Hillarious? | Reviewer: twas brillig | 9/21/07

Not sure what's hillarious about this song (maybe if I saw the vid which I haven't), this band is as serious as one can get, they don't even have a sardonic bone in their body that I can detect.

I'd say Rush is an obvious influence, the keyboards do remind me of ELO too, esp. reminiscent of the Xanadu soundtrack hehe, which is a good thing.

Thank you Fuse | Reviewer: Jeremy | 8/24/07

If not for Fuse I never would have seen this video. The first time I saw this video was about a year ago, maybe a little less. I had never heard of this band before that. This song and video were hilarious and I needed to hear more. Thankfully I did and now I have discovered my new favorite band. Muse is awesome. I have all of their CD's now. And to imagine if not for Fuse TV I would never had heard of Muse.

Heck yeah it's over the top! | Reviewer: gigimcmuse | 8/19/07

We all know Matt has 'issues' with a 'divine being' :) this is a little jab... to me the message is basically "think for yourself & survive", Now on to the music -- rip off or homage, how can you not LOVE this?! Chris' driving base/ Dom's thundering drums/ Matt's crazy soprano/ and the brass! Right down to the headbangy part after the semi-accapella 'no one's gonna take me alive' No apologies- it hauls you off & spins you around over & over again. Awesome. It would have done well on the Serenity soundtrack actually [the movie] it fits, yes?

This song is a blast! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/07

When I first heard this song it cracked me up because it was SO OVER THE TOP. Then I laughed even harder when I realized it was supposed to be. Right from the beginning with the horsemen of the apocolypse galloping through to the awesome chorus and solo. An obvious homage to the old days, it's Queen, Sweet, and ELO all in one. I can just see the band smiling ear to ear when they did it, the song is great, just plain FUN.

uhhh plagerism? | Reviewer: e-van | 8/7/07

this song has a part that sounds exactly like a pink floyd song and a part ripped staight from barrucuda?? any one else hearing this, its a good song but it is a bunch of diferent songs mashed together

there are better songs by Muse | Reviewer: long live rock n roll | 8/4/07

I've never seen the video. Its a very simple and not so original song... the riff isn't bad but nothin special, and if u wanna listen to an epic song, go further. I listened to this song only 1-2 times and I really didnt like it, then I heard it in concert and i changed idea. However, as there are only horrible commercial songs on tv (and Knights of Cydonia isnt commercial at all), it doesnt surprised me that all of you guys love this song.. its like the sun after the rain.. on...puah... mtv.

ROCKZZZZ HARDZZZZZ | Reviewer: Urdhu87 | 7/31/07

This song reminds me of those 2 bit mimic hollywood apocalypse world but surely with a star wars touch . Hmm the force is strong in... MUSE !!!

DOnt read | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/07

The Knights of Cydonia
The solo at the end, is one of the most impressive parts of the entire song.
it starts out with a very western feel. After taken out of the alomo, you brought back to your feet in amazment

JUST THE BEST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/07

it's the best song i've ever heard. And the videoclip it's awesome! the chinese doing martial arts, the eagle, and the mexican.... just the best

? | Reviewer: Alex | 6/28/07

with Matts well documented views
that this one ('the time has come to make things right, you and i must fight for our rights') is an ani bush number

or just an anti right now number if not that

anyone else?im probably over reading,i realize, but it just feels a bit too specific to me

anyways, great epic trip

Come ride with me | Reviewer: Alex | 6/24/07

I just checked out Muse after seeing a comparison to Radiohead

the same strain of paranoid awareness infects their lyrics i see, which i really enjoy

'Knights' is a colorful sci fi/kung fu / western/apocalpyse epic if the incredibly entertaining kill bill inspired retro video is anything to go by

fast paced like riding a galloping steed into the martian sunset, laser rifle at your side

Nice to see prog for the times

Pure Brilliance... | Reviewer: Lucien | 6/17/07

...,it's a political statement. From the obvious "spaghetti western" sound to the lyrics "...fools can be kings". Just because Muse don't sound the same as they used to, doesn't mean they're not still great lyricists/musicians. They're easily the best band now just as they've been over the years.

concert | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

Yeah! a Concert is the best way to get in love with this song. Love ya MUSE!

Awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

I am going to see muse at wembley on june 16th and this song is one of the ones i am looking forward to most. Theres always a number of levels to muse songs and if you look at the lyrics to this, you will see its no different. Absolutely epic. 5 stars.

Knights Of Cydonia | Reviewer: Daryl Craske | 5/18/07

The song is great, i cannot stop listening to it, Muse are one of my favourite bands. I absolutely adore their music. People often tell me it has no meaning but the rhythm is always perfect in a song by Muse