No man was ever a prisoner in a bordello | Reviewer: Christian | 12/19/11

Although musically great, the change by Eric Burdon of the narrator's gender from "girl" to "boy" in the Animals version renders the song House of the Rising Sun meaningless. The Rising Sun was a bordello in New Orleans. If listened to from the female perspective it is a powerful song. Bob Dylan on his first album had the guts to keep the correct gender. It seems that Burdon was insecure about his manhood and thought perhaps that his mates would tease him about being a girl. Poor little wanker.

sorry! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/11

sorry friends... muse is perfect... but do you ever listen to the animals version? that is the original and defenitly the best one... listen to the orgen, the harmony of guitar electric and shouts of vocal! try again! i am sure you will be agree with me!

what has he said? | Reviewer: giselaribeiro | 11/18/10

I just can't belive that guy tried to say matt is copying anybody! Specialy greenday... Don't get me wrong, they're a great band!!! But is just that matt bellamy doesn't have to copy anybody!!! He's unic.... This is by far the greatest band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Yamikuro Shinoko | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/10

@Yamikuro Shinoko

The song "House of the Rising Sun" is an old american folksong, and is used in the beginning of The saints are coming. many bands have used these lyrics but this version is the best.

Awesome | Reviewer: Yamikuro Shinoko | 1/21/10

I wanted to say that this song rocks. I love the way that he sang it, it's so beautiful.i always listen 2 this song and repeat it. But 2 bad the song's short. But the song still rocks!!!! Those 2 guys r right muse can totally cover. Big fan and Muse rocks

Litsen | Reviewer: Yamikuro Shinoko | 1/18/10

Don't you think that the first verse start from 'there is a house...until i'm one' are exactly the same as green day's song(the cover of the skids 'the saints are coming',which they sang with U2)start at the first verse when billie started to sing. Just listen, i know i've heard it. Just listen. Believe me.

xD | Reviewer: Kimonster | 11/8/08

i've loved them ever since the first time i've listened to them, and that zach dude is right; they cover like so awesome! another good cover is can't take my eyes off of you. its like, the shit. i love them so much.

wow | Reviewer: zach | 7/23/08

first of all, the muse are fucking amazing. no way else to put it. i like every single song they ever wrote the very first time i listened to it. second of all, they can cover shit SO well.... they don't change it so much its not even the same song anymore, but they change it enough for it to be original...another really good cover by them is feeling good, if anyone is interested

HOTRS | Reviewer: Mattthew | 4/9/08

Holy S$*# shit is incradable.... HOTRS is amazing... so many friends where i live from N.O I wanna break down everytime i hear it, they have all fell in love with the song just as much as I after hearing it. Great Work. Absolutly amazing.

AMAZING! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/07

The second I heard this song I almost cried! It rocked better than some of their original music, like Knights of Cydonia (don't get me wrong - I love that song). I have been a true fan of Muse for a couple of years and this retake of The Animals version just tops their talent... AWESOME!

nice.. | Reviewer: El | 8/6/07

very nice, im a big fan of muse, n i love how they cover their old stuff.
if u like this, u should check out their cover of the song "can't take my eyes off you", which is amazing.
peace xox

OMG! | Reviewer: pattycrack | 7/13/07

I couldn't beleive it when I saw that Muse covered this. I love Muse and the song all together. So basically...