response to all u dumbasses | Reviewer: Angel | 2/17/08

wats with u ppl hes just stating his fucking opinion how about u guys grow up and fuck off i am christian too it doesnt mean all u fucking atheists or watevr the crap u r gotta start saying shyt just ignore the frikin comment it isnt gonna change ur lives is it?! i dont think so

Muse ftw! Dumbasses FTL..! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/08

lol? i knew about muse LONG time before GH 3 came out -.-
There is a reason the put it into GH 3. Muse had a lots of fands before GH3 came out...Learn to know facts, before commenting dumbasses...
99% of thoose who loved muse , knew of them before Gh3 came out

Responding to Josh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/6/08

I agree with Josh (I happen to be the only one I guess). I also first heard this song on GH3 (like a lot of people) and I was going to buy it (but I like to look up the lyrics first). Now I am not going to buy it for the same reason as Josh. They made this song not appeal to people who believe in God!!! although I do have to say I love the song w/o the lyrics. Oh yes, and why do some people have to swear? There is no reason!!!

Josh | Reviewer: xman | 2/6/08

You've put way too much thoguht into the lyrics. Did anybody here ever hear of this song or Muse before GH3? Through history, you could say God is asleep on the job. However, was it not said that God gave man dominion over the Earth. Where was man to intervne or change history? Is man asleep on the job too? It's a decent song with stupid lyrics no one ever heard of until GH3. Don't raise your blood pressure over it.

JOSH - HOW BLATANTLY STUPID ARE YOU? | Reviewer: antichrist | 1/30/08

Come ride with me,
Through the veins of history,
I'll show you how god,
Falls asleep on the job.

This verse says something simply about REALITY. History tells us so many things about cruel things that have happened, if there is a God, why didn't he intervene? Looking back at history we may very well say God's been closing her eyes to the evil of mankind. What about the crusades Josh? Forcing a bullshit religion upon people - Christianity is man made and so is Jesus Christ. Wake up mister, and be a little more intelligent when it comes to reading (and understanding - u ever heard of subtext?)the lyrics of a great band. Muse is awesome

response to 'josh's' review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/08

heeelllooooooooo??? E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N?
go and watch Family Guy's version of creationism and tell me how you can still believe that crap. And what's your excuse when asked about war, world hunger, cancer etc??

muse is awesome. they won the triple j hottest 100!!!

In rregaurds to josh's (jesus man's) comment | Reviewer: kool guy (to josh) | 1/25/08

wow. u are the biggest bs jesus man i have ever seen. how dareyou respect a man that you have never seen or herd more than you respect muse. i am in love with knights of cydonia and if it had a vagina i would fuck it sooooo hard

Great song and fun lyrics. | Reviewer: FFSamurai | 1/24/08

After seeing the music video this song makes alot more sense. Although to those who say this song is wrong because it says God falls asleep on the job, might I remind you of the Dark Ages. Yah, you know, the one with the bubonic plague, the death, the despair, the poverty, you know the drill. With that said, great song.

this song is for idiots | Reviewer: Josh | 1/23/08

I first heard this on guitar hero 3, and I loved. So i thought i would look up the lyrics and I saw that they said about God and i thought it was the absolute STUPIDEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. If they honestly think that then their idiots. Especially sieng as how GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE, the song is stupid and a waste of time. THEY WASTED A GREAT SONG WITH IDIOT LYRICS.

About what that guy shinobi said... | Reviewer: Zack | 1/18/08

thats where the Joker from batman gets his tricks...
never thought it would be that awkward...
by the way, im not a fan of batman.
im a fan of making unhumorous jokes. you've just had a first hand experience. dun dun dunnnnn!!!
I'm a GH3 fan too, i got it for wii system!

So Cool! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/08

I first heard this song on guitar heros lll, and didn't really notice it as anything special, but the next time I played it I thought, Wow! How could anyone not like this?

Actually... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/07

Cydonia actually refers to a region on the surface of Mars where people belief there was life. That's also where the face of Mars is. If you notice on the album artwork, the four men around the table are on the surface of Mars. As for what the four men represent, it has something to do with the Apocalypse.

Cydonia | Reviewer: Shinobi | 12/4/07

I've heard that the Cydonia is a plant, which is used to make a poison. The poison is dubbed "The Laughing Death" because it contracts the muscles of your face, and it makes you look like you died smiling and laughing.

Great video, excellent song | Reviewer: Final Fantasy Samurai | 11/30/07

I first heard this song while playing Guitar Hero III (a game I wholly reccomend by the way)and I liked how it had a Western theme to it. I can see why people would think the video is humorous, it had 60's version Scilons (sorry if I mis-spelled that), kung fu masters, ray guns, a unicorn, and the wild west. The video just seemed like a really awesome movie trailer though to me, so I gotta say it's just kick butt rather than humorous. Really cool none the less.

Incredible | Reviewer: seth | 10/17/07

When I saw MUSE (my all time favorite band)open up this song live, words can not describe how incredible it was! I have never could even imagend a show that muse put on that day at Nokia theatre!!