the best band ever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/07

the best in the world of music, poetry and live music,ever. they are already legend. they deserve the highest of awards which they rightfully have been getting and so much more. waiting desperately for their next album . . .

Please help us bring them to Israel | Reviewer: Muser | 11/17/07

I think that everyone must see Muse Live at least once.
Unfortunately, Muse have yet to visit Israel.
We need your help to bring them to us too, so we could enjoy the best live act in Israel too.
So please, help us bring them by joining our demand in the website "Eventful", that is known to pass the demand to the people in charge when demanded by enough people.
Here is the link to the demand
Thanks a lot!

Simply Breathtaking | Reviewer: Sunny P | 11/8/07

Well the journey started when one of my work colleagues recorded a CD for me. "Check this CD out" he said to me "You may like it?” The CD was a mix of different Muse songs. The first track was Take A Bow. The Synthesizer build up made you feel warped then you had the dramatic sounds that made your mind jump to a previous encounter at the cinema. Not forgetting the eerie vocals and then the trance sound effect that hypnotized your brain into preparing for take off, Just before a volley of violent guitar strikes that would pierce your spine. in amongst all the chaos there was still the lyric "Burn Yeah You Will Burn". I was absolutely blown away by this one track, But like when you take a bite out a nice piece of food you just knew this was only the beginning and that there was plenty more to come. What a diverse, deep and delightful sound. Muse Simply Breathtaking.

About Muse obviously! | Reviewer: FunkyWendy | 9/24/07

Muse is brilliant. I know it's been said a billion times before, but honestly, Matt Bellamy is a genius. His lyrics are inspirational and cheer me up instantly. I'm just absolutely gutted i didn't get to see them at Wembley Stadium. I hope they release it on DVD. And Dom Howard - the most gorgeous person in the world!!!!! I'm absolutely sure that there are billions out there that agree with me. Much better than Bellamy. One last thing, I've realised that Black Holes and Revelations hasn't been mentioned in the biography. It's their best record to date!!!! Sort it out!!! xxxx

there u sed it! (teresa) | Reviewer: this ship | 5/28/07

u sed tht the thought of matt crying cums to ur mind when u listen to muse, nd i think its the perfect description of his singing. he could also be laughing, or screaming, moaning, whispering.... he sings from his soul with true emotion, he adapts his voice to the lyrics.. their lyrics have meaning, i mean i listen to many other bands bt muse jst have IT, theyve got tht little ingredient which puts it all together, which makes them so different from everyone else. ive found my match in music, i truly have. i always think tht they no sumthing we dont, i mean about everything, our world, the universe, the human race.... but still , theyre so down to earth, jst so real. theyre jst like u nd me bt with such, such SUCH talent i cn hardly believe theyre human at all. im jst blabbering here... im still shocked. they rock my world!!!! <3

Muse, seriously, thank you! | Reviewer: *This Ship* | 5/28/07

What would the world be without muse, without their music bringing tears to your eyes, ehum.. the less beautiful singing escaping from your own lips, the feeling of your heart exploding because of the million different emotions running thru your veins which totally confuse your mind to go into a total blank state of mind where all your focusing on is either matts voice, or the keyboard, drums or guitar. You find yourself printing the lyrics in your head and following every beat of the song, you tune out everything of the outside world. Because muse is something out of this world.

-- muse --- | Reviewer: This Ship | 5/28/07

ok ill put it like this. i cnt sing, i cnt play any instrument, well at least not very well and not so tht itll sound pleasant to any1... and, i dnt no everything about muse, i dnt no when dominic has his birthday (or matt, i mean jst because hes the lead and happens to be quite sexy dosnt meet u have to totally fall in love with him and become a crazy stalker and call urself their number one fan) and like.. well u get it. nothing like tht. so bak to the number one fan thingy, what defines a "number one fan", rlly? is it sum1 hu has gone to practically all their concerts apart from "that time when i had my appendix removed bt i tried sneaking out of the hostpital bt they caught me so i wudve gone" or knows all their songs by heart.... i dnt no that is to me just an obsession of the band, not the music. when i listen to muse i see the music, nt matt or dominic or chris ... cuz i dnt no them! i dnt no its hard to explain.... well, have a nice day!

I adore muse | Reviewer: Emily | 5/25/07

Muse have been my favourite band since i was young enough to like any music. I think they are all talented in thier own way but you can't deny the brilliance Matt displays as he both sings and plays a highly complicated riff on the guitar. Or piano for that matter. I am grade three at piano and are learning invincible and bliss but i can tell it takes a very highly skilled misician to do them and that is exactly what Matt is. Also, how can someone get that high in singing?! Seriously its truly inspiring. Infact i find the whole band truly inspiring and will love them forever.

MATTHEW, YOUR VERY HANDSOME | Reviewer: indah permatasari | 3/22/07


What a Noisy ROMANTIC ROCK BAND | Reviewer: dicks | 3/13/07

I just wanna say that, I've become a MUSEcaholic so much. Just add my friendster to share our Hysteria..