The Indonesian Atheist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/11

Matthew Bellamy......
houf......everytime i hear his name.... he is kind of something other.....
he ia not a human,why did Muse create "thoughts of a dying atheist".
i confess he is amazing and i confess that when he says "when our worlds collide" it's so deep....and so dark

May U See Everything (M.U.S.E) | Reviewer: Max McLean | 12/21/10

I understand garrett and I agree with him. This song reminds me of somewhat of a butterfly effect.
A bunch of people falling down because they love a pair who brought a bunch of people together and they all suffered the same way the lovers did (the pair), and nobody knows why it happened, and how it worked, so the relationship they had together seemed meaningless, and scarring to people around them. Almost like they were both evil. "No one knows who's in control" and it was too hard for anyone around them to even think about. Whatever the pair did together that 'caused them to fight is a secret... So he is ruled by a deep dark secret. It's in the song too probably, I'm kind of curious. =)

The Only Thing God Couldn't Know for Certain | Reviewer: garrett | 7/16/10

"No one knows who's in control "

this makes me think about the fact that even God would not be able to know if He was the product of something else with equal or more power than himself.. No matter who you are there is always the possibility that everything you think and feel is an complete illusion.. like the Truman show or the Matrix.. This is of course not something you should try to prove or dwell about with thought but is simply a fact of being a sentient being. You're here and you're thinking whether it's about an illusion or not..

Muse - ruled by secrecy - review | Reviewer: henry perversi | 5/8/06

i love this song. it is great. four stars from me.