A TRIUMPH FOR THE PROGRESSIVE ROCK GENRE | Reviewer: Jennifer Barrett | 2/1/14

An instant classic, Time Is Running Out blew me away the very first time I heard it. I greedily consumed the entire Absolution Album by Muse. This album is evocative of difficult and differing emotions. At once yearning, sultry -- at other times -- melancholy and furious, this song embedded itself instantaneously into a tiny pocket of favorites I carry in my heart; where it will, no doubt, remain.

The entire album did the same: I can neither encourage a listen too enthusiastically, nor find the perfect phrase to do it for me. Just trust me -- you'll love this stuff!

MY time is running out | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/11

Amazing I love when you can relate to a song oh and elizabitch deal with it this song is beautiful and amazing I'm christian though I'm sorta confused about it since 'jesus' has barley jelped me or my bro and I'm not being a religous ass love is love

MUSElover((: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/10

this is one of the songs that really got me into Muse, and im forever grateful for that - cus Muse are the best band iv ever known, and probably ever will know. It has attitude, gr8 guitar, as always, and Matt's lyrics and singing are just incredible. Muse have helped me through alot with thier music, and im supporting them all the way:L.

Consider my mind blown | Reviewer: Ashley | 3/11/10

I heard this song, and fell in love. It's so freaking awesome! I've listened to it over and over again the past couple of days. Forget Hysteria, this song is by far the best. I'm with MkUrSiEs 100% on this. The intro is BADASS!

so good | Reviewer: MkUrSiEs | 7/23/09

that bass intro coupled with the clicking and clapping is quite possibly the COOLEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER HEARD! Everyones all like nah man, HYSTERIA! No way! this song has one of the best intros i have ever heard, chris is one of the best bassists out there, he comes up with the most incredible bass lines:this song, hysteria, all of the verses in new born. chris and dominic perfectly complement each other. Muse is an incredible band but chris is absolutely the standout.

very good song. | Reviewer: Jeremiah | 5/28/09

Hey Elizabeth. I myself am a christian, but I'm human too. I have heard many many songs and they have helped me to face all my shit a little clearer, at the very least. This song, obviously is one of them (:

Not to cross the line of to the extent you carry your faith, but could'nt it be possible that God uses songs like this to help us heal? After all, you can't just snap your fingers and bam! you forget. You of all here should know best. The Lord works in mysterious ways. (: I pray that you would lighten up.

Ok enough about this.

This song kicks ass! I would love to sing this song, if only my voice could go that high ): it's cool. I can still drum it (:

Wow, seriously....... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/09

Now, this is for people to post their opinions about the song and the lyrics, not to preach their fucking religion without giving a second though to anyone elses possible beliefs. "If anyone wants to get over someone they need the power of Jesus Christ", are you serious? Everyone has their own way of getting over it, yours is clearly involving God. I myself am not particularly religious, but if there is a God then he clearly fucked up this world didnt he?
We don't want your preaching here, we want to enjoy a good song and a very good band, Muse.

Great Song. Great Band : ] | Reviewer: Leann | 5/15/09

This song is great. Elizabeth, I disagree with you. This song is about someones passion for another person, thats not unhealthy, thats human nature. If you are passionate to a point where you do terrible things, then yes thats unhealty. If your unpassionate about things I pity you. Love is passion and many other things.

Muse is bigger than jesus | Reviewer: Jcrispy | 2/14/09

i am roman catholic and there's nothing i hate more than bible-bashers. especially when they go on about nothing. Anyway this is a lyric website so i'm just gonna say i know what Matt was feeling when he wrote this...and he knows how to express it.

What? | Reviewer: Amber | 1/20/09

Elizabeth, this is not a religious forum. This is a lyric website, they want your opinion on a song not your religious beliefs. Just because you believe in Jesus Christ does not make this song some stalker making material. I love this song, it has great lyrics, and Muse is an amazing. Keep your "Jesus can help anyone," crap to yourself.

GO MUSE!!! | Reviewer: wouldn't you like to know! | 1/16/09

i love this song! i use it to blck out the world, and go into my head. oh and this is to elizabeth: if jesus christ has that sort of power, than the world would be a peacfull place, with no problems of any kind. so GET A LIFE YOU RELIGOUS @*£$~

wtf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/08

ok, elizabeth...... what are you talking about. it fucking sucks watching someone you love walk away. Jesus Christ don't help me.......sorry to break your heart, but I don't believe in him, i don't believe that there's one guy up there turning all of the fucking gears. and if there is, then he really fucked up on 9'11 didn't he?

Now, now. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/08

Children, let's be nice. So, the girl is a little challenged, that doesn't make her ignorant. She has the right to her opinion, even though it makes little to no sense. It's a song, it sounds cool, I like it. The end.

Kaity | Reviewer: Kaity | 3/29/08

Oh my God, this song is fantastic!!!!! I love it and i am so singing it in a show one day! Maybe the X-factor!! By the way, that Elizabeth person who was going on about the "all you nedd is Jesus Christ" CRAP, yeah well, Elizabeth, YOU ARE A TARD RIGHT TARD!!!!!

Awsome song. | Reviewer: nl | 3/21/08

Well this song really helps me a lot through hard times.

I really like someone but she also likes someone else...

So I want let her bury it!!
And She can't push it underground!!

We both know that...hope everything will be just fine in sometime but for now: OUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!