Something to think about... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/11

My faith in God is blind...but I always say this to atheists: I rather live my life believing in God and when I die I find nothing (which I know He exists), so be it--than living my life not believing in God that when I die I find that he really exists...hmmm boy u are in trouble--no more chances for you ;)

Band members | Reviewer: leckan | 1/20/11

Actually, the band members are atheists.
Matthew Bellamy once said "Being an atheist means you have to realise that when you die, that really is it. You've got to make the most of what you've got here and spread as much influence as you can. I believe that you only live through the influence that you spread, whether that means having a kid or making music"

about last post | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/28/10

by church i dont meen the catholic church....i dont like them too much they are too high and mighty to me and rely WAY too much on their precious pope. also you shouldnt hate a song for going against some religion or for a religion... it makes no sense! just listen to the song and love it! my favorite part is near the end when they break out the guitar! AMAZING

My take on the lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/10

If anything these lyrics actually keep me wanting to be a Christian. Honesty what do atheists have to look forward to in the afterlife? No offense to anyone but whether or not god is real, I still believe in him because at least there is some hope that there is more to life than just death.... I don't think pushing religion on people is right but I do believe in opinion and that is mine, I love muse but sometimes they make me slightly worried with hidden meanings against the church... Please don't call me an idiot or anything because I am stating my opinion just like the rest of you

It's a good song. | Reviewer: Casey | 12/15/10

I think it's silly to discredit Muse for this song, on the basis that it promotes theism. Based on the regular themes of their music, I would be absolutely shocked if they were at all religious. This song is just a description of a scene--the audience is supposed to make what they will of it. And I think the guy who wrote the "what a pisser" review and described the song as "lyrical feces" needs to take a chill pill and be a little less judgmental.

in response to a review below me. | Reviewer: annonymous | 10/18/10

the guy on 8/2/10 that proudly proclaimed to not fear death, his argument is crap because none of us know how we will feel until it actually happens. I imagine the feeling of near death has different effects on people and so how can you claim that you know for sure that you will plunge into death fearlessly. I think atheists, christians, muslims, etc would all face the question of what happens next after death? Some kind of afterlife or nothing at all? its an intriguing concept.

A Response to A Proud Agnostic | Reviewer: Ralph Tabaldo | 10/1/10

Atheism is the mere disbelief or rather understood in general the lack of belief or absence of theism. It has fuck all to do with humanity, mankind, the cosmos, etc. as it only references theism in which states the belief in the glottal, turgid monotonous term gawd. Indeed, intransigent positions of guff, not mutually exclusive to close minded religious views, keep many from understanding significant distinctions. As such agnosticism and atheism are not mutually exclusive to one another, or to paraphrase your eloquent piece of quibble: atheists do share the same expression of "still looking for answers."

You may be one proud agnostic, but I don`t hold the same overweening manner in the slightest with respect to terminology (probably because I know the differences). As for you, proud agnostic, know your shit, because you aren`t doing a very good job distinguishing a naturalistic view from atheism. You`ve displayed your stupidity as well, in the format of a question and your own narrowed conclusion thereafter. If you aren`t sure or certain about something, you`re most likely understood to be sceptical or in doubt, which is what explicit atheism entails with respect to gawds. It`s nowhere understood as a belief, it is scepticism.

it doesn´t matter at all | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/10

I think it´s a stupid thing to argue about religion, because nobody knows if there´s something after the dead, and nobody´ll know it. We should enjoy the life and discover what´s next when it takes!

modernism | Reviewer: Adam | 8/15/10

recently people have began to belive in evolution and a lack of god, because of science, it is depressing to think of death.. and knowing that you may just enter nothingness.. but no one can ever be sure.. because once you have died, well, there isnt yet a way to bring you back to life.. it is personal choice to belive in a greater power, but myself, i belive that there is no higher power.. no luck.. and that we create our own future.. but i belive that the universe is so large that there must be life around us somewhere.. even if there is no 'god' there is no need to start religous wars over it.. were all stuck on this planet together.. no matter what we belive, and until we find another hospitable planet i suggest you just get over that ;D and enjoy the music created by people like matt bellamy.. :) have a nice lifee :D - Adam.

what a pisser | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/10

This lyrical feces is describing an atheist that is for some reason beginning to lose logic (on deathbed one would presume) and fade into the lustful arms of safety that the idea of god can provide. however, i'm quite content with the idea of there being no god, and i tell you i fear death less than most people i know. atheists are usually pessimists, and one thing we tend to acknowledge is human life's inconvenience to the mother planet and to other humans. i know when i die, i will turn into worm food, and i don't see anything wrong with that. in fact, some good will come of it; one less car on the road.

i used to be an on the fence muse fan, but this song has inspired me to rethink their shitty music and ultimately not ever buy an album of theirs again. i give christianity another hundred years, maybe a millennia at most before science baffles these religious fools into agnosticism or into some other religion.

oh, and to any christians reading this, science has found 4 missing links connecting us to lemurs (a primate), salamanders (amphibeans) with algae actually a part of their cellular construct, and the japanese mudskipper, a fish that walks on land, and breathes air. if you don't believe in evolution then i'm not the unreasonable one.

one last thought; any historian would confirm: for a long time, the only people that were allowed to read were members of the clergy, exclusively in the possession of the roman catholic church for at least a few centuries. we've seen what the church will conceal to keep its reputation sterling, in our lifetime; this has to lead any reasonable mind to ask: "what else might they have lied about?"

you may end up with the right answer. probably not... religious people seem to have a deep-seeded need to believe. god is real, but zeus and santa, and the easter bunny are bullshit? ... whatever you say, muse.

I know you're in this room, I'm sure I heard you sigh. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/10

Often times in our life, things happen to us or around us that can best be explained by god. However, if you don't believe in god, then you will likely not see god in it. The lyric "I know you're in this room, I'm sure I heard you sigh," I think that refers to these events, and, as the atheist is dying, looks back at those things and realizes what he missed. Though, this song is open to interpretation based on your beliefs, that is what makes this song so great, the fact that you can see something familiar in it whether or not you believe in god.

Yes, the Bible does talk about hell | Reviewer: Nick | 6/30/10

Hey, to the person that says the Bible doesn't mention Hell. You must not have ever picked a Bible up. It clearly does.

Psalm 55:15 "Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them."

Straight from Jesus in Matthew 10:28 "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

So, not trying to convert anyone, but please don't be ignorant to say you believe the Bible, but not in Hell. It's real. God tells us it is. If you choose not to believe, then fine. But don't go telling people the Bible doesn't mention it. It does, over 50 times.

Who really knows truth from lie> | Reviewer: Derick | 4/20/10

It's all interpretation, and personal beliefs. You can change history, but you can't make history change itself.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Enjoy that riddle. Btw, I am Christian, but hate the Church. You don't need to believe in a group to be Christian.

Great song by one of my favorite Rock bands. What ever happened to respect for being different?

Atheism | Reviewer: A proud agnostic | 4/16/10

is a religion. It is a firm belief that there is nothing more than mankind.

If you want to express a feeling that you do not know if there is something more, or if you're "still looking for the answers", you'd be more of an agnostic than an atheist, because an atheist still believes something, namely that there is nothing "more". But they cannot know for sure, can they? Thus, it's still just another blief.

Atheism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/10

Calling atheism a religion is like calling black a color, or bald a hair color. Atheism is a lack of religion. But this song is pretty accurate, the only good thing about religion I can think of is the thought that after you die, you'll go to a better place. Being a converted atheist, and knowing that people believe in heaven, and knowing what it would be like, even if it doesn't exist, as the lyrics put it, "scares the hell out of me".