starlight? | Reviewer: doodleface | 1/1/11

Muse was amazing weaaaaaaaaay before starlight and black holes, their older stuff is just amazing! I loce that more people are into them bt its a shame they went mainstream because of crap like twilight and all that junk though.

Best song!!! / Annet721 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/10

Have to confess, I fell in love with this band after I listened to this song. it was so amazing! I could feel butterflies in my stomach - just like a love at first sight...In my opinion it`s about a forbidden love. And it`s really amazing. The music and the lyrics and, oh, those drums in the begining of the song....Totally love this band!!!!

Lovin' Muse Altogether The Best Band Ever!!!! | Reviewer: Leigh | 5/9/10

Muse... Everybody loves it, to think they started with a song called starlight to undisclosed desires,Resistance, MK Ultra, I belong to you, uprising and other popular songs They've come so far, you've gotta commend that! They Rock!!!!

1 9 8 4 | Reviewer: Vick | 4/18/10

OBVIOUSLY about 1984. great song though. i like the unique themes their songs have, like the song Exo-Politics is supposedly about Project Blue Beam. actually, this song really reminds me of The Chrysalids- they're hiding their secret and stuff

you're spot on | Reviewer: Melania | 4/17/10

Matt bellamy has said in several interviews that this song represents the love affair of winston and julia in 1984! apparently he re-read it before making the album and noticed the love story that he had, in his teenage years, overlooked when reading the book for the first time
love this song too!

Resistance | Reviewer: Hardy | 4/12/10

I think the basic idea is still in the title. It might represent novels like 1984, or it might only take the thought police as a reference.. But still, it represents the idea of a fight...
To me, Muse has shown so much maturity with this, the songs are no longer obscure as in Showbiz or Origin Of Symmetry (though it might have been due to my inability to decrypt what they were trying to deliver...)

Great song!

Nineteen-eighty-four | Reviewer: L | 3/7/10

I thought about 1984 too as soon as I heard "thought police". The rest of the lyrics are rather non-specific, though, so it's hard to tell. However, I really hope it is a reference to Winston and Julia because that's awesome.

1984 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/2/10

As i have recently read 1984 by george orwell im pretty sure that this song reffers to the love story of the main characters of this book..also the song makes a reference to the police of thought..well..this is my opinion

Meaning of the song | Reviewer: leon de sargh | 2/24/10

I'm not really sure is this wrong or right, but after I read all the lyrics and listening the song several times.. My conclusion is, that the song is telling about two person that loving each other but have to suffering by their forbidden love. And both of 'em decides to keep love between 'em and still seeing each other in secretly, though they're realized that it is wrong and also could brings 'em suffering..
Please correct me if i'm wrong. Thx

my resistance! | Reviewer: stephanie | 12/19/09

I absolutely love this song. Mathew Bellamy never seems to dissapoint us. And I'm talking for all MUSE fans. He's a genious! Greatest band of this time.::gasp:: I just saw them live on sunday. I can't stop listening to this song!