Muse! Hooray! | Reviewer: Mark Conroy | 1/9/05

Muse have been described as Nirvana meets Radiohead, but I think they're so much more. Doubtless, those two bands are where they would've pulled much of their inspiration from, but Muse are something more, something new, unreal, out-of-this-world. There is no doubt that they are one of the best live acts out there, and they are well deserving of the title. Don't be put off that other people have never even heard of Muse much less like them, don't be put off that it's completely different to anything else, just sit back and revel in the magic that is Muse. Sure, Matt Bellamy's singing voice is different to anyone elses, but so what? As long as it's good! Muse: 10/10, best band in the world.

Ode to Muse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/04

I can't believe nobody has written a review on Muse. Well I guess I'll do the honors then. Okay first off if you are totally into moderately heavy rock music then I am definitely sure you will like or possibly respect this amazing band. Though Matt Bellamy's (lead singer/guitarist/keyboardist) may be a little odd to the first time listener like me however you soon realize how very poetic they are. If the lyrics don't draw you in then the music should. I have never heard music that is so complicated since well Beethoven...pretty old dude...anyway i'll shut up now and leave you with this advice....LISTEN TO MUSE AND CHECK OUT THEIR NEW CD "ABSOLUTION"....IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!