Directshoon | Reviewer: Furgelnod | 9/10/12

"It's happening soon, it's happening soon,
Its scent has been blowing in my directshoon."

That deliberate rhyming of direction with soon just drives me insane. I can think of nothing else about the song after it, which unfortunately means the majority of it, given that it’s the opening lyric.

Song meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/17/09

This sounds a bit strange but I think the song is about someone who is inbetween life and death, thinking about which one to choose. They know if they choose death, it will be their last memory. They feel strange between the two worlds, and know whatever they choose, they can't change their minds.

Song brings a certain person to mind | Reviewer: TehDeF | 6/3/07

It makes me think about a special person I still care about, and hope much I didn't want to give up our friendship. I never knew something I held so close to me could be ripped away so fast. Blindsided , if you will.