crazy super awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/08

Muse is so amazingly awesome. If you listen closely the songs have so much emotion in them. Then Matthew Bellamy makes these crazy awesome guitar riffs to go along with them, making the song that much better.

Utterly Amazing | Reviewer: Ragdoll | 10/8/08

I've been listening to Muse for quite along time and got to see them live in V festival.
It's no wonder they have won best live act time and time again. They were absolutely incredible, the atmosphere whilst they were one was the most excited. Utterly amazing.

Begginer's luck... | Reviewer: rookie | 7/11/08

Let me start off by saying I've been listening Muse two months now. Basically has been listening song after song and finding on every one of them the highest standard in composition and performing. One of the best bands in history, and probably the best band righ now.

Few days after I got into Muse I'd read on newspaper Muse is comming to my hometown. July 16th is already marked in my calendar and no need to say I'll be there at any cost. I might be one of the luckiest Muse fans around, haven't had to wait years to see them onstage.

omg | Reviewer: L3$H | 4/15/08

i got to see muse live for the first time in 07 and i had been waiting for forever!!! they are the most amazing talent i have seen!!! i think they are unbeatable.. i have other fav bands that i love as much but none of them i have to admit will ever be able to match muse for talent and amazingness (yes i just made that word up.. owell) they are musical geniuses that has music that wil live on forever because it is dateless!!!

Muse live in SA 2008 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/08

I would like to say, its been one of my greatest dreams since 2001 so see Muse live. So when i heard they were in the cokefest 2008 line-up, i bought one of the very first tickets. AND they did not dissapoint. They managed to drive their fans crazy and insane and converted the unconverted. Briljant. There is just no words to describe such musical genious.
(Hester; SA)

Muse live in SA 2008 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/08

I would like to say, its been one of my greatest dreams since 2001 so see Muse live. So when i heard they were in the cokefest 2008 line-up, i bought one of the very first tickets. AND they did not dissapoint. They manage to re-affrim their fans and convert the unaverted. Briljant.
(Hester; SA)

Most recent Muse show and Muse in general! | Reviewer: 3rd world fan | 3/25/08

I was at the MyCokeFest 2008 last night where Muse played. This was my first ever Muse show as I live in South-Africa and I have never been over seas. I have also been a dedicated and loyal Muse fan for about three years now; since I was 14. The first track I heard by Muse was Time Is Running Out. This blew me away, both with their innovative lyrics and breathtaking skill at every instrument. I immediately dove into the entire Absolution album and found delights such as Hysteria, Butterflies and Hurricanes, Falling Away With You, Sing for Absolution and Stockholm Syndrome. I got every single album from the record shop (records released by 2005: Sunburn, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo, Absolution). When Black Holes and Revelations came out, I was first in line and I heard my all-time favorite Muse-song: Knights of Cydonia. I began praying every day for Muse to come to SA and finally my prayers had been answered! (I'm actually an atheist but you get the idea) I got to the show and I waited for 8 hours to see them. Finally my heroes got on stage. I had never known a more perfect moment than when Matt, Dom and Chris opened with Knights of Cydonia. The rest of the show was naturally far above any mortal level and I even got to shake hands with the band!!! Muse is the best band in existence and I want to say thanks to England (never thought I'd see the day) for producing these awesome musicians. Hats off to Muse from: The entire Universe

about muse | Reviewer: nima | 2/26/08

about muse I can tell you that they have created a great tripod! I think we should wait and see what they will do in future but according to their age and long time and long way they have in front, i belive they have potencial to be agreat music band.
thanks Nima

All the lyrics... | Reviewer: Get Real! | 2/12/08

All of Muse's lyrics are about God and the end times...if you like them so much you must understand this. In Knights of Cydonia they refer to a 'god' in lower case letters which is a god as in greek god, The holy trinity is God with a capitol G. The lyrics go: I'll show you a god who falls asleep on the job how can we win when fools can be kings...this is refering to our leaders as prideful idiots who think themselves gods. Look further into any of the of the bands lyrics and you will find a biblical presidence...the pictures in the alblum artwork even have end times realism, the picture on page 4 on Black Holes and Revelations is a US spage age weapon system in Alaska desined to disrupt particles in the atmosphere what our US government believes will fight Jesus's return. If you don't believe me do some research of your own about the lyrics and the truths in life, and for your own wellbeing accept Christ while your at it. I like MUSE alot but until recently they where just anonymous cd in my collection until I really listened to the lyrics and with some personal information I already knew what this great band knows: We are in the end times we are in Revelatoins. The cd is titled what it is for a reason!

PS-Zetas or aliens are really demons and our "leaders in disquise"

i love MUSE | Reviewer: Mara | 11/21/07

they are my favorite band, i can't explain all the things their music make me feel, i've been listening to them every single day at work and i just keep falling in love. Matt is a gifted musician and writer, and i love the way he express himself in all those beautiful lyrics, and Dom and Chris are amazing musicians, always down to earth and thankful with their fans.
The BEST BAND IN THE WORLD to me, and i know is the best band in the world for a lot of people too.