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Performed by Muse

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yes | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/15/08

I am surely addicted to listening to this band. yes indeed, I'll have to admit listening is becoming some kind of condition for me.I dont give two shits about the videos or even the names of the musicians. I dont want to know, either....tempting, but it ruins being imaginitive

that doesn't matter | Reviewer: nepe | 11/16/08

the point is that the song rocks so hard that it does not require of deep lyrics. Anyway, if you would take your time and listen to some other songs by this band, you'll regret what you've just posted.

good music,bad lyric | Reviewer: k | 11/9/08

they sure can make good music but they cant write good lyrics.
There's no depth in the story line at all,just words crammed into it,like oh i got good music with no lyrics,i must grab somethng in there.

Emo? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/8/08

lolwut, I dunno what you people are on about, but Muse were never ever EVER emo and never will be. Only the stupid asshats at MTV think emo is anything with the slightest bit of emotion. Emo is mainly to do with image. Whoever told you Muse were emo are lying idiots.

Muse- great band | Reviewer: Caleb | 11/4/08

Muse is one of the greatest band of our time, their lyrics contain much symbolism and they are very deep.. I play bass guitar and im learning to play this song for the band. it is very rough but im getting through it ha.

about the video | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/9/08

well from what i see and read on youtube comments

the video / such is about how one feels when they cant get who they love, the feeling of insanity that ensues..

the video is about a guy who falls in love and becomes obsessed with a prostitue, but she doesnt/cant love him back..and he goes nuts, smacks her up, she runs away, and he trashes the room, then watches the video recordings of himself going thru hysteria.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/08

It's a good song, but why are you talking about the video?
The song and the video are completely different.
The song is about just HYSTERIA you know having trouble deciphering what reality is being confused

the video is about some creepy guy

Mixed Feelings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/08

WOW¡¡ what a great song is this, i have found many feelings,'cause this song reflect in me, something that i've felt about a special person, that i'm fall in with her. because i loved her with all my strength, and the desperation when you don't know what to do,the song it's perfect for that, and the guitar solo it's awesome 'cos meke you get high, and get free.

Hysteria | Reviewer: Kiara | 3/12/08

I totally luv this song!!!! best song ever!!!!
Perfect lyrics, great music, the beat is just wonderful!!!!And its just a bit creepy, which is good. This song is definitely original, and i love original. Keep writing fabulous music!!!!

answer to "one thing..." | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/08

if you pay close attention, there is a clip of her running down a hall or smthg, implying that she does in fact escape. i think he's pissed cuz he realized how he messed up and lost her or smthg to that effect.

Anna | Reviewer: Anna | 3/1/08

FAIL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/2007

It's just a song.. all of you need to calm down and get laid... fucking emo bastards... get a life... it's just a song..

I think that everybody had a favourite song... so
why you don't get a life and leave these people who really like this song in peace by no calling them emo..

Noisly but Funny | Reviewer: kang_F | 11/30/07

Really, MUSE are very good to make arrange music n deep lyrics... really noisly,srcreamly, but funny it by 3 persons, how talented....

YES. | Reviewer: stephen | 10/26/07

this is THE most brilliant song ive ever known. i totally love it; love to listen to it, love to play it. this song is the reason i learned to play bass.

Whos the dude in the video?? | Reviewer: stefff | 10/25/07

the guy looks like the guy from charlies angles or the guy that plays doofie in scary movie ... hu is it ??????

one thing.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/07

Can someone tell me, the ones who have seen the video on Youtube, if he actually kills her?
my friend and I was wondering, there are these little clips you get to see, of him hitting her, and I don't think she manages to escape him either. That's probably why he just snaps when he realizes he's done something really bad. That he's actually a killer.
Thank you for answers.

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