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Performed by Muse

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reviews | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/10

Enjoy the music - save the thoughts on the meaning for forums. To one of the comments below me - I had to laugh "i think its about America", the band are British I highly doubt they sit and thing up a song specifically for you

Actually | Reviewer: Sam | 12/29/09

I really dont think it's meant to mean anything.. I've read the lyrics to thier other songs and it's all the same thing (doesnt mean it's bad). I also want to point out that they're English =D so I doubt it's about the states (because we don't care)

what it means. | Reviewer: cooper mccall | 11/14/09

i think this is about the united states and the world needing to change. we need to change how we act and not be blinded anymore we need to take our revenge on our corrupt government. there will be a revolution with in the next 3 years."hard times are ahead" we need to stand and act now. there is more to life then this. a more spiritual natural life. act now or we all are screwed. Please inform you races, Alex (Alex Collier) that the next 3 rotations shall decide the fate of your United States. Your Union of States is being surrendered. So are the sovereignties you hold as rights. You Nation Races are choosing a course of action , which they are being deceived into. Dedicate your fortunes while you still call them yours, to exposing the deceivers and the puppets. Spare no one of the truth. The Nation Races will rise to protect the freedoms that they have forgotten about.

The focus to share and steer into the Races hearts is the right to be true, and unconditionally responsible. In our language the concept of choice, which your races call freewill is wherein lies the authority to create a world of your own choosing. This is not occurring anywhere on a Leadership level on your planet. Please remember, 3 rotations decide the fate of your Nation. If your Races choose slavery instead of liberty, little can be done to assist you, when regret impacts all of you.

Be at One!

Dramatic, but not apocalyptic | Reviewer: Dani | 9/11/09

To me, this song as well as Apocalypse, is not talking about an event in particular, but on a more general basis. I believe it's meant more to motivate the listener to do what is necessary to live their life to the fullest and happiest extent they can. To push through and pull through to the end.

I agree | Reviewer: catrihel | 7/25/09

I like angela's point of view, though I think they are exaggerating, just like they did in year 2000, don't you remember? Anyway, that's a really dramatic way of seeing this song, though muse tends to be dramatic, thas true. They are great, I'm not saying the opposite. Whatever, despite i'm not sure if this song is about the end of the world, think that would be a cool topic to write about, don't you think? keep up muse! I love u all

yup | Reviewer: Max McLean | 4/28/09

I think this song basically says "do it, make the change, just do it, be the best you can be" and it will "save you and ALL of us" (note: this quote by itself has MANY meanings) lol just think of a moment that you are truly about to experience something EXTREMELY dramatic in your life, then you'll know.

My take. | Reviewer: poet | 4/23/09

My take on this song is stepping foreward, trying to make a difference, change the world. the Butterfly Effect here is just a metaphor for the ability of one person to change the world. It's a very motivational song.

WHAT IT'S REALLY ABOUT | Reviewer: Angela M | 3/14/09

The song is actually speaking of the tough times ahead. Befor 2012 it's going to be a very tough time but it is the time for people to talk about all the obvious evil things that partake in this world.
Hence change everything you were everything you know because what is going on now is not right. Revenge will surely come. Not chaos theory or butterfly effect. If you don't believe me check out the rest of the albumn the meaning is spoken loud and clear in the song apocalypse Please.

Apocalypse doesn't mean destruction it comes from the root word apokalypto which means to reveal. Reveal what??? Everything we are everything we know and use this chance to be heard. The truth That is what he sings for. He is just way a head of everyone else.
If you are into astrology you know Pluto is finishing it's 250 year orbit and with it , it will bring great change. Look up the definition of pluto of course it needs to be a astrology website or you will just find that they have demoted the planet to a rock. It's force(energy) is the most powerful of all planets. And it's finished dec 21 at 11:11 pm 2012. Check it out

Chaos Theory | Reviewer: Ian Jade | 1/31/09

It tells the tale of chaos theory, of how a gust produced by the littlest butterfly wing can create hurricanes. It's basically the principle of premises. The object (person etc) is most likely a butterfly that must be the best to create a hurricane, to change the world.

This is one of Muse's many masterpieces on the Absolution album. 4 out of 5 stars.

agreed (: | Reviewer: michelle | 12/23/08

Very well said Donna.

I agree, this song is most likely refering to the Butterfly Effect, hence Matt Bellamy repeatedly singing "change" throughout the song.

It really is an interesting theory, that one butterfly may actually prevent a natural disaster from occuring.

As far as you know, a butterfly may have saved your life.

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