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Performed by Muse

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holy!!!.... | Reviewer: Deidei | 6/10/09

omg! I've just found this song and, knocks me down... I nearly started crying this morning when I listned to it, cuz its so damn good! I allso gets chills just about evry second and the lyrics is just ...relly weard (and thats a good thing!) and the not-following-the-scale-thing Matt does is just the coolest, its a song sooo typical Muse, and yet its very different from all their other songs...oh...LOVE MUSE!!! They're glorious! xD
and this fall I'm going to see them LIVE!!! OMG!!

AWESOME | Reviewer: Stash | 5/31/09

this song is my favourite of all time... ive always been a massive muse fan but this song is just... wow... makes me soooo happy to hear it every time i do. (:
Matt, Dom and Chris are geniuses... XD

My fav band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/09

My brother showed me this song. I had already listened to so much songs by this band, but this song, is beautiful. The reason my bro showed me this song was because he loves the transition in the begining, and it's true it starts off so different but you can hear the melody faintly in the background. Matt Bellamy, Dom and Chris are amazing, I absolutely love this band.

Muse. Muse? MUSE! | Reviewer: Cookie :3 | 1/6/09

This song is simply A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
To say I haven't heard of them before three years ago...
Matthew Bellamy has this simply god-like(yeshhh :3)fingers that writes and play these songs... They are inspiring and well, in my opinion, they should be among the best bands that played in music history.

My one and only band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/08

I remember the first song I heard by them, 'Bliss', and just- WOW. Had never heard anything like their sound before, imagined it yes but that there actually would be a band that takes their time to make music as beautiful and well-crafted as theirs was beyond what I dared to hope for. I get chills anytime I hear their music, have to sit down and just...listen. No other of my favourite bands have that effect on me.

Stephenie Meyer's favorite song... | Reviewer: Dom is my future husband :PP | 6/20/08

Just when I think Muse has done it all, I discover MOREEEE. The only way I even heard about this song was when I asked Stephenie Meyer personally what her favorite Muse song was, and she said Hysteria was her all time favorite, but she also really liked Glorious. She being like the best trashy-teen novel author EVER, and me not being able to find it on any of Muse's albums, I checked some of their singles, and whalaa! another song that encaptivates me, and that I'm totally obessed with. I agree, it should have been put on BH&R, however I must admit that it was a good album...a little less epic than some of their other albums as a whole, but it still holds people with the same intoxicating-yet-pleasantly-addictive sound.
I thought that it was a great match up for Invincible on the single though, both songs compliment each other so well, and yet each offers contrast of their own.
(and btw, quit it with the Radiohead v Muse jabbering, it's old and outdated. By now Muse have developed a sound uniquely theirs that cannot be compared to any other band. And fyi, I started listening to Muse before I heard one of Radiohead's songs...they do not share so many similarities that it is worth comparing them all the time.)

brilliant | Reviewer: robbie | 2/24/08

like all good muse songs (near enough all of them), this song takes about 3 listens to until it properly sinks in, muse are my favourite band (radiohead not being far off) but they arent the best band in the world, there is no such thing! muse said that their next album was gonna have a dance kinda feel about it. They said that about their last album, and look how that turned out. Lets just hope that they continue to make amazing music and keep playing live :)

Simply....Amazing | Reviewer: Chris | 2/16/08

Muse are the best band i know. Quite frankly, anyone that says radiohead are better, or muse are just a more flamboyant radiohead - well they need their head testing. Muse have their own unique, daring style. nothing like radiohead. and that makes them special. they are the best band ever. and fantastic live too :) all of their songs are great - most of them with a really powerful underlying message. and that is what alot of people dont appreciate.

put shortly, muse > the rest of the world

Hardly the best band ever | Reviewer: Sub-D | 2/13/08

Glorious is a great song but I wouldn't go so far as to say Muse are the best band ever (or even anywhere near that status). BH&R showed they were running slightly out of inspiration - aside from the B sides of course - and lets not forget a lot of their fame is based on being a more flamboyant Radiohead. Great song but I couldn't say the same about the band and their other material I'm afraid.

FOREVER<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/08

I absolutely love MUSE. They are, in my opinion, THE most amazing band in the whole world, and their songs - all of them - are so spine-tingling (lol) and beautiful!!! And the lyrics! I saw them live and my god, it was the best night of my life. I LOVE MUSE <3!

OMFG | Reviewer: Heather | 1/24/08

I love Muse, I love all their music (Except for their covers... they have such a unique sound I'm disappointed whenever they try to do something like that.) They own my soul.

Mindblowing! | Reviewer: Josh W | 12/26/07

Muse are my all time favourite band, but I was a little disappointed with BH&R on the whole, apart from three or four absolutely amazing tracks. Only recently have I found all their B-Sides and bonus tracks, and Glorious is now my favourite song. If only it had been on BH&R, it could have saved it. So much power and passion! Any time I start to doubt Muse they prove me wrong. Great band.

AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

Oh my god! I'm a huge Muse fan and I only discovered this song and Crying Shame yesterday. I LOVE both of them. I condemn anyone who says Muse aren't the best band on Earth. Absolutely amazing, and the riff in this song is orgasmic....

Most inspiring Muse song | Reviewer: Brian | 12/3/07

I really don't know how Muse does it, but almost every other band can be classified as "mediocre" compared to them. Bellamy either has too much time on his hands or is an unrealized music theory genius.

Fucking Brilliant! | Reviewer: Sandy | 11/18/07

I agree with everybody, this is classic, Muse's Masterpiece I just Love This One so MUCH!!!!! They are genius, they know what they do!!

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