Sunburn Lyrics | Reviewer: Sandy | 1/18/12

I know I will get chewed out & people will think this is far fetched but I think Sunburn can represent someones addiction to pornography. A waste of money, but a total obsession which leads to guilt and shame but he still can't look away, can't let go. Matt Bellamy is a brilliant musician & his lyrics make us think & that's what I love about his songs. I don't think one meaning of a song is the same for all that's what's so great about how we can each interpret it for ourselves.

Good one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/10

Please stop sucking muse dick, They are a great band don't get me wrong but isn't this post board for comments about the lyrics, not how good they are? Everyone in their right mind know this band is fucking great! but please so some intell and post something worth reading

unbelievable | Reviewer: hi | 2/19/10

I completely agree with Maddison below me and the other positive comments on here. Muse never fails to blow my mind, no matter how many times I listen to their music. Simply incredible. I don't even have words for how utterly amazing they are.

Muse. | Reviewer: Maddison | 1/4/10

Matthew has the most amazing voice on this entire planet. He plays the guitar like no other. He plays the piano and you can feel it go deep inside your soul. Space Dementia, Starlight, Unintended, Sunburn, and Bliss are songs that i play in my mind to keep my feet going, they are amazing... Just plain mind blowing, Dominic Howard, doesn't go quite crazy on the drums, he does it so nicely, but so hard. Its difficult to explain, and, Christopher Wolstenholme gives me shivers, he's absolutely amazing. Their band is the best and always will be. They caught my heart. And their lyrics, are so touching, makes me want to cry. I can't wait to go see them this April. I will scream my ass off. Fan for 9 years. (:

gut wrenching indeed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/09

oh god .. i just listened to this song! never heard this song before .. damn all those wasted years... it really is gut wrenching and hearing sends me chillssss ... awesome song

<3 | Reviewer: Nat | 11/28/09

This must be my favourite song by Muse.
There's something so passionate, so sad, so gut wrenching about it... It's hard to explain...

Showbiz is a brilliant album, along with Absolution.
I have been listening to Muse since 2004 or so, and they never cease to amaze me. Their songs never get old. I truly believe they are one of the best bands of our generation (at least in their genre).

Muse rocks! | Reviewer: | 9/7/09

I think...that Matt is probably the most gifted man in this entire world. I mean, who else could awesomely like this? This song makes me want to learn how to play the piano to play this song. ^^ This was the first song I've ever heard by Muse, and still is one of my favorites ^^

Does anyone know what the french part in the beginning is? I'm still trying to find out that one :)

I'm so glad | Reviewer: nabil | 8/27/08

I am glad that my friend intro muse to me..before this i wasnt really into this rock or alternative band..but after hearing them for the first has become addictive..n im a huge muse fan till now..i could not ask for any other band but muse..n i love this song..matt is so talented with his vocals n use of music instrument..they r the best band in the world..thanks shahrim for giving me "MUSE-ic" into my life..

what can i say? | Reviewer: angie | 5/19/08

Matt is the most talented musician i've ever known... He plays the piano in a way that warms the deepest part of your heart , he plays the shit out of the guitar and his voice is amazing and special!!! Muse is a band that actually makes music... Great music...

amazing | Reviewer: muse lover | 3/29/08

"Muse" are one of the rare bands that are able to produce such a phenomenal mix of emotions and Matthew Bellamy is an extremely talented man, not to mention Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard.
"Muse" are truly gifted, and Sunburn is my favorite song by them, along with Starlight.

The best band ever | Reviewer: God Bellamy | 1/6/08

He is such a great singer, Muse is such a wonderful band, I can hardly stop listening to them!...
They have been helping me feel great during the hardest times of my life... they are great pain healers... =)
Thanks, Antonio, for having introduced their music to me!

Awesome | Reviewer: Elissa | 12/16/07

This is an excellent song. I wish I could see them live, and it's a pity that iTunes doesn't have this song; I had to ask one of my friends to email it to me.

burns like the sun | Reviewer: pool | 10/5/07

they are amazing!!!i can hardly think of anybody else who can transmit emotions better than matt...exceptional song,voice and talent...

Best concert ever | Reviewer: Taniou | 8/14/07

I discovered Muse this last winter, in a very special situation, and now I just can't stop listening to them. It makes me re-live what I lived this winter. I went to see them in concert in July in Switzerland, I was so excited, when they started this song I just couldn't help it, I started to cry. Reminds me of someone very special, makes me feel good inside. It was so great, I wish I could experience that again.
Thank you Muse.

power in an astonishing band | Reviewer: ash (no.1 muse fan) | 8/5/07

muse is one of those special bands that creates powerful emotion wherever and whenever they play. sunburn is remarkably sweet linked with fantastic volcals provided by matt. he truely is a god of the industry. THANKYOU MUSE!!!