We don't belong to cults! | Reviewer: Emo | 1/8/12

You make us sund like vampires! Our groups are just groups. And majority of emos don't even have a group. You know, My Chemical Romance makes fun of emos? Doesn't stop me from listening, but they do. Hannah Bond: Revealed, sounds prejudice to emos.

Hannah Bond Died Because Of Them...? | Reviewer: Shadow | 12/21/10

13 year old girl Hannah Bond was like anybody else. She had her flaws and her perks. But, the day came when Hannah showed her biggest flaw:Death. Young Hannah Bond, the secret emo killed herself because of them. This is a promo/advertisement for my Sing 365 EXCLUSIVE show.. Hannah Bond:Revealed. She hung herself, and now i take a closer look into what she was and is. Did listening to Black Parade lead her to death? Did my chemcial romance have something to do with it? Was Hannah crazy? Did her family drive her to death? Was Hannah really in an emo cult? Find out on part one of my great discovery of Hannah Bond.

Also check out the companion series,
The Ghost Of Hannah Bond Laughs
We go to the haunted house of Hannah Bond, and find out if her dead spirit really haunts it. Did she really die? Or is she back? And finaly, what may be the closet look i will get into Hannah's life,
Hannah Bond: Family Ties
Did Hannah's family KILL her? Did THEY drive HER into insanity? Did THEY kill Hannah?

And last but not least, the final part to my Hannah Bond series:
Hannah Bond: Today
We take a look into how the death of Hannah Bond shook the nation... Coming Soon

Amazing | Reviewer: Nats | 10/2/07

I can sing along to these lyrics and listen to the music. Either way, I'll never get bored of it.
One of the greatest songs out there.

it's sad | Reviewer: Jessi | 9/20/07

it's a very complex, and sadening song, yet uplifting, and happy....like i said...complex...
i love it, and it's one great song