The Meaning. | Reviewer: J.C.B | 9/3/11

Does anyone know that actually, this song was inspired by Matt's plans to burn down his hometown, Teignmouth (population 15,000), around the time when this album, Showbiz, was written? In some parts you can kind of sense that anger, and that just adds to the overall beauty of the song:')

Wow. | Reviewer: marcel | 10/14/10

I just found out about muse.But is for me definatly one of the best songs..Amazing..

And muse doesnt sound like bono at all.Ever heard bono sing live...LOL,then u would laugh about bono.They are so much better

my favorite | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/10

This song is so beautifully done. The simple instrumentals and esspecially the vocals are pitch perfect. Bellamy puts his soul in this vocal. You can just feel the emotion. It has a jazzy tone and a beautful climax that reaches to the perfect conclusion. Couldn't be better... sigh.

Bono-esque | Reviewer: BK | 9/25/09

Amazing song. Bellamy just rulz on this. I especially love the end. His vocals get better and better. Some anger towards the middle, then just lovely at the end. He's like a modern Bono, just more talented :)

So amazing... | Reviewer: A.T. | 2/2/08

This is truly a shining moment for Muse history. So moving, so emotional, it gets me every time. Reminds me of things long since past, things that I can never get back.

I freaking love Muse, period <3

I love this song | Reviewer: Pr3d1 | 6/23/07

Sorry for my english, i'm from Spain...but i'll try not to make too many mistakes when writing. :D. Muse is one of the best bands that i've ever known, and i specially like this song by the smooth way to sing it, from the beginning until the end. Sometimes, his voice reminds me of Jeff Buckley. What do you think about it?

wow, another song no one has commented on.. | Reviewer: Me | 2/12/07

you muse fans aren't doing so great with the commenting.. I've found a bunch of great songs no one has commented yet.. tsk tsk