micro cuts | Reviewer: laura | 1/29/08

my favorite version of this song on an album has to be the one off of Hullabaloo. I love this song, like all awesome Muse songs. and Matts voice just sucks me in and then takes me away...

mikromacsk√°k | Reviewer: Emese | 11/15/07

This song the most dadaist barouqe song, and it's darkish, golden, raddle, shine and scathing... This is the best!
But listen more La Follia (or La Folia)and variations!
Not new Muse's songs...

lawl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/07

after listening to several different live versions of Micro Cuts, plus the studio version, I'm pretty sure it does say blade. What the fuck is a blaine anyways?

vocals | Reviewer: i love muse | 10/30/07

matt has a falsetto voice (i think thats how you spell it) thats why he can get it so high like on this song, i think he has such a brilliant voice

Wrong. | Reviewer: Random Muse Fan | 8/6/07

i don't meen to sound annoying, but does it not say, BLADE cuts to your brain, because.. what the hell is a blaine, it makes no sense, so i think you should change it maybe..! =]
anywho, thanks.

hehe i knew it! | Reviewer: Blaine | 8/1/07

i have always thought i heard my name in this song but was convinced i was crazy. But i guess he really IS saying Blaine

so that's what he's saying! | Reviewer: Laura Sylvester | 6/4/07

i've listened to this song a hundred times and never been able to figure out the lyrics. thanks so much for setting me straight.

matt's voice is amaaaaaazing.

nothing else in the world like this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/07

nothing inspires me more than the wailing doom and agony that is matt bellamy.

fantasic | Reviewer: Rachel Crawford | 4/18/07

Matt is one of the most talented singers i have ever heard in my life. this song is not only touching, but eloquent as well. seeing them in concert was one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had. i've been listening to them for years, and i'm glad they're getting their names out there.

high | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/07

he sings higher then me, even when im kicked in my balls...and that's very high :S. .WOW