really made me cry, i'm relieved i wasn't the only person with this reaction

such a sad beutiful song! | Reviewer: shauna | 12/4/07

omfg this song is so sad it made me ball my eyes out my chemical romance are the best band ever seriosly!!! my fav band 4eva!

:[ | Reviewer: chemRomance | 11/23/07

Wow... I had to cry when I heard this song... My Grandma died of a tumor so this song remembered me of her...

But: where can i find the B-sides?? Please tell me *kiss

Luv MCR = fav band <33

The Cancer Family!!! | Reviewer: SaraBeth | 11/18/07

A year ago my Mother, Grandmother and 2 Aunts were diagnosed with cancer. And every day of my summer was spent in a Hospital for chemo treatments and it really broke me down. so for a few days i went to stay with my brother to clear my head. thats when I heard this song and i prayed that things would get better! WE ARE CANSER FREE NOW! From the botam of my heart thank you MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!

Pathos is the key | Reviewer: Kaytee | 11/15/07

Alistair, no offense, but your closed-minded critique of the song made me sort of ill. No person feels exactly the same when something happens to them (cancer or otherwise), and to expect them to is asinine.

If you honestly feel this way about this song, then I feel you have overlooked a lot of the pathos in the lyrics and melody. But I can't help it if this is how you see it.

And, in all honesty, there is no validity in comparing one song to another. How good one song is depends on the individual opinions of each listener and you have no right to force your opinions on others in such a negative fashion.

cancer | Reviewer: band name blades of romantic love | 11/14/07

good mates love ur songs my band will nerver be as good oh well ill try harder check my website out www.blades of romantic

Ignorance in a nutshell | Reviewer: Alistair | 11/13/07

this is most clichéd and aggravating song which ignores all the emotions of someone with cancer and bypasses the point. Gerard Way clearly has no experience of such a thing happening to him, and is writing as a casual observer, just looking in, and writing purposefully emotive tripe which seems appropriate, but could not be more misplaced. Musically, it is uninspiring at contrived, and all in all, on listening to it i wanted to vomit. If you found some sort of solace in it, then good for you, but if you want a song which deals with the issue succintly, and does the conflicting nature of the emotions surrounding cancer justice, then try "Chemo Limo" by Regina Spektor

beautiful... | Reviewer: angel | 11/11/07

this beautiful song...
i honestly have a strange feeling im going to get cancer. i really dont know why. and it's not because of the song...
anyway mcr, is really making history this second. MCR LUV
pray to the lord and believe. ;]

I love this song!!! | Reviewer: | 11/6/07

When I heard this song, I thought of my Granny Little and everything that's happened since she left us. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I miss her every day of my life and can't wait to be with her in heaven. Thanks for the great song MCR. You guys rock!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

great song | Reviewer: iori | 10/29/07

i think this is a great song,because this song tell us about a boy hard to lose his girlfriend..its same to me..i hard to lose my girlfriend coz she is very important in my life..she is the best girl that i ever had..thanks for the MCR band coz made this all the best!!!!

this song is very good.. | Reviewer: iori | 10/25/07

for me this song touch my feeling..this song about a man hard to leave his girlfriend..and so do i..hard to leaving her...

Lost4Words | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/07

"Cause all my hair's abandoned off my body,
Oh my agony,".. these lyrics are wrong!! It actually says "cause all my hairs abandoned all my body, all my agony"
Also you dont spell it like "kimo" its spelt "chemo"

The lyrics spoke to me. They have been the best lyrics i have heard from my chem.

MCR are my favourite band =]

I will always believe in them.. they saved my life

this song is so inspiring jus the first lines makes me wana cry.The 1st time i heard this it was the day i herad my aunty had cancer! We played it at her funereal! g2g hala at me 7205600584

ashes... | Reviewer: safaâ | 10/7/07

the first time i listenned to that song, i felt my self lucky, and i knew that i just don't desearve the health i really made me think about my way of thinking...i love u mcr...good song xxxx

its a awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/07

last year my cousin died of leukemia.he was 18 it was so sad that such a niice caring loving boy like him could die/ it hit hard and this song deffinately means alot to me i LOVE it and love MCR i dont care what my friends think of this band but it rovs love MCR forever and will never forget this song ever