genious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/10

muse is for sure one of the most talented bands around at the moment. what really impresses me is their ability to mix so many types of music in one album. the reistance is really genious. it has some really heavy metal, some world class pop and r'n'b, a 13 minute long classic symphony, and even some jazz, opera and arabic music. too few band have this level of ambition.

Eli | Reviewer: Eli Feuerstein | 10/19/09

I have been listening to Muse for about a week now, I have Resistance and Absolution, and I am very impressed. As a musician in the States I have been down recently, I haven't heard much of anything really good come out for awhile. Then I was told I'd be playing a song from Absolution in a show, so I figured I should listen to this band. The first song I listened to Was "Unnatural Selection", and i was hit in the face with an intro to a song that I haven't heard since sitting in music school listening to Bach and Beethoven. The song forms that they use are classical in nature and this is something that really grabs me. They combine Beethoven and Chopin with Queen's bombast, Tom Morello-ish guitar riffage and tasteful synthesizers and have forged a great, unique sound. Anyone that says they are a Radiohead ripoff are only hearing The singer's voice, which is a bit stronger than Yorke's but does have similar range and falsetto. The music is much, much different. The weakest part i would say are the guitar solos, which are very good and work great for the songs for the most part( though some are a little sloppy). This is the strongest new music I have heard in years and everyone should give it a listen. It is extremely dramatic music, which may throw some people off, and the lyrics are a bit different, but I think these are compliments rather than faults. Get into Muse y'all and and save new music from eternal damnation.
PS- guy who thinks they speak of the Revelation, you are really stretching it. But you are free interpret however you like. I personally write lyrics very similar to them, with a vision of a dystopian future and all, but I have in no way shape or form the Revelation in mind when I think of these things. I simply find the concept intriguing and relevant as the world is kind of flushing itself down the toilet right now.

very, very, very amazing | Reviewer: wahyu | 10/8/09

I'm Wahyu from "Indonesia". I live at Bojonegoro, East Java. I never hear any music else like MUSE. It so unique and amazing especially guitar melodies from Matt. I waiting for you to come to Indonesia as soon as possible. I really loved MUSE and my favourite songs is : supermassive black hole, hysteria, starlight and sing for absolution. MUSE's song is very inspired to me for created any thing. And dear to my stupid friend PESSY.

47yr old fan | Reviewer: Debbie P | 10/4/09

I heard the first few notes of a guitar, then an amazing voice, and adored what I was hearing. I had to find out who this angelic voice belonged to. I was blown away. It was Matthew Bellamy and a band called muse. Never in my 47years have I heard such genius. I am absolutely astounded by the talent these 3 musicians have. I've heard alot of music in my time and these young guys are the greatest. I had to hear more, I found a copy of Haarp, played the dvd, I was blown away once more. Now I'm a die hard fan. If they ever decide to tour Australia, I'll wouldn't miss it for the world. AND THEY'RE FROM DEVON, WHERE I WAS BORN, is it any wonder I love them. PLEASE TOUR DOWN UNDER SOON.

amused | Reviewer: karipap | 6/4/09

i am so agree with everything that u were writing.. muse is friggingly of my ultimate dream is to see them live and meet them..that dream haven't really come true yet.. but I'll find a way. dizzy~

They Rock!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/09

I Love Muse they are awesome!! I noticed them about 2 or 3 months ago and I Loved them! My favorite songs by them are Assassin and Supermassive Blackhole. They will Rock On for generations to come! Keep Rocking On Muse!!

The Meaning of My Existance | Reviewer: whocares? | 4/18/09

So far, (since May 2008 actually) i've been tottally lost from reality with MUSE.
Not only that gives reasons to keep living with each song they write. But they also have the incredible sound that blows our minds and make us fly into a future so bright and perfect that seems away from the real world that we live everyday.

They're pure in their songs and give the feeling that they need and want to give. I'm sure that I won't stop being a Muse Fan, even though I recognized them a few months ago.

Since the showbiz guys. :) the genesis of MUSE.

I am amaze by U guys | Reviewer: reny | 2/7/09

no one can ever create the music like Muse. and no words can explain how i really like Muse.i am reny from indonesia. my region was called LOMBOK, near from BALI,really need to meet n know all of u guys. but i thing thats just dream..dream..dream. but i hope dreams come true oneday..amin! i am so sorry my english is bad..please if u all have time please contact me at my e-mail or mobile:+628175717972. i really waiting for your call. and new album off course..

incredibly soul moving music!!! | Reviewer: bern | 1/21/09

These guys are absolutely amazing! I have only been listening to Muse for two and a half years now... since Black Holes and Revelations, but now I have all four CDs and I am totally blown away by these guys... their talent is one of a kind. Believe me, when the world finds out about these guys, it's gonna be another beatlemania. there are still so many people who haven't heard them... too bad for them!!! They have something very rare, talent that you just don't find everyday. Matt's lyrics are amazing. Every single one of these three guys is an unbelievably talented musician and I think that even they aren't aware of their potential yet. I just hope that they never stop doing what they do. Like I said, SOUL MOVING MUSIC!!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/09

how can i explain...i first heard them in june, and ever since then, ive been hooked...theyve helped me through hard times, cheered me up when i was sad, and...well...basically, this is the most amazing band ever, and im still waiting for them to make a world famous appearance...i would give ANYTHING to see them live...
matthew bellamy, dom howard, and cris wolstenholme, are pure geniuses, they are my, one day, EVERYONE will be listening to them ,and ill be sitting there nodding my head the whole time and muttering,"i told you so"