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Performed by My Chemical Romance

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love it | Reviewer: amber curtis | 6/1/11

i LOVE it ive got so meny song by my chemical romance on my ipod u just gotta love em hahahaah i now i do i wont to go to one of there conseats when they have one on next plan on seeing u al there to hahahaha LOVE eh ill be the on all dressed in black and shouting till my lungs give out hahahaha

:) Awesome. | Reviewer: Emelia. | 12/20/09

I'm performing this song in a Christmas Eve concert in a few days :)
Way better than Mariah Carey's version.
Another Christmas song is Yule Shoot Your Eye Out, by Fall Out Boy.

Could have been done better. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/09

Don't get me wrong this song done by MCR kicks ass...
But if they had belted out more around "all I want for christmas is you" it would have been more dramatic as in helena "well if you carry on this way" at the end of the song.
You get the idea.
Would have had more of an MCR feel to it.
When I saw the title that's really what I was expecting, more of a bang instead of the fizzle that was there. They should have gone for higher notes.
Good none the less.

MCR Rules i LOVE Them!!!! | Reviewer: xxsolusxx | 12/6/07

Love this song my chemical romance is awesome!!!!!!!!!! And this is the only good christmas song. (wish i cuold see them live jelous of all you who get to.)

hellz yea! | Reviewer: b.hart | 12/4/07

I LOVE MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!! there is no better band ever! all my friends tell me im a loser cuz im like the only black girl they know who listens to this stuff... ITS AMAZING! this song was 'o my effin god' when i first heard it!

♥ | Reviewer: Gerard Way's mistress | 10/12/07

I'm sooo fucking addicted to this song! It just makes me wanna sing along madly.

And Gee's voice is just so adorable!

Their version is SO much better than Mariah Carey's.

I LOVE MY CHEMM!!!!!!! | Reviewer: mischaxx | 10/11/07

This song is amazing, I just melt when I hear Gee's voice like that... *shudder*
This is the only xmas song I listen to.
I just can't believe that I'm not going to see them !!!! :(
And it's Frankie's bday soon I will sing to him even though he's not here... 27 yrs old... Growing up so fast :( lol

MCR OBSESSED | Reviewer: Kass-pa | 9/24/07

Marry me frankie (Gerard, your taken *SOBS LOUDLY*)

This song is so sweet, i play it every chrissy eve. When i see them in November, they should so play it... Its close to Christmas!!!!!!

... just awesome | Reviewer: alexionik | 9/15/07

this song is just incredible and is my favorite song in christmas, and of course i going to hear it this season MCR for live!!!!!

my chem | Reviewer: ritzy | 8/26/07

this song is so adoreable and im seeing them in november so i hope they sing this song

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