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Performed by Muse

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i hate to break it to you, people | Reviewer: rk | 11/4/08

this song is all about irony, it's definitely not about feeling awesome, you should watch the music video, then you'll understand. i like the movie reference, i should go watch it. the irony, the tone, the tempo, the instrumentals. this is sarcasm people, it's actually insanely depressing

la femme nikita | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/08

if you want to know what this song is about then watch the 1990 film la femme nikita it is a realy good film it keeps you on the edge of the sofa the whole way through and has the
Muse song "feeling good" in it at the end.

new life | Reviewer: laura | 1/29/08

This song is one of my favorite Muse songs ever. It makes me feel so happy and joyful, and rejuvenated, yet and so sad that it brings tears to my eyes. I can listen to it over and over and over... It always reminds me of my 1 breakup coming out of my long bad relationship and starting a whole new life: free, new, alone and scared- yet still having the feeling of being lied to by this new awakening and awesome feeling.

opinions | Reviewer: K | 11/17/07

"just me, really" you shouldn't complain about someone elses opinon about the song. there is always many ways you can see a song in, don't take for granted that your way is the right one.

I think that he don't feel very good but he tries to think about the things he likes instead of complaining about hes life.

what's wrong with you? | Reviewer: just me, really | 9/6/07

How can you find this song optimistic?? I'm out my wits here. This song is SO obviously ironic! Listen to the music! "YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL!"

It's an amazing song, that's true. Makes me wanna peel my skin of, cry, yell the words. "You know what I mean, don't you know" :)

Nina Simone's Version. | Reviewer: Sam | 9/3/07

I love the lyrics. I also love the Nina Simone version, you guys should listen to it =].


feeling good..... | Reviewer: ana | 8/13/07

i love this song......there really isn't nothing better to do in a sunday morning than to play this song over and over again......

Feeling Good | Reviewer: Rachel | 7/5/07

Theres Nothing More Amazing Than This Song - Except Seeing It Live.
Its Fantastic Cos Whatever The Shit, Its Just Amazing =)

Luv It | Reviewer: cinnamon | 6/15/07

this song makes me want to punch all the shit of the day away.
i end up singing at the top of my voice n feeling good

......... | Reviewer: elena | 5/2/07

i simply love this song..and i`m soooooo fuckin' happy when i listen`s the most optimistic song i ever heard:X

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