Comon | Reviewer: Some Guy | 10/19/09

oh ok dads strong on lyrics and when he looked at Viva La Vida, he said it was tlkin bout God and how he failed n he said it was devilish....see i dont give a fuck about it..cuz im not strong on the lyrics.....i like the instrumentals.... Viva La Vida is an awsome song...i still fukin listen to it...shit...tell tht bro of yos to fuk off n u sing if u want to a Eastern Orthodox (Greek Orthodox) and i still listen to songs tht refer to GOD or something religious...shitt....cuz i pay less attention to the lyrics...this song blew my mind away when i first heard it... AWSOME....n now i knoe how to play it on guitar!!.....but i need help on the guitar synth part....can any one help???

.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/09

"No one's gonna take me alive,
The time has come to make things right,
You and I must fight for our rights,
You and I must fight to survive,"

has saved me in some pretty dark stages of life. It was sort of my kick in the butt, a wake up call for me.

Love muse.

Musical Perfection | Reviewer: Kay | 7/22/09

The first I heard this song...I just got in love with it ! Its so beautiful !and the chorus enables me to breath new air of hope and readiness...! Such inspiring song. again as for the word = G.O.D.. its just a twist in the lyrics...yes it has a meaning...but then what? A lot of songs say really vulgar things about a range of topics. I know..tht the supreme being god doesnt fall asleep..but we didn't write this lyrics..and it's their own point of view about a situation in their story.(War..)The Solos are kickass! I love them ALOT !!! Guys ^^ just enjoy the Music ^^ !

and Believe in what you think is logical and truthful... a Religion that can answer most of your doubtful questions... just look closely nd u'll find it :);)

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/12/09

hes not mentioning ur #%$&$% god ... you know..

its just song, thats has a 3 letter word... he may even be referring to Another god... Not to mention that cydonia is also a region in mars , a tree, and ancient greek city-state..

Wow | Reviewer: ..... | 4/21/09

I saw the previous comments and just had to say something. How can people get so worked up about 'god' being mentioned in a song. I mean, everyones mentioning loads of stupid theories and shit, but who cares? Its just a song, a good one at that, so quit bein an asshole and just enjoy the song, no one wants to hear people complain about the lyrics, its just a waste of time that could be spent listening to songs that don't have the word god in them if it bothers you that much. Get over it.

A god who falls asleep on the job... | Reviewer: ivan | 2/19/09

"God really has fallen asleep on the job"
Interesting statement. I would say He must have fallen asleep for a second or two between the creation of men and their downfall. Please go back to basics and study the theory of relativity to know what I'm talking about. Anyway, this song is awesome.

Anonymus | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/09

The first time I heard this song was actually on Guitar Hero. I love playing it on expert:p

I only wish there was a Muse song on Rock Band 2, but I'm happy with Assassin on GHWT. There is always a chance for a Muse track pack though...

Look at the title | Reviewer: bh | 1/22/09

It definitely fits with the lyrics - Cydonia is the goddess of heroic endeavor in Greek mythology, also called Athena. Seems to me the song is talking about those in control being asleep at the switch and others having to step up to the plate. Great song - lyrics and music.

Dear Dave... | Reviewer: M3GA M3SS1AH | 1/2/09

Truth be told, I could care less about what it is you wrote, but when you wrote "who's to say the Islamic God and the Christian God aren't the same entity?" I started laughing like crazy. If you weren't an ignorant fool, you'd know, like MOST people should, that the Islamic God, Christian God, AND Jewish God are ALL the same God, the only difference being that Muhammed believed he was the last true prophet of Allah. So, please, if you're going to TRY proving a point, then base your knowledge off of things that you know are fact, so you don't seem like a dumbass. GREAT song, by the way. This guy can sing like...well, like a muse.

well... | Reviewer: zythar | 12/29/08

i thought the lyrics were "ill show you how god falls asleep on the job" but even though i didnt really care i always thought it was a reference to the dark ages.the problem is that my brother is a strong christian(as am i) and he doesnt know what to think about this section of lyrics. i dont really care what theyre talking about but i dunno the truth and my bro wont let me sing the song now. any thoughts?

Seriously? | Reviewer: Dave | 12/29/08

I'm simply amazed at how many bible thumpers get pissed off at the mere mention of the three letter word; GOD. This song is great and the fact that everyone and their fuckin' grandma only listen to this (and other songs) because of shitty games like Guitar Hero makes me mad.

And since when did we start referring to such God as "her" or "she"? I don't know about the rest of you that have read at least a line in the Bible (I, myself, can't even get past a page...), but last time I saw, God was referred to as HIM, not Her. Call me sexist or whatever, but I didn't write it.

To the guy a couple pages back that said something about evolution and then backed up his claim with an episode of Family Guy... seriously? You're going to try to convince someone that they are wrong with a cartoon? And not even a good cartoon, at that. Think before you type, man.

Last, I'm not athiest, but I don't believe in one true religion that gets you to Heaven (or paradise, val halla, etc.). Who's to say that the Islamic God and the Christian God aren't the same entity? I mean, yes it's interpreted differently, but it could be the same. Just stop making a big deal out of the word GOD or anything religious because you're all being a huge pain in the biblical ass. You think God wants a bunch of whiny peasants groveling after him 24/7 and treating the rest of his creations that don't share the same views like shit? No. So drop the shit and deal with it. It's creative reign and freedom of speech. If you can't deal with that then close your ears and eyes for the rest of your sad, pathetic lives until you see your God face to face.

why | Reviewer: ha | 12/21/08

why is it that all over the internet i see people talking about this onel ine in a great song. it's music. enjoy it, please. these guys put their souls out there every time they make a song and all you care about is having something you can complain about.

its a song | Reviewer: t bag | 12/15/08

you fuckers, its a song. put your deep meaning full hearts and souls together and do somrthing. too muxh shit worth worrying about in the world but no, hide behind a worthless point of view and feel important. you set of infertile fucks. hope your seed is discontinued.

Idiots | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/08

Semiotics and metaphors, guys.

The word 'God' might not even be a direct reference.

For instance, and this is just one example, he could be referring to famous stars and popular figures as 'God's and them 'falling asleep on the job' is just them not taking responsibility for what they do wether it be in their talent, or how they act off-screen.

It could be a reference, even, to our world leaders acting God-like but never acting as such and letting shit get the way it is.

You guys need to think outside the box and chill out.

lolreligion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/08

When I take a look at the world now, I pretty much agree with Bellamy. God really has fallen asleep on the job, if you know what I mean. ;)

Some people are way too easily worked up. It's just a song. I remember when people QQ'd over Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden without even looking at it closely. Besides, the line is a metaphor, and a very clever one at that. Let's stop this silly arguing and move on.