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Performed by Muse

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I Love You SYAHDA | Reviewer: Harrits | 2/25/12

This song make me so fly away when I listen this song..
Although someone I love left me and she with other man now, I still love her so much..
If you have an FaceBook account, add "Syahda Profitamela" (someone I love). Please say that HRB (me) still love her. I don't have an FaceBook account. Please people help me, thanks.. :)

CanLt take my eyes off you | Reviewer: 'Lizzy | 7/23/11

I just luv this song. Cause when i listen to this song, i remember him. That he sings this song to me. I wanna hold u so much , u are to good to be true. I love this sentences. I love him very very very much and missin' him <3

remebering you | Reviewer: Cookie Monster ;} | 4/30/10

Every time I listen to this song I start to think about a guy I'm crushing on especally when it says "You're just too good to be true.
Can't keep my eyes off you" because evertime that he is near me i can't help i tbut look at his big brown eyes.
I love this song <3

*sigh* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/10

<3 this song. its got an awesome and well put together collaboration (coz i cant think of the word)of like rock-y bits and then nice slow love romantic bits. which i just adore.


<3 Muse 4eva.

Ughghdkfdk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/12/10

Ugh, if one more person whines about Matt's breathing, I'll flip out. What would you rather him do? Stop breathing?!?! The guy's got small vocal chords, he can't help it! I find it outrageously sexy, if I'm being honest with myself.

And let me love you,beby | Reviewer: enok | 11/28/09

I WANNA HOLD YOU SO MUCH... Huuuuh pointed to some feel in my heart.When love touch me,when i found you,at the last we can't gather.But my heart always yours.Realy, i wanna be with you...
This song give me some inspiration.Memory to memories..
Love you so much
Miss you so much
I wanna hold you so much..

awesome | Reviewer: mg | 7/7/08

i love this song, i heard the muse version a couple of months ago for the first time and found it just minutes ago, i was so close to cry, i find it amazing how muse sings this song, so much energy, i absolutely love it

tHis s0n9 mAke me BeTteR ThaN YesTerDaY...!!! | Reviewer: rifky | 11/23/07

this song make me better than yesterday.i can forget any problem on my life.i really love this song.give me an inspiration.

So good | Reviewer: Awesome Song | 10/5/07

I listened to this song and was blown away by it. i read the post on here...yeah Matt takes very deep breathes at the end of every stanza/line...but it adds to the sensuality of the song. that breathless feeling. i think it adds another element to the emotions that are tied into the song. good ears though...way to catch that.

can't get you out of my head | Reviewer: M | 7/4/07

i f##kin love this song.. this song made me fell in love with this one dude... i know its wrong but shit happens and thats the way life is..

are there any Chinese here? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

forgive my poor english vocabulary.I just want to say I love the version and I love Muse

Muse = <3 | Reviewer: nikki | 4/28/07

Love this song, I can do some really bad kareoke with it. Haha. xD
(PS - this version owns all others.)

HOLY SHIT THIS IS GOD DAMN AWESOME | Reviewer: ralphie blue | 4/4/07

MUSE ROCKS! this is the best cover of this song i've ever heard! this song is so romantic, girls just love it, i'm gonna sing it to my girl!

love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/07

this song make me fell in love with someone special

I want to hold you so much... GAAASP! Dx | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/07

I didn't really like this's the kind of song that you just NEED to listen to the words closely, and Matthew has a terrible habit of taking deep, very audible breaths at the end of every verse. Really killed it, I think. Most/all Muse songs are like that, and I still love them, but damnnn, I liked this song just FINE without him gasping like a fish... I'll stick to other versions.

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