Cydonia Mars | Reviewer: John | 8/3/13

This song is occult, as most of Muse's songs are.

Cydonia refers to Mars Cydonia as well as to Earth's Sidon at 33.33 degrees on the map. Its where the Watchers came down and created Nephelim with human women.

They are mocking the Creator, saying he has fallen asleep and isnt here. And they are saying no one is going to take them alive (because they are not alive, they are Raphaim "the dead"). They are waiting for their time to fight the Creator at the end of the age.

Dont waste your time or time will waste you. This is about Saturn/Cronos/Time. Saturn actually controls time on the earth and goes by many names one being Satan. And he will waste you (as TIME wastes everything over a period of "time" in this dimension) if you are not alive in Jesus Christ the Creators son.

Muse are part of the Purple gang, that run this dimension at the moment. But they have already lost the war that is outside of time due to Jesus dying the way He died.

The song is about rebellion from a long "TIME" ago.

Knights of Cydonia by Muse | Reviewer: Micah | 11/10/11

Just an opinion...sounds like the rapture. Falling asleep on the job could be a reluctantly turning ones head on those that have forever turned their heads on You. I've always liked this song; though I'd never thought of this song to have any religious meaning until I read all of these comments. However, if Positive exists, then there has to be a negative. Otherwise, how could life even exist? Any battery has a positive and a negative in order to delegate the energy necessary for power...just like life. We must constantly fight for our lives and our rights to keep life, until it inevitably runs out of power. I love muse...they rock on cd as well as live...and they make you think a little bit, too. That's a good tri-fecta to have....they are audible art that are percieved and translated differently from spectator to spectator much like a painting on a wall would have different effects on different people.

Pew Pew | Reviewer: Mr T1ddles | 8/30/11

I like how this song sounds like a fusion of cowboys and space. (Cowboys and Aliens, anyone?)

The lyrics make me think of a man beckoning somone who has been harrassed by aliens out of the "darkness".

EVOLVE PEOPLE | Reviewer: Greg | 4/22/11

"Don't waste your time,
Or time will waste you,"

..... particularly on the 'god' discussion...

In all my years on this planet I only rate 5 songs with 5 stars:-
1. Knights of Cydonia
2. Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd),
3. Killing in the Name (Rage Against the Machine),
4. Karma Police (Radiohead), and
5. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (Porcupine Tree)

I'm a 57 year old Muse fan. When you analyse it, this is a very simple song lyrically (like Killing In The Name) and in musical construction. It is in the listening (preferably live) that they shine like the true diamonds that they are.

ricardo filipe moura de brito | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/11

this is one of the good songs of muse because they got a large amount of quality songs tat for me are the best ever but that's my opinion..about the meaning of that song i agree with great part of the comments made it here about knights of cydonia.. because in nowadays we have to face the truth, and the truth is we'll livin a short course to our judgement day, and when that day arrive no one can and will save us for our diserved punishment for all atrocities that we all had had commited across humanity history...the judgement day is comin and sooner before we had note it,it will be right in front our poor ''human'' faces better think about saving your famillies and get prepared

??? | Reviewer: daniel, el unico | 10/22/10

...the autor of the song has it´s point of view, the same as me and you all, the foolish one´s laugh of everything, a smart person would always listen to the opinion of another ones and gives its point of view, so, you can´t say that youre right, because you dont know what he was thinking, no one can blame me, what i think it´s what makes the person i am, and no everyone got to think the same as me, and there is always something that you can´t see on the things you see around you, everyone got to take everything to make themselves better ones...
make your own interpretation of the lyrics, for good!
i don´t care is is something agains god or not. just, live how you want!
and leave the other one´s live in peace!

About the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/10

The name "Cydonia" refers to the region of Mars where some believe that there was life, besides being the seat of the famous "Face on Mars." The cover of the album Black Holes and Revelations, created by Storm Thorgerson, is set on the Martian surface, including four men sitting around a table with four miniature horses in front of each one of them. According to the band itself, "These men represent the" Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ", each dressed in a costume that represents the pain of humanity."

Give it a rest | Reviewer: Vidal | 6/20/10

Ok, would you people give it a rest to the stupid subject, the last comment complaining about god being mentioned in the lyrics was like 7 pages ago. Now atheist people are the ones that sound irrationally angry, sounds like you guys want to make people change their believes. Breaking News: That's pretty much impossible, so stop wasting you time, and spare us another 5 pages filled with useless comments.

Have you noticed these aren't called comments but reviews, as in "you're supposed to review the song and, more importantly, the correctness of the lyrics", we don't care about your other opinions, go fill facebook with those.

And since I'm asking for it, I'll start doing it myself. I believe the song is genius indeed, I really like the pace of the song and the drums a lot. I've never seen Muse play live but I sure look forward to it!!! The video is really cool and funny but it's also kind of weird and confusing.

I LOVE the metaphor about god falling asleep on the job, it's part of what makes Muse lyrics that good, they prompt you to give them a meaning that suits to your life, just as abstract paintings make you give them your own interpretation.

No | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/10

All your gods are the same and if you trace back the real history of your silly religions they point to the Sun. Oh snap. I know who my god is, I see it everyday. It brings me light, warmth, and water from the sky. How bout that. /end debate /end ignorance

this song it´s a about a 200, 000 people that died | Reviewer: leka | 5/5/10

at certain place (knighst of cydonia), they were all murdered by people they have called themselfs Gods and our creators through all humanity history and have ruled over the goverment of our world until our time, that´s the history of our world and the song it´s about waking up becuase this is the right time to fight for our rights and freedom...the knights of cydonia have been forgotten becuase people dont even know about them and their mission... invinsible it´s about a similar subject; freedom and humans spiritual nature.

The song has nothing to do with the bible or the common concept of god, this is far beyond and it is wonderfull that muse touches a such delicate subject as the true of our planet and the concentration camp that it is

The importance of lyrics | Reviewer: NewCrash | 4/13/10

I'm a bit curious at how people get involved with opinions, even taking them as personal aggresions. Song lyrics are a very important part of a song (if it weren't important, nobody would bother in writing them), but as any other artistic creation, they just reflect the artist's opinions, AND NO MORE, not an absolute true, nor even a general opinion. Besides, everyone asumes that the opinion the artist has is the one we understand, but that opinion could be far from what we think. Anyway, artistic creations let us think, imagine, learn and discuss about things that maybe (or maybe not) we didn't know about. That's what art is all about: to learn, including music, literature, etc...If you can't see music that way, you are ignoring a wonderful part of it.

Idiots | Reviewer: Jason | 4/8/10

First of all he says,"I'll show you A GOD". God is in the lowercase(god), meaning a powerful figure, not even a heavenly(or hellish) one. Some people might call a guy like Bill Gates a god of computers. Just because Christains don't call Y-h(you should never put the name of God were it can be deleted, erased, or otherwise abused) by His given name("The great I am" in the KJV Bible) doesn't make god His name. God is what He is, not who He is, morons.

A god can refer to anything. From a powerful man to a king to a god of an extinct religion to a god of a present regilion or anything in between. So stop crying about nothing.

Helped me | Reviewer: SkUnK | 1/23/10


"No one's gonna take me alive,
The time has come to make things right,
You and I must fight for our rights,
You and I must fight to survive,"

has saved me in some pretty dark stages of life. It was sort of my kick in the butt, a wake up call for me.

Love muse.


---> same by me Dude! Thanks Muse!!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/09

Seeing this song live is truelly an experience everyone in the world should go through. Just indescribeable the energy from the whole crowd shouting "Noone's going to take me alive, time has come to make things right, you and i must fight for our right, you and i must fight to survive"

Possibly the best Muse song ever in my opinion. The best band in the worlds best song...pretty bad ass ^.^

yeah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/09

i think by "ill show you a god who falls asleep on the job" is just a general reference to any of the dark points in the history of humanity. I dont think there is any need to argue over what god or anything. Im atheist, btw. so i could care less