Believe what you want. | Reviewer: steve | 2/13/08

I gaurantee you the Bible is on the money. And that is a sad thing for atheists. Nothing is sadder for a Christian that anyone should perish. But there's not much I can do. My niceness and charity won't do it, otherwise Mother Teresa would have converted millions. My testimony of miracles won't do it, for atheists don't believe me. Arguing won't do it, I've tried that, they can easily deny the existence of God (although they can't prove it). Sometimes I think it's unfair that I am so blessed, so fortunate, to receive such a great gift without deserving it, and so many miss out that are better than I am, but that is the way it is. It's all about grace. Anyone can receive this great gift, but only a few ever do. That is the sadness of Christians.

To anonymous 1/29/08 also, MUSE ROCKS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/08

Don't insult atheists you fucking anonymous jerk. People should believe in what they want.
Some atheists might be sad, but that has probably nothing to do with it. They just pick their common sense and logic over God. Now, I have faith in what I believe in.
Organized religion is corrupt, but believing in god isn't. I'm leading a perfectly happy life at the moment. And seriously, you're a bitch. Keep your religion in your thoughts. There's no proof of god(as portrayed to me, at least), he hasn't saved any of my loved ones, he hasn't done anything to guide my life. Most of my life, I believed in god, but after seeing all the awful things in this world, I realized that it's stupid to have blind faith in something so ridiculous. I'm not afraid to die. If there is a god, he'll probably see that i led an honorable life. If he sees me as a non believer and sinner because of it, then he's a horrible picky being.

This isn't the right place for arguing, but MUSE ROCKS, THIS IS AN AWESOME SONG :D

Normally I wouldn't post twice... | Reviewer: Ethan | 2/2/08

I hate to post multiple times because I find that triggers unnecessary emotion from both others and myself. However, I find that I must just to reply to a post below, and I hope that poster can sometime look back on that post and realize how immature it was(and I realize now this may actually be a third post, accidentally hit enter lol). I really just find it ironic seeing the anonymous post following mine saying about athiests... "All they do is bitch about how religion sucks and all that crap. They're biased, stupid and lazy,"...and are "ignorant fuckers," and accusing them of only targeting the church when the fact that there are so many religions is part of many athiests' reasoning, and I mentioned that in the post before him...although I would consider myself more Agnostic than athiest. Am I the only one who finds this person's entire post to be a really sad case of hypocracy and pure ignorance?

I do know several athiests, each of whome are not at all like you described. On the other hand, I have a Christian friend who, when I mentioned at one point my change in beliefs, comment in how "disappionted of me" he was, and went on to defend his point as to why I was going to hell for about an hour. I would never start an argument for the ignorant reason of someone having a different belief than myself, but here I simply had to defend myself, as I was the one approached.

I state my viewpoints when its brought up. Other's state theres. I think thats fine, and I have no problem with what you believe. But please, and I'm going to ironically say for the love of God, can we not simply say "that's fine" when others say they have different beliefs, rather than offensively and rashly critisizing others. State your beliefs and reasoning, listen to theirs, take it into consideration, and MOVE ON. This offensive, rude, immature, attitude that a (fortunately small) percentage of people from all beliefs like to display towards others is one of those things that is a disgrace to any belief.

Missing the point | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

I'm pretty sure most people have missed the point of the song. Nowhere in the song does he say you are going to hell if you don't believe in god. He says the prospect of death, through the eyes of an atheist, is a fearful thing. He makes no assertion about the existence of god, hell, heaven, etc. He is asking those who are of a "faithless eye" to question what death means to them. Frankly, no one is of a faithless eye. Persons of science have faith in their observations and conclusions. Persons of religion have faith in their god(s) and so forth.

Atheist...without fear or hesitation | Reviewer: dante1840 | 2/6/08

Why do people think theres an inherent fear when facing death? I'm an Atheist, I've stared death in the face and smelt the stench of its breath more than once and didn't feel a twinge of fear or insecurity. I felt a distinct calm and a feeling of something akin to bravery come over me. There was no fear, I "knew" I was about to die and I faced it with the same weapons of reason that I face each and every day with. My thoughts turned not to a higher being but to my family and friends who I knew would be hurting when they got the news.

About the song | Reviewer: Asura | 2/3/08

This is a damn good song, regardless of subject matter~ Not only that but the lyrics do address a fear of mine, being agnostic.
Muse has an incredible ability to connect to common feelings through their lyrics, it is one of the reasons I love the band so much.

Thoughts of a dying atheist | Reviewer: johnny potsmoker | 1/31/08

Who says im going to hell just because i dont believe in god, someone from a very long time ago. Something written in the bible, a book which has been disproven numerous times over the years. Im not saying i dont believe in a higher power because i certainitly do but why does everyone have to believe in the same thing or they go to hell. This is just my opinion but i think everyone should believe in whatever makes their lives better or whater they believe justifies their existance.

Views... | Reviewer: Jrock811 | 1/31/08

I believe in God. Plain and simple. However, I don't believe that just to pray to him you have to walk into a building with other people(Ex: Churches, Synagogues, etc.) I believe that as long as you are a good person and you always keep God in your thoughts you may go to heaven or you may just live a pretty good life. In the ened of it all, does it really matter what our religion or beliefs are? Shouldn't it just matter that we can make the best out of our lives right now and, if heaven does exist, pass on to our next life so that we can recount what we have done before.

Atheism | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/08

In my opinion, and based on observation, discussion and research, along with thinking and feeling, I've come to the conclusion God really exists.

But I'm not gonna preach all of you about that. It's not about religion or faith or atheism and all that bullcrap. It's about what makes you happy and what makes you do the right thing when it's needed.

I think atheists are by far one of the most sad kind of people ever. All they do is bitch about how religion sucks and all that crap. They're biased, stupid and lazy, disrispectful to others, even to their own kind (In short terms, inconsistent). In the end, they waste their entire lives trying to impress theirselves and others by being rebels against God and the Church (Oh yeah, Islam and Judaism are regligions too, ignorant asswipes) and all that she-bang, and telling everyone to live their lives convinced that they have a truth that actually most people don't NEED to know, cause they have their own and live their lives happily based on it. They say: "Live your life without religion and God". I'm waiting to see an atheist that lives his own life and stop trying to be the head of a group of people who really don't care about what they have to say.

You focus only on the bad things of religion, but you, as the ignorant fuckers you are, think faith is the same thing as religion, and you dare compare it with other things, such as politics and economy. C'mon, live your life or get one.

Either way, athesits are still a very big minority in the world, and from the looks of it, they're going to stay that way for a long time... I pray to God for you and your souls, not because you "don't know what you're doing", but because you know (or "think" you know) exactly what you are doing. In the end, it's always better to believe in God, cause if He doesn't exist, I don't win or gain nothing. But for an atheist, if he exists, well, you'll be judged not for your sins, but for being a dumbass. And I'm not afraid to die.

God bless you all, especially "the loyal opposition".

Hmm... | Reviewer: Ethan | 1/28/08

I believe that everyone is perfectly entitled to believe in whatever they want. I'm also not afraid to express my own opinion- that I am not very religious at all. The most common response I get to that is, "Why?"

And it's simple really. It's because logic in general makes it very clear to me that it would be foolish to pick a single belief to follow given what we as humanity know now. Think, if you were born in another nation which domestically favors a different religion. You would have been raised to a completely different belief, and you would "know" just as you do now that it is the truth. Except it wouldn't be that same belief you "know" now, is it? It's not because it's right, or it makes sense, or it's more common. That's what you were raised to believe, or thats what someone else helped you believe. It's the same for everyone. They all believe in what they have always known, and in that same respect fall for the same trap. Because, lets face it, even if God is real (or Gods for that matter), only one religion would be "right." And that means all those other people around the world, hundreds of millions, which believe and "know" their religion just as strongly as you do yours, are wrong. Or is it you? Doesn't make a difference.

It certainly doesn't to me. I don't choose to believe something is divine simply because I don't understand it yet. A thousand years ago, so many things that simply "had" to be the work of God have been explained through science in the following years. Concepts that were way above most people's heads were made clear as we progressed in knowledge. The same is still happening today. What will happen when one day we prove how matter can come out of nothing? How all of these "miracles" really happened? Sooner or later, I think people will figure it out.

But, I have no problem with people disagreeing with what I think. Because I know that I could be wrong. After all, isn't everyone else? :P

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/08

Well, i think that if there is a god... we don't have to pray to him.. if he realy is everyone's father he should love us all.. if we belelieve or not :) i'll see when i'm dead

ToaDA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/08

Death, therefore, the most awful of evils, is nothing to us, seeing that, when we are, death is not come, and, when death is come, we are not.

I don't see why this is a religious debate.
Bellamy is an atheist and knows that when he is close to death he must face the complete end of life he has come to believe.

Anyone can have faith. As an atheist, I suppose you put your faith in yourself, in your decision. It's not wrong. Just as believing in a God isn't.

RED | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/08

Hey Red, I always apologize for my english writing. I do not write as good in english as I would like. But if you make an effort you would see the logic behind it. I have a very good logic formation, I studied philosophy,literature and laws. But I can say the same about my foreign languages formation. I apologize for my english, and I hope you try to read more carefully my post so you can understand it even with all its grammatical faults.

Thoughts of Living Atheist | Reviewer: Red | 1/8/08

Hahaha, well... plenty of opinions about this song! Might as well add mine to the mix.

"OMG! so confused" - you sound mildly confused yourself. Either that or you need to be more succinct and clear in your answers.
"God! =]" - i encourage you to look for God Zergi. Or at least have a look at the recently published secret letters of mother Teresa. She wrote much of the void, the gulf and the great emptiness she felt. No god, or choirs of angels, but emptiness.

I feel that atheists and non-atheists alike fear the void. The idea that our short existence is nothing more when we die, that there is really nothing out there. And sometimes we (humans) embrace the idea with optimism and other times sadness and fear.

Still, I always find it poignant when Christians (or other religions) to talk about heavenly bliss, but you never see anyone happy at a funeral.

PS And was serious about mother Teresa, check it out. Featured in Time magazine.

Believers | Reviewer: Sacnoth | 1/8/08

Zergi, believers also are afraid of death. They even are more afraid due to the "hell" dogma. Dont drop so weak arguments in this discussion please. Not that you canĀ“t, but discussion was at a very high level until you posted. Try to post better aguments next time please.