oh for the love of peter pan.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/08

this song is nothing more than someone voicing an opinion. that's it. why you all are making such a big deal about it is beyond me. honestly, this song shows musical genius and why everyone always has to comment about god in every song. I'm a christian, and yeah i have a strong conviction towards talking about god in the wrong way. it bugs me.alot. but the truth is, is that this band is obviosly not christain and they may or may not know that they are talking bad about god or not. again, people voice their opinions differently, they don't always know what they say and what the effect of what they say is. this song is simply a guitarist playing what they feel, and saying what they feel. you can't help what they say, that is what they feel. I get upset when people tell me my opinion is absolutely crazy, but you know what, i get over it. i think thats is what all you people need to do also.

this is just retarded | Reviewer: David | 10/24/08

does anyone who is having a hissy fit over the lyrics to this song even take into account the significance of a possible metaphor? the song is about sticking up for yourself and your own rights and not to let someone else control you, the meaning of 'i'll show you a god who falls asleep on the job' could possibly mean that our leaders (the ones who we follow, hence the word 'god') aren't doing all they said they would for us, this metaphor could be used for alot of instances like the leaders who we as individuals follow and, if you want to be more literal, you could say muse is trying to say 'god doesn't do anything'
personally you religious people who are complaining over this make me sick, all it shows is that you're unable to accept an aithiests views on the world or that you definitely can't interpret something as being a metaphor, you're not fighting for your faith, you're just looking to start a fight over something for no reason whatsoever apart from one possible aithiest song line in the song
grow the fuck up you pessemists

God | Reviewer: Alex | 10/28/08

Muse isn't the first or the last band to use God. It does not matter whether you believe in one or not. God is used in songs to signify something that isn't human! God is defined as a supernatural entity so when God falls asleep on the job, means that man is controlling everything and not even a prayer to something better than man can save them. Simple as that. Stop debating. coheed uses God in the same aspect even though there is a whole story behind their songs. This song is amazing and I can't believe you all focus on the God part rather than the meaning of the song. Pathetic.

Brilliant Song! | Reviewer: D. Lawliet | 10/23/08

I love this song so much. Stop fighting, we are all here because we love this song, can't we just agree? Muse is so amazing. Stop fighting over TWO LINES in the ENTIRE six minute song. You do NOT need to argue.

Oh Dear | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/13/08

God is mentioned and it get 7 pages of reviews, most ignoring the fact that it's just a fantastic overblown kick in the teeth of a song.

Get a grip, people either believe in God or they don't, get over it.

DUH | Reviewer: dbsh | 10/11/08

Mmuse is perfect to me. Tthis song is awesome.
i dont believe in god and it doesnt matter to me!
i support the one that say: You cannot rely on anyone but yourself. there is no one that will help you.
Thats it, take care. ^^

glad to see theres a good amount of "non arguers" out there! | Reviewer: anonymous | 10/4/08

I think this is a great song. I think we can all agree that the instrumental parts are absolutely genius, and matts voice is great. on the part of the song involving religion, i can say that no matter what your religios views are, you still can understand that theyre not trying to force you to think anything. these are theyre personal lyrics about their personal thoughts. which thoughts dosnt necessarily mean opinions. sometimes theyre questions. theyre for your to interpret. Personally, I am a Christian and from what I gather, the phrase "who falls asleep on the job" just expresses the age old argument of how its hard to believe in God when such tragedies happen throughout history and today.They didnt say that you shouldnt believe in God though. The lyrics are short and simple enough to remain neutral and not take any side. Theyre also talking about relying on yourself and fighting for yourself. Thats a positive message. If you will,God helps those who help themselves. Hard issues are tough to make descisions about, but we have work towards improvement and fight. that is what this song is getting at. So dont think that Muse is trying to get you to believe or disbelieve.

The Sinestro War. | Reviewer: Olatunde Aroloye | 10/3/08

I was looking for Green Lantern stuff online-which is the only way we can get even old out of date comics in my country- and found a file "gl_001.wmv" which turned out to be THE SINESTRO WAR story arc SET TO MUSIC. I had never seen anything like this before! (Not counting this ripoff THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE) BBC children's story reading, which the [*Bleep!*]ards started selling on the streets when the movie came out AS the movie.)

The music fit seamlessly into the first three minutes of the story. The place where the Guardians dedicated ION was like DC wrote it.

I am a devout Christian, but I don't deal in delusion like most of our people. To those who do not know much about God, it would certainly appear as if "God falls asleep on the job."
I believe that this is what the Prophet King David saw, and interpreted as a legitimate Divine Technique to get rid of Uriah the Hittite. "If God does it, why can't I?"

His colleague Nathan diplomatically showed him that his almost clever, treacherous scheme violated basic Commandments of God. (This wasn't the first or second time.)

A shallow mind reading The Bible sees that God performs miracles on the behalf of people they see as no better than themselves, protecting a bunch of "mere Jews," no better than their own people.

It does not occur to many that when they demand to know why God- "IF HE EXISTS!" -does not spring into action to rescue them, or others whom they think worthy to be rescued, that God has no reason to value one side over another.

For instance, JFK was murdered in a cowardly manner which was foreseen by the great Kenneth Hagin in a vision. Kenneth Hagin explained that he did nothing to prevent his assassination because he was afraid what the FBI would have done to him.
This concern was indeed cowardly, but also legitimate. Look at what happened to David Koresh and his Branch Davidian church, because he prophesied negatively. (I heard the soundtrack of WACO: The Big Lie. There were several lies told in the accusations against him.)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy maintained the system of oppression that prevented warning from reaching his ear. He died as aresult of his own injustice.

I am sure that all of the people who died in the 9/11 would have laughed at the thought of sponsoring people to be holy men praying for their establishments and their lives. Any of them with relatives praying for their protection would have been laughing them off as crackpots. I have seen this before.

If one believes that a Supreme Being exists, one must use commonsense and take that belief to its logical conclusion, and do nothing else in one's life not connected to attaining rapport with this entity ASAP.

If one believes that a Supreme Being exists, one must use

commonsense and take that belief to its logical conclusion,

and do nothing else in one's life not connected to attaining

rapport with this entity ASAP.

The people in The Bible who achieved miracle-support by

God were not wishy-washy Believers- "Maybe God exists-

maybe He can help me..?" but people who were very serious

about their Faith. They went into wildernesses for God. Went

to jail for God. They put their lives on the line for God.

Today, people work their fingers to the bone for money,

fame, sex, friends, material security- but God is treated as

some sort of "Escape" button Whose Existence is forgotten

until one thinks one needs Him.

God does not fall asleep on the job at all.
Man, however has this amazing ability to jump off cliffs God never told him to jump off, and when we are marmaladed across the ground, arrogantly demand,

"Where were You, God?"

as if HE were the servant, and WE His masters.

The most important fact about Life is that it can END.
There is a way, according to The Gospel, for a man to lose his life, then recover it. To return other people's lives to them, if they lose them, or to get one's own life back, if one has lost it. Somehow this concept immediately ceased to be the Central Truth of Christian religion, once Jesus was no longer in plain sight. Just because his so-called Disciples were clueless, that does not mean that we have to be, and let others tell us how we should live our lives, and how much part we should let God have in them.

We have the option of knowing as much of God as God can be made to know of us. Omniscience is not an attribute of The Bible God- He only knows what He wants to find out. Several verses of Scripture plainly show this. If one is Enlightened to understand Divine Concepts, God has to take notice of us, and favour us over those who couldn't be bothered. This Enlightenment takes a lot of deliberate effort to achieve. For instance, one has to do considerable good without taking credit for it. Defend others without asking anything in return. Take verbal and physical insults without retaliation. Serve those whom we see as inferior to us as if they were our equals or superiors.

Doing the same things that God does enables us to know Him. Knowing God makes God in turn to come to know us.

god? | Reviewer: s | 9/29/08

Why is everyone going on about god? it is mentioned ONCE. Most of the lyrics are about fighting for your rights and fighting to survive, it is achually a very positive message about self-empowerment.

What Makes Muse Special | Reviewer: Peacemaker | 8/10/08

For all you people wondering what the song is about:

Muse is a very good, one of a kind band. All if of their songs leave you hanging and really make people think.

The best part about Muse, is that their songs can mean what ever you want. In this song, Muse is complaining that God doesn't intervene anymore like he used to. So then he explains not to waste your time praying, cause your not going to get anything.

I'm not going to voice any opinions.

I will not start any more fights.

I am stopping them (hopefully).

Thank you.

!!! | Reviewer: Karrven | 7/25/08

ok.i agree with the people who arent spazzing.
i think this is just their way of expressing that they are not christian and they believe over the years the earth has needed a leader more than ever and its like god fell asleep.
just chill everyone.

Muse rocks...if u don't believe me go buy HAARP :) | Reviewer: Adolfo G | 7/21/08

Beautiful song, lyrics kind of short but sufficient (at least to provoke an arguement...). Instrumentally perfect I think. Enjoy the song people, arguing gets you to nowhere... I prefer Supermassive Black Hole though

Ha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/08

Atheists, saying that god would never exist in a world where so many people dies, when the 80 percent of the deaths are our own feat, the others are natures way.

Extreme religious people, saying everything is part of a plan, when maybe there isn't even an idea.

stop flaming each other, I belive in god, but I belive maybe he is just watching, not moving.

muse rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/08

hey guys,stop fighting over this song about god falling asleep,okay?everybody or every religion has their own beliefs in god(or no god).let's just enjoy the song and the music...Muse has their own reason to make songs like this...

a song of few words that speaks volumes | Reviewer: Herr Sexyhosen | 6/27/08

What this song says to me is, "god is either non-existant or an anarchist."

it also says that you cannot rely on anyone but yourself. there is no one that will help you. it's basically ralph waldo emerson's "self-reliance" in song form.