Muse and God :P | Reviewer: MJ | 2/20/10

As people said before, only Muse knows what the meaning is of the lirics, i will just give my point of view:

When he sings about the hearing of a sigh it seems to me that he thinks he hears a passed away loved one (would explain the memories part)

And about the religion part: I think he isnt trying to proove anything. Not promoting atheisme neither saying God doesnt exist. He is just being realistic and honest, seeing things from his point of view. As an atheist there is nothing after death and that scares him.

And hell? The bible doesnt teach anything about the existance of a hell.

And about God creating the bad things: It was people who created these things under bad influence, you have a free will after all, you can do what you want.

Well anyway, you cant proove that God does not exist either. Personally i do beleive, based on what i have learned in the bible.

Hes an atheist with doubts, but still an atheist | Reviewer: Sean | 2/11/10

It sounds like at the beginning he begins to doubt his atheism because he is scared but then concludes that he is just simply going to die and never think again.

"nothing is more frightening than the thought of no longer existing. In comparison, being tortured and punished for all eternity in hell is not nearly as bad."

I'm atheist and i'd certainly rather not think than spend my time in hell.

The atheist is not finding religion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/21/10

The reason the atheist in the song is scared of dying is because he realizes there is nothing after they die. He isn't realizing suddenly that there's a God and he's going to hell. He's facing the reality he's known for as long as he's been an atheist-there is nothing after you die. For thinking beings, nothing is more frightening than the thought of no longer existing. In comparison, being tortured and punished for all eternity in hell is not nearly as bad.

Art of Ambiguity | Reviewer: Bob | 12/25/09

I think this is the art of ambiguity! So many people with diverse beliefs and sometimes opposite ones interpret the lyrics differently. This is art. When you look at a painting, you may have different interpretations of the purpose of the drawer; s(he) might never have had a purpose when drawing that and is just painting an emotional moment. Come my friends to understanding and tolerance: Roomi says 'Everyone is Our Friend in their own way!' It's all the people saying the same thing but in different ways. Be good... Cheers!

Song Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

The song is about someone who is so depressed/bored with their life, they can feel themself slowly dying. Their life begins feeling like a timeline. As they get closer and closer to the end, they begin to question their beliefs. By the way, I give all Muse songs 10 out of 10!

I think he (the atheist) is reconsidering.. | Reviewer: Andrew | 12/12/09

I don't like how everyone is arguing religion (or lack thereof) here, I thought this was about the SONG?! Anyhow, as I see it, the reason he (the atheist) is "afraid to die" is because he is reconsidering atheism and starting to believe that God very well MAY exist and that he is very close to an AFTERLIFE, which he never believed in before (this would indeed be a frightening situation)!

Just look and think about the lyrics, "and I know you're in this room. I'm sure I heard you sigh..." He is talking about God or the presence of God or a spirit. Being on the threshold of death has opened him to a new perception...SO, in that regard (and my opinion), this song is actually ANTI-ATHEIST!

What's great about this song is that it's very open-ended so you can get what you want from it. I don't think that Matt Bellamy (the singer of MUSE, he wrote this song) is an atheist, however.

reasons why atheist debates on religion are retarded | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/09

Everybody needs to just shut up about religion, If atheist don't believe in god, why do they try and always convert people with the whole, religion is stupid debate if they themselves have a religion of ignorance? And why must they always try to recruit people into atheism if god doesn't exist, whats the point of proofing it to people, do you get brownie points or something? I'm fine with all religions including atheist, agnostics, even nihilist, it's just ones who have to troll there religion that piss me off.

good song though, its one of the hardest ultimatums to make, accepting death and questioning your beliefs.

Death is easy | Reviewer: junah | 12/6/09

the characters in this song make me confused.if he's an athesit, why is he so afraid to die?I mean for an atheist, death should be natural process, right? like other living organism when they die, decompossing, etc, etc. nothing mystical about death, well, at least if you trully an atheist. besides,who's you afraid for?there is no God, no hell, no heaven, just simply die.

Atheism | Reviewer: JBot | 12/1/09

Actually Areign, Atheists do claim that there is probably no 'god'. This view is based on the lack of evidence of 'god'. So your beliefs would align more with an agnostic viewpoint that 'no one knows whether 'god' exists or not.' Good song though. Cheers.

Atheism all the way | Reviewer: Callum | 11/6/09

Evolution.... you should try considering the theory. it's kinda like gravity... if you don't believe in it, why don't you just float the fuck away. There is proof of evolution, yet religion continues to dispute it. and what about homosexuality, masturbation, killing, etc... if it's a sin then why did "god" create it.

If god was truly omnipotent, and all powerful etc, he would not make a mistake, and then repent.(Noah and the flood etc). and if there ever was such a flood, then why is there no proof of it? surely it would leave some sort of geological indication.

Besides, religion is simply a theory that people use who do not have total self confidence.

Have a think about it all. i won't try and destroy religion for theists, however i will retain my view that a theist simply has no self confidence, free thought, and inability to justify their actions upon themselves rather then some make believe higher being.

"all religions condemn killing, yet war is usually based upon religion."

"god isn't dead, he was never alive"

The end is all i can see | Reviewer: Areign | 10/29/09

i give the song 8/10, defenitely good. its the challenge of a dying atheist. because today i say im not afraid to die, when i do ill see whos right, but what about on my bed? to give in, or to hold onto your beliefs is the ultimate challenge. also for the rest of you atheists (and im going to pick on Brittany because i can):

"religion is simply a faith and people who believe the fundamental side of it are jus mistaken"

i hate it when people who profess to the same beliefs as me act like bigots. Stop. if you think you have the answer, your just as wrong as they are. Atheism isnt about god not existing anymore than it is about him existing. Atheism is the knowledge that theres a question we just cant answer, the knowledge that invisible unicorns are as likely as a christian god, but its the knowledge that questions are more important than answers. that you cant say he exists or he doesnt all you can say is you have no reason to suspect his existence and every reason to doubt it. Stop being a bigot, it makes me sick.

nicely said. | Reviewer: brittanyy | 10/12/09

i love how people speak of god as if theyve met him and hes personally told them his thoughts or guidelines that portray 'love' and 'compassion'.

religion is simply a faith and people who believe the fundamental side of it are jus mistaken and cant see that it jus provides a way of life and tells people wat to do..i dont think its a bad thing for society bcz it does provide people with hope, faith in something bad happening in their lives, guidance and morals. but then again if people cant find these things themselves then there really not as intellectual as there trying to be.

i also like the whole 'god is a dictator' thing lol i think it was very nicely put. everyone has a right to believe in what they want so go ahead express wateva use want.. but yeaa the songs not bad too.

laters, xo

MUSE NEED TO KNOW THIS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/09

I have evidence for JESUS !!!!!
Ive seen people prayed for and miraculously word of a lie.
Also seen deliverance of demons !!!
I have heard reports of angel sightings and Gold dust.
I swear this is the truth.
Now that we know the is more than a good chance for God.... just believe his word! and the sacrifice of his SOn, give God all the glory because he has redeemed us and saved us all. Start praying and see them prayers answered and you will know.

Praise God

God is not a dictator, he loves you! | Reviewer: Christoffer | 10/7/09

God is not a dictator!
God dosen't want you to suffer, he loves you. And the only thing he want to do, is to be with you for ever.
And you can't blame God, that you are burning up in hell. You were the one that made the decision not to follow him.
And its not like it is a burden to worship God. It is because you love him. It is not like God if forcing you to worship him, it is something you do of your one will, because you love him.

I believe in God, and if he dosen't exist, so what, i will remain dead after i'm dead. If he does, i'm going to live forever.
It's a win-win situation!

My opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/09

In the end if God is going to send me to hell forever just because I think that the concept of 'faith' is stupid and illogical. As a logical person I treat god as a hypothesis of the reason for everything, I think that the god hypothesis is much less likely to be true than the "there is no reason" hypothesis because it relies on a larger amount of variables being true. If God will send me to hell JUST because I didn't worship it (Nota Bene- I am generally a kind, decent person, as much as most other people regardless of belief) then God isnt the sort of high lord I would worship anyway, if a human tortured me for not worshiping them I would escape at the first possible oppertunity but one of the only things I wouldnt do is love them (I would eventually break and worship them for fear of more torture) so why the hell would I love an all powerful being who will torture me forever, regardless if I change my mind and start loving him, He sounds like a real dictator to me