muse ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Musefan511 | 1/27/07

Hi! I have 2 Admit that I was just introduced to muse very recently.they Are Simply One of the best bands of our time!!One of their best Songs is 'Starlight'. it is Simply beautiful and the lyrics Are Very meaningful.
Take My Advice.GO AND BUY THEIR NEW CD 'Blackholes And Revelations'
MUSE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note:I Tend To Overuse My Exclamation Marks.

perfection! | Reviewer: louis | 12/30/06

muse are simply an incredible band. all three members are incredible musicians, and the music is so imaginitive, it wouldnt matter if they werent.

matt bellamy has a voice that rivals that of nina simone, but the fact that he manages to play an incredible guitar/ keyboard riff makes him all the better.

im an aspiring drummer myself, so dominic howard is one of my idols. i can match a few of his rhythms (bliss, plug in baby, supermassive black hole, map of the problematic) but i would never be able to imagine these rhythms myself. e.g, supermassive black hole. just adding two extra strokes on the hi-hat after the first beats changes a previously simple rhythm to something far more interesting.

i have a confession to make. i dont know the name of the bass guiarist. its shameful i know, but im sorry to say i can never remember it. anyway, i know many bass guitarists, most very good, but none can come close to the sort of skill he displays during certain songs (hysteria is a good example)
and, like matt, he is able to sing whilst playing bass! magic!

ive heard lots of people complaining about how muse have changed and arent as good as they used to be, and i can see what they mean. but if you check out muse's myspace it explains why pretty well. after the glastonbury concert, muse had enough recognition and money to make their music sound exactly how they wanted when in a recording studio. so the "new" music is basically what they wanted to produce all along.

for anyone whose never listened to muse before (why would you be reading this review?) id suggest buying their newest cd, black holes and revelations, because its like muse lite, if anyone understands what i mean. if you like it, work back to their earlier albums, the more hardcore stuff.

my myspace address is, but you have to add me to get on to it. if anyone feels like chatting about muse, please add me!

muse the best | Reviewer: valentine | 9/18/06

muse are absolutely the greatest band of all's a great rock group,and matt bellamy in particular is the cleaverest artist of ever. the music he creates is something soilful and unbelievable, his voice is like no others..and he is a great, great, GREAT guitarist and pianist...a complete artist, something wonderful and amazing...muse the best!!!

this group could be the one that challenged all your dreams... | Reviewer: teresa | 7/29/06

I could tell you muse is simply great music, however they are everything but simple.It´s complicated music,a romance between poetry and incredible rythms, guided by Matt Bellany´s uncommon voice. You can find melancholy, rage, hope, desire, obssession, pain...among all of their songs. While listening to some of them I keep on thinking He´s crying.
thank you muse for making me fell alive each time I listen to you. I highly reccommend this group.

Queen? | Reviewer: KB | 7/8/06

Doesn't anybody remember Freddy Mercury? Oh, no... I guess not. Nothing original here, though they have an interesting derivitive sound.

Brilliance... | Reviewer: YoPo | 6/22/06

...that is what describes Muse and, most notably, frontman Matthew Bellamy's poetic, alternative rock compositions. Matthew Bellamy is utterly amazing both vocally and lyrically; there is no other like he.

Although some of their music is experimental and playful, it is of a very heart-felt, serious nature. Paying close attention to the lyrics of each album, song-by-song, paints a vivid picture of various emotions, and puts together almost a sort of story told in verse. Also, the mixing and synthing is amazing. Above all else though, Muse rocks, creating a full, emotional sound with its 3 members.

MUSE is the Best in the World...!!!!! | Reviewer: Ihsan | 2/23/06

I like Muse,but my mind the couple in MUSE song. I have ID on Friendster : I wait you add me.i am too Fans

Thank You | Reviewer: Ricardo | 1/14/06

Simply the best band that showed up in the last 10 years. If they continue to make music like they did until now, they´ll be huge. Origin Of Symmetry is one of the best albuns ever.

Muse Rock Dudez! | Reviewer: Chazza Bee | 5/25/05

Dude! The singin! The music! Seriously, if u don't like Muse there's sumat up wit ya (or ur really are a cheesy pop fan whose head is made of bubblegum)I've loved indie/rock music for like years now and Muse r one of the best I've heard in ages. And for Matt Bellamy's voice, well, wow! He iz such a dude! I wish I could sing like that! If ur gonna take anyone's advice today, go out and buy 'Absolution!'

MUSE ROCKS MY SOCKS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/05

Muse is great - seriously. I hadn't heard of them until Absolution came out and I totally loved them - I can like remeber the first time I heard one of thier songs even. But after listening to thier older stuff Absolution kinda sucks they used to be way better in my opinion or at least style-wize but its all dependant on what kinda sound you like so yeah. But the point is even before I heard what I consider to be thier good stuff I loved the band so you should too - cos everyboby wants to be like me.