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Performed by Muse

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Dumb pop lyrics | Reviewer: Dannyboy | 2/11/09

Fantastic music, but bad lyrics.

This band is British, but the lyrics are about the US. If they're referring to Blair (the lapdog, as the twits like to call him), then they're referring to Bush.

@holyyakker...I'm curious, in all your apparent wisdom, as to how the US "obliterated" the continent of Africa's infrastructure? Huh? Oh, I get it. You're 12.

America is the greatest force for charity in the world. Not debatable, folks.

I love America and I love George Bush and what he did by taking the fight to those who have used the freedoms given them by a civilized society to attack it and eat it, parasitically, from the inside. It is they who I hate. It is they, who are going to hell if our God deems anyone worthy. Don't blame some notion of "policy" -- blame those who seek to extinguish innocent lives through Islam and the Verse of the Sword. Hate them for seeking your destruction. Hate them for destroying your freedoms.

Stop chanting the vacuous 'illegal war' mantra. It was legal as per the UN and was almost unanimously supported by Congress and most of the idiots who are now against it. Bush didn't do anything wrong, as was shown by the bipartisan 9-11 commission.

Hussein, a terrorist himself (ask a Kuwaiti, ask a Kurd), a violator of 17 UN sanctions, a torturer, a funder of Palestinian suicide bombers, a man who gave asylum to Abu Nidal and offered asylum to Bin Ladin, had it coming. And his death was poetry.

War is ugly. Thankfully, war in Iraq was won--so quit dwelling on how much you wanted to see the US fail. The nation is free from a homicidal dictator--it's free from the mass executions and rape rooms. They're free to prosper and return to glory. And the United States is their biggest ally.

That's what warms my heart.

You know what else does? What warms my heart are the US snipers in Afghanistan and Iraq who tap their feet to songs like this one, as they carry out the Lord's work.

Leaders, beware. | Reviewer: Q. | 2/8/09

This song hits the mark. It shows precisely where we are today, and still were 50 years back, and no one even realizes it, nobody's connecting the dots anymore.

As for the rest of you naive fools, it's time to wake up.
How the fuck can you be so simple-minded?
Don't you question anything? Do you believe everything you hear? That you're supposed to hear? The things you see on the tube, do you honestly think THAT is the reality we are living in? You dress like the tube, you eat like the tube tells you to, you talk like the tube.
All the while, you are daily brainwashed to believe that what you see there is your reality. Well, I've got news for you! It is what YOU feel, what YOU experience, what YOU do that is the reality, not in the fucking TV for christ's sake.

THINK for yourselves. They've got you in this spell, this hex, this trance, so that you don't feel anymore, so that you don't think for yourselves, because they are the ones telling you what to think, what to feel, what to believe.


Absolutely, positively dead-on. | Reviewer: Hyaena | 1/11/09

I love my country so much that hearing evening colors, as played by bugle in the United States Navy, moves me to tears. I served my country for five good years--the best years of my life. I would have served twenty, but I got injured during a storm at sea, and the Navy and I had to part company. I live with the broken heart... and am still a patriot to the very core of my being.

And I hate President George W. Bush just as intensely. He was a mistake; he is a war criminal and an embarrassment to the nation I love. I would render the ultimate insult: I would stand and turn my back while he was speaking, were I to attend any function at which he would do so.

And, were he to ask why, I would tell him... using some of the lovely language I learned in the Navy.

a question... | Reviewer: N. N | 1/9/09

ffs, all you people going on about bush wanting to "stop terrorists"


PLEASE explain to me.

do you think that destroying a country got RID of lots of people with terrorist ideology or created a ton more angry, disillusioned people?

a country is a piece of land, nature could take that piece of land away from you any moment. it means NOTHING. your patriotism is PATHETIC.

plz read a book, you ignorant american fools.

hmm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/08

I'm a very proud American...not sure who this is about because with all going on in the world, and that has ever gone on, it could really be anyone. I suppose if I were just to guess, it would be someone who would have affected them more than someone from another country...tony blair perhaps? I don't know why I'm even trying to figure it out...usually the most brilliant lyrics are about nothing and just happen to sound good haha

haaa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/08

Freedom, you don't know what freedom is. You never know whats going on in your country, you don't see what the whole world see what's going on in your country. American are mostly the most stypid people on the earth!!
I don't live in the beast country but I really know what freedom means!
Greetings from Argentina!

It could be lots of people. . . . | Reviewer: terry | 11/29/08

Think about it - - the lyrics could apply to any number of leaders - - My first impression was Hitler, but it would also apply to Saddam Heussien (no, I don't know how to spell it correctly, but you know who I mean, right?), Osama Bin Laden, etc, etc. Take your pick, but remember the sad fact that there are several people it could apply to, and that's the saddest part of the song!

Dead on | Reviewer: Allen | 11/14/08

I don't see anything specific about this song, and it does seem like a generic attack on irresponsible world leaders. And as they are english, it would probably be more towards Blair than Bush.

But, as a proud American, I can say that if this is a critical attack on the Bush Administration, it is dead-on. Every single piece of it. I love my country and think we are a great nation. And that is exactly why I have been embarrassed and disgusted with the president over the last 8 years.

And, I definitely don't see any attack on a country at all, in the lyrics. It is pretty clearly aimed at the government leaders. And there is a HUGE difference between "America" and Bush/Cheney. The American people are the victims, not the criminals (unless you count people who voted bush in '04 j/k).

I really wonder how many people who still defend Bush have lived much of their teenage/adult life with any other president. I feel they must not know better and want to defend their country. Which is great. But again, president does not = country. And Bush is a hundred times worse than Clinton, Bush Sr. or Reagan ever where.

Great Song! | Reviewer: Francisco | 11/3/08

you say the US is the best place to live, well, you could be right, but when someone atacks US's government, says that they destroy countries but, obviously, they don't destroy their own country, it'd be madness, could you imagine, Bush sending a missile to L.A. ?
"America" (Coz the continent it's America, it shouldn't be only one country) could be the best place to live, but it's because they destroy others so, there aren't too many options and because of this, the economy is much better (Now it isn't but an year ago it was the best economy it existed)

Finally, I personally love this song, apart from having very shocking lyrics, the music it's great, perfect for ending the show in Wembley ;)

@holyyakker | Reviewer: gboldy | 10/22/08

"I am not going to say that bad shit hasn't happened under the US's watch, but historically the are responsible for more freedoms and more positive than they are negatives."

tell that to the native americans... if you can find one.

"the modern industrialization of Japan..."

they only modernized initially because they were afraid of getting devoured like so many other countries during the ages of colonialism and imperialism.
also, we (the US) committed quite possibly the single most grievous crime against humanity in history at hiroshima and nagasaki... tens of thousands of people vaporized in an instant

"the billions spent in foreign aid to Africa"

they wouldn't need aid today if we and Europe hadn't obliterated their continent's infrastructure.

that said, there is nothing in the song to direct it explicitly towards the united states, and i think it can apply to a good many governments. but it's interesting how quickly you identified these qualities with your own country.

as to the song, i like it. sounds cool, and it means as much as a song needs to.

Politics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/08

The whole album is supposed to be about politics and demonocracy.Especially Assassin, Exo-Poltics and Take a bow.Its not about anything in particular, but as they're british i assume its about Britain.

hoorah for america! | Reviewer: Nate | 10/8/08

This song rocks my FACE OFF! I love it, listen to it, and even sing it...however, I don't agree with the lyrics... It sounds like they are attacking Bush and America, but we are the best country in the whole fucking world, and all these whiny bitches bitching about the government can go to Mexico or Iran or Columbia or Venezuela or the 85% of the African countries.... People that complain about our government have no sense. Ask any kid in another country I bet they'll tell you they dream of coming to America where we are free and have potential to make a wonderful life, this is the best place in the world and if you don't like it, leave. I raise my fist to you holyyakker!

wtf | Reviewer: notname | 9/8/08

this song is amazing, however many people are blinded by their nacionalist views i mean yeah there's a lot of positive things of the us, but there a lot that are negative, but is not just about us, look to mexico, flooded with narcos and drugs that children are even affected and kidnapped just because people needs money because all the goverment steals the 50% of our salaries and i'm mexican and that's no reason why i hate mexico, i mean i love mexico's culture and the people but we're so deep in violence and corruption we are getting doomed. let's forget mexico and focus on muse can talk/sing about anyone because at least there should be a little of freedom in our world

Just wow... | Reviewer: Chris | 9/8/08

@ all Yankee-centrics:
This is a generic, yet wonderfully concise tirade about the state of many governments... What makes you think that it's about the US more than the UK, Russia, S. Africa, or any other country? There is not a single shred in the lyrics that state an anti-US stance. FYI - The band is from the UK where in the last several years personal freedoms have eroded as much as or more than in the States. Sad but true.

geez guys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/08

i don't know what ur complaining about. this song rocks! it sounds like matt bellemy is singing his heart out and i like the second part, where it goes up a note every time. one of my most famous songs.

great song, from a great band. don't like it, don't listen to it, but don't lecture us.

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