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Performed by Muse

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about muse, the living agnostic and denial | Reviewer: peeciss | 2/4/09

great song revealing fears of nonexistance that cross the minds of people that concern themselves with issues of eternity and death. exact to the point no matter what belief. specifically to our living agnostic: once you experience near death or death itself all your theories of "you cannot experience death" and "there's nothing to be scared of" will reveal themselves as tools of denial used to conceal the natural fear of not-being.

the song being kept simple, repetitive and yet powerful is a perfect reflection of the state of the dying existentialist mind.

Thoughts | Reviewer: Alex | 1/30/09

Th reality is why are you scared of dying because if there is no god then it not like were going to care because were going to have no thought anyway it will just be eternal sleep without any thoughts and if there is a god then great theirs heavens so what the all the fuss about?

A nonbeliever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/09

To "A Believer": How do you account for evil caused outside of human influence, like tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes... etc. How about children? How can an all loving god allow for children, who are at the mercy of adults, be abused, tortured, killed, etc..? I suggest you read more in to this; I think it's evident that their are certain values which outweigh a momentary divine intervention (aka, a moment of no free will). I will finish with this final question: If you knew a child was going to be bashed to death with a bat by someone else, and you had the ability to prevent it, wouldn't you? By your own logic, it would be "wrong" to do this because the person with the bat has their own free will and can do what they want. Now, if you answer yes, like any rational person would, then why is it off limits for god to do this?

hmm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/08

to the reviewer "simple", i couldn't have said it better myself. it's nice to know there are people out there who have similar opinions to me. i am nothing but looked down upon for not believing in a god, which is tremendously unfortunate. if only more people could accept that the faith they have is not necessarily reality, it is just what they believe. as what i believe is only what i myself believe, and i don't go shoving my opinions down other people's throats because i can't accept that everyone is just getting by in the world based on the faith they do or do not have. :)

Meh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/08

To that person who said we're all afraid of death because it is one of those things in the unknown
for me, you half way there, it's not the dying that scares me it's what happens after, what it feels like, if you feel at all, me and a friend got into one heck of a discussion about that bit after death... this is a great song though

Who? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/08

I'm not an atheist. But just think about it. What if there is no god? Then what was al the worshipping for? Who have you been worshipping? Or what if the god you beleive in isn't the one that exists? Just something to think about.

. | Reviewer: A Believer | 11/23/08

Often people say there is no God because so many bad things happen. But God gave us a free will. A free will to choose what to do-and yes, also to do bad things. Don´t blame God for the bad things that HUMANS do. God gave us free will AND responsibility. And if we don´t use this responsibility and don´t care about anything but power or money, then-of course- bad things happen; caused by humans. That´s just the secondary effect of the human´s free will. Blame yourself, or the ones who do bad things, not God.

Thoughts of a dying atheist or not. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/08

First of all, I just love this song… muse is just great.

Second I won’t say I don’t believe that there is a God out there, I do want to believe there is but sometimes is hard to keep believing in it. Because of all the bad things that happens in this world and specially to good people. But one thing I’m sure is that we all are afraid of dying or of what‘s after we are dead, you may say now “I‘m not afraid of dying” but I think you are actually lying to yourself…we human are scared of things that are unknown to us…. And dead is something unknown…

to chris, Anonymous, Df_queen, Dylan,CFR , simple, and anyone else | Reviewer: Bill | 11/5/08

First of all Chris...
As a fellow Christan I have to agree with you on the conception of God being a creator and working outside of time and the concept of free will. On the other hand, your portrayal of God being the cause of plagues, sickness, and death because we is just wrong. This notion leads people to blame God for such disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis. Then the inquire, "How could an all loving God allow such horrible catastrophes?" God does/did not create evil or death, evil and death evolved out of sin (which is a result of man wanting to God and turning his back on Him). God allows such events to happen because we are on a neutral field where we can either choose to accept Him or not without forceful intervention. Secondly, God is all forgiving. If He was not, He would not have sent Jesus in the first place. If you are Christian then you know that Jesus is fully human and fully divine(not 50-50). We are all sons of God, but we are not begotten. The phrase "Begotten not made, one in Being with the Father" means that Jesus is of the same essence as God and is God's revelation to mankind. You see Chris, God is so loving and all-forgiving that He, Himself, came down from heaven to cleanse the world of sin by becoming man. By becoming man, He made humanity and divinity whole again and reconstructed the gap (sin) that had torn man from God so that man could enter into heaven (however this does not mean that if you turn your back on God you will get into heaven no matter what, you must still seek the good).
To CFR...
life does make sense. Think of this life as a test. If you seek what is good and right, you will reap the benefits of paradise. Of course I do not mean that if you make mistakes you will fail. God always gives extra credit.
To annonymous, Df_queen, and Dylan...
Dylan, i agree with you that "if heaven and hell don't exist, that will really suck." Annonymous and DF_queen, i do not mean to offend you, but what us the point of living if we are only meant to die? Do you understand where I am coming from? If the later was true, then life would be pointless. In mathmatic terms, assume life to be variable L and death to be 0. If life equals death (L=0), then life truly has no meaning. This is where the x-variable(something after life (God,heaven,hell,ect.)) comes into play. Now L=x and life has some meaning rather than nothing. If you can prove to me that there truly is no purpose in life and that the only thing that awaits us at the end of the tunnel is eternal darkness and rest, than here are my wrists. Whats the point of living if nothing awaits us in the end. Humans all have a yearning for something that they cannot explain and those yearnings never go away. It does not make sense that our yearnings are met with and abrupt and unsatisfying end. Like i said before, i would gladly take my life now if i knew there was truly nothing for me in the end.
Finally, to simple and everyone else...
Do not be confused by what Chris said earlier. Just because you sin or are not christian does not mean you are sentenced to eternal damnnation. Im sure there will be plenty of atheists, buddists, jews,ect. that get into heaven before me. The point is that every religion seeks some good(except satanism cuz that kinda goes in the opposite direction). Just be the best damn atheist, buddist, jew, and person you can be. Seek the good and get up when you fall.

To Chris | Reviewer: CFR | 11/2/08

Chris,i read your review and from what i understood you are saying everyone who commits sin deserves to be punished anybody who sins dies?
Yet sin supposedly sends people to hell,in the end we will all die,therefore you're saying we will all be punished to hell?And sickness?
children get sick at birth?
is it for their sins?
Quite frankly life in general makes no sense,so just shut up and enjoy the damn song!

Thoughts of a Living Agnostic about Dying Atheists and Muse. | Reviewer: Phil | 11/3/08

This song gives no insight into atheism, or the merits of religion. All he says is "it scares the hell out of me" -- not exactly profound or illuminating, you'd have to agree. As regards atheism itself, it is important to understand that without a notion of a life after death, you cannot experience death. Put simply, you cannot know that you are dead, so there's nothing to be scared of. It's impossible to imagine, since the one thing the human mind fundamentally knows is that it exists, but if you will, imagine how you felt before you were conceived -- nothing -- and it would probably be something like that.
As regards the song...I'm not really a fan of Muse, and this hasn't done anything to change that. It's ordinary, unimaginative, and lacks the light and shade that better music exhibits. It's earnest, but monotonously so, which limits its effectiveness. The title sucked me in, because there are so many interesting things a dying atheist could think, but it doesn't seem that Matt Bellamy thought any of them.

makes 100% | Reviewer: simple | 10/30/08

sense to me. im definitely wondering what death is like. i don't believe in god. i don't believe in heaven or hell. I believe in a better world and future for our kids. We borrow this planet from our future generations, we don't inherit it from our ancestors. and any god that can let a person who sins tremendously go to heaven because of faith vs. sending me to hell although I live my life helping others and the planet is not for me. burn me for eternity if thats the case.

risterapi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/08

"Honestly, if heaven and hell don't exist, that will really suck."

You cant be serious. The thought of an all-seeing dictator watching your every step and THOUGHT is bad enough ok?

I mean a lot of places on earth are actually places with a human dictator. But those poor people at least get out of it when they die!

But no, not with religion. That's when the real fun begins, as a wise man once said.

Give me a fucking break, noone is so damned scared of the thought of dying as the religious man. He is so damn scared that he force himself into believing that he wont.

But is that really a comforting thought, if you really think about it? Get real.

live free | Reviewer: Df_queen | 10/30/08

I don't want anyone to rule MY life, even God.
Religion isn't a thing for me.
Those maybe my thoughts before dying, I admit it, but I'm not really scared about it. If the after life is the nothing, I want it...we will all return to our mother earth.
Great song, anyway!

is that what you really think? well this is what i think | Reviewer: Dylan | 10/23/08

to chris
thats what you asume honestly im not very religious but im not like "fuck you god" no but i would want there to be a heaven or hell after death im just terrified about it. if god made us not to believe him or not are you certain that any atheist, buddist, or jewish will go to hell because god made us that way its just it just confuses me in so many ways thats why i just choose to live on with my life to better myself just to live it my way and if you want to yell at me go ahead its just people depend on religion alot and i dont want to think about that all my life

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