This is UNSUSTAINABLE | Reviewer: Mary Grace S. | 1/12/13

I'd just say that the emotion this song brings to me is
Just to quote another of their masterpieces!

Citizen Erased | Reviewer: Dan | 9/9/12

It is probably important to know that i am a Muse fan. Or it really doesn't matter, cause this is song is something near to perfection. The riffs are as energetic as ever, Bellamy uses his voice with perfect control and Bass & Drum patterns create a complete sound typical of all their song. The ending keeps going emotional, and create a perfect "freedom inside oblivion" effect. I probably never listened to something like this. Amazing.

:D | Reviewer: rafi | 8/17/09

i love many muse songs i listened this yesterday :D god i have now the citizen erased syndrome lol listen it every minute ,the song is perfect the guitar riffs is most mused musing beautiful thing i have ever heard in music , :'( Matt has a boot in his mind for real

Excelent! | Reviewer: Darklord | 3/12/09

Well, this is my favorite Muse song, and as much as I have read about this song, its like a reference to George Orwell's 1984 book, in which citizens are erased and lies control society. Of course the final lines makes a clear reference of the final part of the book, when the protagonist is "reformed" by the party.

Of course Muse is a Great band!

Muse is awesome! | Reviewer: Connor | 2/2/09

This is easily my favorite Muse song. The last line is just so deep, really makes you think. It really shows how diverse Muse is because it draws a little something from all of their different styles.

woww... | Reviewer: saspret | 10/25/08

This one is the most of my fave song from muse...
I interpreted this song by a kind of life thats so absurd, that eventually its know in emmotional way what our need in the end. Its need to take a SUICIDE... Thats the meaning from me in citizen erased. i interpreted this song mostly from end of the line lyrics. "AND I'VE SEEN ALL I EVER NEED"

Fav. Muse song... no fav. song!!! | Reviewer: Andy T | 8/12/08

I just love this song, it is full of contrasts, one at the start it's fast, at the end it's slow, It's rock then it's mellow, The lyrics are so powerful. I think they recorded it is slow and paced but live it's speeded up a bit. I've had the pleasure of seeing it live 3 times, T in the Park '04, Earls Court 19th Dec '04 and Wembley 16th June '07, every time it made me shiver, the best was at T in the Park, not only was that an emotional performance for them (bearing in mind what happened to Domonic earlier in the month, but the atmosphere was amazing, and the way they kept the end going into Space Dementia was truely amazing, I'll never forget it!

Swe | Reviewer: Jimbob | 6/27/08

Love the final lyrics:
Wash me away
Clean your body of me
Erase all the memories
They will only bring us pain
And I've seen, all I'll ever need

This song is awesome, muse are the best band i have ever had the pleasure of loving.

really good! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/08

cool thing is u don't get bored 'cause they switch it up.The live version is definitly better.That really shows a band is good,when they can play really good live without all the touchups,that's a real band!!!

One of my favorites | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

I love the last minute and twenty seconds the best, I think. The last stanza is beautiful; I have to play it over and over every time I listen to this song. Oh how I love Matthew Bellamy.

fantastic | Reviewer: Karakurt | 7/20/07

I don't know why, but this song is sending shivers all over me. Listening to it makes me want to fly. Love it.

about Citizen Erased by Muse | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/07

I think this song is just so different from the other songs out there and that's what makes it so great.

::::::::::: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/13/07

I think that the best version of this beautiful song is the one performed at glastonbury... fantastic!!!!

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/07

the singer has an amazing voice I've never heard anything like it.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/06

this song is awesome. it has nothing in it that's not to like. i think the live version off hullabaloo is better than the recordedd version though...