I don't understand | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/09

I never really understood why there is so much debate between science and religion. Even Darwin said that he didn't believe he was disproving God, but that he thought he had figured out how God works. Religion is really the only way to address the question of "why" in our lives. For me, I make a conscious decision to believe in God, even if for nothing else but the enrichment of a more fulfilling lifestyle. And it makes me a better person.

sorry - not a review | Reviewer: kyle | 6/22/09

I love how theists always like to think they know exactly why atheists don't believe. they like to chalk it up to a personal fault like , not wanting to be controlled (that's a fault?) not wanting to be "responsible" (as if I am not, to every single thing on this planet?) or some life experience (ok , there were a few near death - but that's not the point)

the point is- it just doesn't make sense. there is no need for that hypothesis. it just adds ANOTHER layer of questions without answering any of the ones we asked! then science answers the question , and religion gets upset about it!

now - to be clear - I don't know that there was not SOMETHING that created this universe on purpose. I DO KNOW - that that just complicates the matter, and adds another layer that again , does not answer anything in "how" category. So unless you have some EVIDENCE of that creator, there is no need to present your hypothesis.

and further, I can guarantee you - there is no way in hell that any of the gods we humans have made up in the past 10k+ years , are real. The Abrahamic god is just as ridiculous a notion as Zeus, Isis , and Superman. It's not as though one day we found evidence that Zeus never existed. Everyone just wisened up to fact (or turned to jesus:-( )

yhe problem , sicsix - is that (in America) religion runs our country. it is dangerous and it needs to be stopped. half of our representatives believe literally in jesus descending through the clouds, in OUR LIFETIME, for the coming of the rapture.

do you really think , that they can believe something like that, and not let it affect their policies? Do you think that their religion has nothing to do with the ban on stem cell research, or not recognize gay and minority rights? They use their superiority, and their bible to justify taking control of OUR country.

They can have their religion. They can have it in my town, in my face, in my life every single day. That's their right. but they CANNOT have it in my government. they CANNOT have it in my school.

religion kills

Rofl at all of you | Reviewer: Sicsixsic | 6/18/09

Let this mean what people want it to mean to them, and about atheists and religious? If you want to believe something, why let others sway your judgement, and if you don't want to believe in something, let it be that way, unless a belief is attempted to being forced on you, care less about it. i'm an atheist and i think most of you are idiots for trying to even argue for your belief to be right.

Just maybe... | Reviewer: Charles Carman | 6/7/09

It's interesting how atheists are not really afraid of death, not existing, or even the possibility of an after-life as much as they are afraid of something more terrible and life altering - faith. Now granted Atheists do belief in something, that is a belief in no-thing. For reasons ranging from not liking the idea of an all powerful entity over them to an issue of pride to an experience in their life that shaped a view of God that was contrary to his actual nature and therefore destructive to their interest and belief in him. I don't attest to know everything or have a complete grasp on theology, philosophy, or epistemology, but of all the beliefs in this world, atheism is the second most depressing one out there behind agnosticism. And what's more is they usually (but they'd rarely admit it) embrace their depression and independent exclusivity as their corner and themselves as their god. And maybe... perhaps... possibly... those thoughts are not simply the result of a mishap from billions of year of evolution but the embodied soul screaming in a soft voice to the man who has no hope. no trust. nothing to hold on but themselves... and I think this song has hit that point o the head.

oh and I like the irony of it scaring the "hell" out of atheists - nice touch Muse.

Wow... | Reviewer: SomeRandomGuy | 5/28/09

Personally i am an atheist and this song pretty much sums up what goes through every atheist one time or another. Death. Unless of course you died and then came back to life, no1 knows what happens after death. Religion, in my opinion, is simply a way to "assure" people that this isnt the end. Kinda like what they told kids what to do if a nuclear fallout hit the US in the '60s. Wanna know what they told em? Crouch down and cover yourself. They knew perfectly well they would die if that happened but they told this so the kids would completely panic. Want another exampleor have i already made my point? When the US firebombed tokyo wanna know what they used to explain it to the kids? Godzilla. And yes, this is true. That was the origin of godzilla. A way to reassure kids. Now get what im playing at?
Religion is simply godzilla for grownups if you can understand that. Its really that simple.
To be honest, death really does scare the hell outta me. The contemplation of not existing anymore is just scary.
You may belive what im saying is horse shit and tbh, i for one would overjoyed if it was but sadly, its not. Go along believing what you want. I dont blame you if you do.

melon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/09

what the fuck is the deal with all the preachers on here? there's no point in quoting lines from the bible, its not as though youre going to convert anyone. this song isnt even implying that theres no god, its about matt bellamy contemplating what will be like to die since hes an atheist. (check the musewiki if you dont believe me)

i can completely relate to this song, im an athiest so i have no idea what it will be die to either. while it is kind of scary, notice how the lyrics say "and it scares the HELL out of me"; but atheists dont believe in hell, so this could be bellamy simply pointing out that atheists dont need to be afrid of death because theres no place of "punishment" after you die. thats just my theory.

but seriously, all the pointless religious debating needs to stop. if youre looking at these lyrics youre probably a fan of muse, and thats all that needs to be discussed here. muse ROCKS!!!!

Great song | Reviewer: Alex | 5/28/09

Out of all muse's songs, id say this is my third favorite next to hysteria and time running out.
What really actually cracks me up is that some people actually belive atheists are like,and i quote S_D here, "evil throwback satanic baby eating race that kills bunny rabbits for fun".
Speaking as an atheist here, we sure as hell arent like that and it really surprises/dissapoints me that anyone would so ignorant as to belive that. Just because we dont belive in a religion doesnt mean we are "evil"... Sad that anyone could be stupid enough to belive those lies about us...

P.S. I saw muse live at lollapalooza front row in 07(i think... Maybe it was 08...) really amazing!

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/09

I am in love with this song. It's beautiful and on a subject most people dare to ever talk about. It is refreshing to finally hear a band sing about a real subject, as muse often does. Also, I cannot stand atheist haters. It's incredibly hypocritical.

interesting. | Reviewer: Evie | 3/27/09

I like the fact that so many people have different views of this song. Just another power of different minds :) To me, I thought it was commenting on people who do live their lives thinking that 'this is all there is', then at the moment before the end of their life, they realise they are actually scared of what is to come.

And to God is GOD! - your determinism is my worst nightmare.

Political Beliefs and unfunny jokes | Reviewer: S_D | 3/22/09

I despise people who consider atheists to be some kind of satanic evil throwback race who eat babies and kill bunny rabbits for fun. I am an atheist and i am a vegetarian, comedy-loving and utterly bizarre teenager.
Why is it seemingly beyond the capacity of the human race to get along with each other and stop squabbling about petty little things that simply put, don't matter?
I am not anti-religion. People have a right to believe in anything they see fit. In addition, religion helps, but does not entirely provide, morals which are essential for human survival. The reason as to why there is suffering in the world is simply that people are too busy squabbling with each other to sort them out. Things like racism and sexism should never have existed in the first place. We are all human people and together we're invincible! (see what i did there)
Unfunny jokes and personal political/philosophical beliefs aside, i am a huge Muse fan and this song is one of the best on Absolution.
Black Holes and Revelations is still better, though.

hah | Reviewer: Maggoe | 3/19/09

I, myself am an atheist more or lack there of, and seeing and hearing these words just makes me think about death and a possible apocalypse. "The end is all I can see" reminds me of having no hope in mankind to stop the end, or change to do so.

Death, particularly, scares me because I don't believe in a God or higher being necessarily and I just can't stop thinking about not knowing what will come, or happen next. And who's to know.

For some reason, it scares the hell out of me. And this song means alot to me and many others, I'm sure.

So thank you Matt/Muse. You guys cease to amaze me.
Yet another breathtaking song.

a thought | Reviewer: bon_voyage | 3/10/09

This song is so striking and real and honest, something most bands wouldn't dare to sing.
To me it seems as if the man is talking to a friend by his bedside, a friend that might already feel so far away (floating in-between
where our worlds collide), as if his life of the near-dead and his friend's as the living are like two completely different worlds. He asks (are you afraid to die?), coaxing him to relate and go down an unpopular train of thought. Or his audience might easily be God. Maybe he questions whether his athiest outlook was right after all, terrified that he has nothing to comfort him. (It scares the hell out of me
and the end is all I can see)(Eerie whispers
trapped beneath my pillow
won't let me sleep) Maybe those "whispers" are his new troubled doubts about the nonexistance of God. Maybe they're his fears about leaving the world he's used to. The real meaning of this song isn't for me to determine, but we can wonder anyway. Personally, I'm a Christian and love God, but I'm NOT about to point fingers or make people uncomfortable. I'm not about that, and I don't think anybody else should go on a "holier-than-thou" rant either, -that's not the faith I know. Personally, I think these lyrics are well-written and powerful, on a subject we all have a right to think about. It's great to see a band that isn't afraid to shed light on tough subjects, not to mention deep, complex ones. (some raw talent too) :)
Just a few thoughts for everyone.

something does show. | Reviewer: rawr. | 3/3/09

i for one am an atheist and this song for one brings a smile to my face because. because as to all or just some atheist, dying is a fear. because some believe you wont go anywhere and others dont have a clue and just wonder about it all their lives. and this song says how most feel.
great song :)

Well, | Reviewer: Simone | 2/22/09

Well I guess there could be something greater out there... I don't know... But I don't think it'll make a difference if we are talking and discussing it on the internet like it is some kind of war.
Well anyway, great song! It really does something to me.

God is a number you cannot count to. | Reviewer: John Smith | 2/12/09

You're supposed to review the song here, not preach to people about what you think God is. If you are adults, I pity you.

I'm an atheist and I think the idea of this song is good, but the lyrics could be / have more. But then again it's just Matthew's view, and I respect it. In a way, the lyrics could be exactly what a dying atheist would think, or it could be the opposite. People and their thoughts are individual even if they believe the same things.
Good song.

To all you internet preachers who are obviously lost: Please, get the f**k out, since you clearly don't even know what this site is about. None of the anonymous on the internet care about what you believe in. Just keep your faith to yourself, and live your life happily, easily amused.