is that what you really think? well this is what i think | Reviewer: Dylan | 10/23/08

to chris
thats what you asume honestly im not very religious but im not like "fuck you god" no but i would want there to be a heaven or hell after death im just terrified about it. if god made us not to believe him or not are you certain that any atheist, buddist, or jewish will go to hell because god made us that way its just it just confuses me in so many ways thats why i just choose to live on with my life to better myself just to live it my way and if you want to yell at me go ahead its just people depend on religion alot and i dont want to think about that all my life

Completely true | Reviewer: shimmy | 10/19/08

As an atheist, this song perfectly sums up how I feel about death. I am completely freaked out about death. I don't believe in heaven or hell or any afterlife, my death is just the mind and memories of a person not existing anymore and then the body decays. I wish I was immortal.

wow | Reviewer: Mikey | 10/14/08

As a Christian, I came across this song and I think this song is well composed musically. I haven't read all comments and I dont plan in doing so. But I, unlike other Christians, won't force my beliefs down your throat. Of course, I'll speak of what I believe and that's up to you to decide. Believe or not. I won't get mad at you or bash you or anything. Just know that there's a different lifestyle out there.
Yet, this song, musically, is great.

GENIUS! | Reviewer: squirm227 | 10/13/08

SUE, YOU ARE A GENIUS! Everyone, for the love of God (bad choice of words for what I'm about to say...) just SHUT UP about religions! You won't be able to convert people over the internet, so why bother? The majority are probably just 13 year-olds trying to piss people off because they are immature. Just please, shut up and comment about the AMAZING song? Go debate on a blog or something, just not here.

answer | Reviewer: chris | 10/11/08

to liquidecstacy
i am a christian and i might have some answers for you. try to understand where i am coming from. First, God does not defy science. He made science. He isnt subject to the laws of physics, time, etc., because he made them. he is an all powerful, spiritual being. what i mean by spiritual is another realm, like the physical realm. the worlds greatest physicists believe that other dimensions outside of our three do exist. God allows people to choose whether to follow him. If he did not, if we were programmed to obey him, we would not be able to truly love him, which is what he wants. Plagues, sickness and death occur as a result of sin. because we do wrong, because we go against what he says, we sin, and deserve punishment, which is death. Since God is perfect, he must also be just and punish what deserves punishment. God is not all-forgiving, but he forgives all who repent. He is just in this, because Jesus, who lived a perfect life, died, and took the punishment for those who do repent. Once again, God kicked adam and eve out of the garden for sin, and hell exists because there must be rightful punishment, because God is perfect and God is just. However, as before, God's goodness comes into play into granting us mercy in providing a way to escape judgment and return into a right relationship with him. God did not come from anywhere. Because we were created, and everything know is created, we can only understand things that have had a beginning. God is not subject to time, he is infinite. I hope this explains it; we wont really understand it until we die. As to everything else, God created it all.

please | Reviewer: sue | 10/8/08

dont bullshit under a great song, religion is a personal thing so shut up ok? if u really wanna make some explanations, write a song like this so we can listen that song and enjoy ourselves right? xD

Just one opinion... | Reviewer: LiquidEcstacy | 10/5/08

Honestly, if heaven and hell don't exist, that will really suck. I don't believe in them, however. I deeply and truly want to believe in them, as much as a child does to Santa when told of his inexistence, but I just can't believe. There has to be something after death. If it is just... nothing. Something has to happen after you die, but at the same time how can there possibly be anything? Thoughts like these truly frighten me. I do not want to die, as I am sure most people don't. But death is inevitable. Heaven would be a great comfort if it existed, but how is it possible? Am I, are we all, just thinking to hard? Should we all just forget all the science, logic, and things we know to be true and just take, almost literally, a leap of faith? Perhaps some things do just defy science, but that would be impossible. God's existence must be impossible, but at the same time it might be true. God is the most contradictory thought that has ever existed. If there was an all-powerful God, and he loved those he created, why would he allow people to think other than his religion? And why the hell would he let all of the plagues of humanity occur? Is he not as powerful as most people thought, even if he is there? And if God is all forgiving, why would he punish people for their sins, as he did in the story of Noah and the Arc? And why would the all forgiving God kick Adam and Eve out of the Garden for making one mistake? And if God is all forgiving, why is there a hell in the first place? And where did God come from? And for that matter, where did all other entities come from? Maybe we will all be answered these questions after death if there is anything after death, but before we die there is no way of truly knowing if there is anything supernatural, or just a fabrication used to manipulate people.

Rebuttal | Reviewer: OnlyBasicTruth | 9/25/08

"That's why America is being torn apart, because no one cares about anything. They all think we die and it's over, we don't have an afterlife, so why be kind to other people? There's no point.
Athiests are bigots.
Bye bye! =]" - Idiot who posted first

My Response:::
America is being torn apart because Christians hijacked it. If you knew the origins of the country and the forefathers that created it you would laugh at how perverted the country has become compared to what it once was. Organized religion seeks to control people and manipulate them for the morals of those who wield it. Are you too idiotic to understand that if there was a god it wouldn't be a petty and vain god as mentioned in any religious text. Supposedly god is willing to smite somebody just for doubting his (or her) invisible presence, when down on earth, we run around just trying to live and love. I'm sure many Atheists wish there was a lovely heaven and a nice hell for all the people they don't like to go to.

Oh, and, I think the song blows compared to:
Supermassive Blackhole or
Knights of Cydonia

To all you intolerants | Reviewer: Michelle | 9/24/08

Wow, HYPOCRITE much? Why don't you stop putting words into our mouths? I am not afraid to die, and I don't mind the fact that my body will rot and decompose in soil.

Just because we're atheists, doesn't mean we have no moral values. If you are so feeble-minded as to think that moral values can only be derived from religion- then let's put it harsly: Grow some brains.

I'm an atheist. I've done community service all over the world. I've given to the poor, spoke with the homeless, hugged an orphan. I'm working for Amnesty International as a volunteer after I graduate-

and guess what? I'm not doing all of this because a book of myths told me to.

I work among plenty of Christians that are tolerant and friendly. I met plenty of kind muslims while working in Egypt. How does this make me a bigot?

Atheists aren't bigots. We are tolerant of others and their beliefs- You might wannna learn the difference between an atheist and a hardcore. Big difference hun.
What about the hardcore Christians that were preaching "GOD HATES FAG! GOD BLESS THE HOLOCAUST! GOD BLESS DEAD FAG SOLDIERS" (or something along the lines of that)

Learn to differentiate between moderates and extremists. I'm not even trying to argue against the existence of god here. I just can't stand intolerant people that hypocritically whine about others being intolerant.

Why don't you start judging people by who they are instead of what religion they believe in?

Contrary to popular belief | Reviewer: Johnathan King | 9/24/08

I am an atheist and I hate it when some looks at me when I say it like I commited a crime. Its a religious choice and I have my reasons. I also hate when people think IM a pompus jerk just because Im atheist. I respect any religion. I also have friends that are atheist too. but there like me. they respect other religions and dont act like jerks.

I do believe in souls though and yes I do believe in ghosts to an extent. I just believe in a higher being or a lower one either.

what? | Reviewer: cate | 9/21/08

I love this song more than anything in the world. Not really, but it's a good song.
I'm a Christian, just to add to you debaters. =] I think it's funny how most athiests are close-minded, completely narcissistic, mysogynistic jerks that hide behind evolution. They're all terrified to die, but most of them are too hollow and have no purpose for anything, so they don't admit it. People without morals are by far the worst. They don't think they have a purpose to improve their lives, so they sit around trying to ruin other people's.
That's why America is being torn apart, because no one cares about anything. They all think we die and it's over, we don't have an afterlife, so why be kind to other people? There's no point.
Athiests are bigots.
Bye bye! =]

Escape from Reason - read it. | Reviewer: Origins | 9/4/08

I like these gets people thinking. I like the explanation from someone early on in these comments, describing the song as an atheist having second thoughts. We all should have second thoughts. Where did anything and everything come from? Some believe God created all things...Possibly! Some say everything came from two particles colliding or "Big Bang". Okay...if that's the case, where did the particles come from? They then say they were always there. That's attributing eternality (having no beginning and no end) to the particles, thus making the particles "God". Either way you are left with the ideology, philosophy, theology of everything in existence having an ORIGIN...creation. Now, you are left with the question...what is God?
Research it. Seek truth. It's not easy.
Here's what I have found. God is spirit, infinite, eternal, immutable (unchangeable in His being), wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth. I refuse to go to my death without seeking the truth.

... | Reviewer: K | 9/3/08

there could be thousands of opinions but that cant change the facts.
the fact that you believe in something doesnt make it to be true.

god doesnt exist because you believe in "him"
(i say "him" 'cause i don think its "it")

im not trying to convince anyone but consider this: if you die,there is nothing. you just stop existing and end.

if thats its true then you cant remember anything in the "non-existence", because you dont exist. you cant make new memories either

then all the memories you have here in the life just vanish like when you are drunk or on drugs

if you ,after death, just vanish then every single thing that you are living right now do not exist either; a non existence doesnt start at death, it never starts.

if you exist, then you cant just "un-exist"
if you non-exist; then you cant "exist"
you cant have both.

Spirituality or Humanity? | Reviewer: Not Important | 8/28/08

To understand death you must first understand life.
Figure out why you're here, what your role is, as insignificant as it may be, and you will lose your fear of death. People live through death. It's called history, and if you are afraid of dying, achieve something magnificent in your life so that you may be remembered, and in turn, live through memories for centuries to come.
Selflessness is usually a good way to achieve this, whether 1 person or millions remember your acts. Our society lacks chivalry, lacks the endorsement of responsibility, everyone avoids it. Be more than a Chordate and think with your brain, not your spine. Help those who cannot help themselves, and regardless what is at the end, whether God waits for you, or you simply decompose and return all your energy to the Universe (entropy of the Universe always increases), the people that have shared experiences with you will remember you as noble and chivalrous.
Choice is the only thing that separates a good person from a bad one. Think about it

... | Reviewer: Laura | 8/19/08

why is everyone trying to convince people about their beliefs? Its not going to change your thoughts.
Im an athiest and have no reason to read a comment on here and suddenly turn to god.
stop trying to justify your own belief and allow someone else to believe differant.
Dying scares me a little, but not because of what follows, because i believe nothing follows so why should i be scared of nothing?. Just because of the concept of dying. This song is amazing, One of my favourite muse songs. awesome band too.