I love MUSE and THE KILLERS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/11

I like this song too but I still think Unnatural Selection is one of my fav songs...I also like Shobiz and Hyper Music and Knights of Cyndonia and Guiding Light and Map of the Problematique. I guess I like a lot dont I¿!? My sis thinks Im krazy cuz I dont like Owl City. Tuff luck.
Im a MUSE and THE KILLERS person! D E A L.

my view | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/09

when i listen to this song i can only think of my own situation, in which one of my best freinds has the best girlfreind you can imagine. but he treats her like shit, like such a monster, sends her horrible texts, a bully from a distance, but wont say terible things to her face but it drives me crazy to watch this happen to her, we are so close, one and the same, but i can tell hes just a miserable person...misery loves company i guess

So...Emotional | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

I play this song everytime my parents or my brother and I get in a fight with each other. I love this song. It just says everything I need to say, everything I don't have the guts to say. It has been helping me for so long...
Thank you, Muse, for making such a beautiful song <3

amazing | Reviewer: mara_311 | 7/17/07

i can't believe how perfect is this song for the situation in my life lately. those are the perfect words for a love deception, at least in my case.
I love this part:
I'll take back all the things that I said
I didn't realize I was talking to the living dead...
i love muse !

Thank a lot | Reviewer: winda | 7/9/07

I Like all of Muse songs. Include Escape. But I want to know it lyric. Thanks for make gt it lyric easily. By The Way, I don't know which album of muse which contain this song ?