I am in love this song! | Reviewer: Jackson | 10/13/12

This song is probably the best one on the whole album. It has a lot of stuff you would normally hear in Muse song with other interesting things in it, including the funky bass. The lyrics are so catchy when you first listen to it, and become even more catchy the more you listen to it. So, yeah this song is definitely a ten out of ten for me, but the lyrics posted on here are completely incorrect. I tried posting my interpretation so that people can get the right lyrics. Some of the mistakes made in this lyric posting are embarrassingly, and hilariously stupid.

Great song | Reviewer: Scott | 10/9/12

Love this song, the funky bass, guitar solos, the horns...but why do Neanderthals insist on posting grossly wrong lyrics that spread to all the lyrics sites? If you don't have a clue, leave it alone.