xx | Reviewer: Fillip Cave | 11/23/10

this is for toxic nightmare yes that is relating to a song i tend to do that with every muse song thats why i love them soooooo much and this song is quite peaceful and it may be short but it has a whole lot of meaning xxx

Pure Awesomeness. | Reviewer: toXic_nightmaRe | 9/17/10

i love this song. i thought of something straight away when i heard this. does this mean i can relate to it? i dont really know, but what we all do know, is that this is a really great song. lovelovelove it (:

Pure gold | Reviewer: Mursu | 8/15/07

Simple but captivating, true Muse. Love Matt's voice. And they're coming to Finland! I'm so going to be there.