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------ performed by Muse

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/10

I just completely found out the meaning of the song! you know when your feeling down after being dumped, you a deep dispare, you lose everything, now all you want is peace. he jumped of that crazy circle thing expressing he just feels like dying he wants to go somewhere else, the pain to end but he's telling his self he's special.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/11/10

I just completely found out the meaning of the song! you know when your feeling down after being dumped, you a deep dispare, you lose everything, now all you want is peace. he jumped of that crazy circle thing expressing he just feels like dying he wants to go somewhere else, the pain to end but he's telling his self he's special.

Muse "Bliss"! | Reviewer: Madison | 6/3/10

Stop talking about Twilight! Haters, stop hating on Twilight because it just makes the Twilight fans whine even more. Twilight fans, shut up about anything not relating directly to Muse and their wonderful music. Muse was around WAY before Twilight. And whoever said this song is about Twilight/Edward and Bella is stupid because this song was made years before Twilight was published. (Origin of Symmetry CD-2001, Twilight-2005). Get your facts straight. Saying stuff like that makes you look ridiculous and foolish.

Btw, I think this song is simply about joyful, selfless love (you're soul can't hate anything), and how once you've experienced it, you know what it means to truely love someone and "won't settle for less".

Muse kick ass :D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/6/10

I love this song !
Whats all this about twilight , I knew muse before twilight even came out and I dont realy like the fact that people only like muse BECAUSE of twilight .
And why are poeple saying twilight attracted a lot of teenage girls to Muse , like I said , I liked them (and still do :D) when black holes and revelations came out and i'm a teenage girl. Oh well , I apparently have strange tastes because I like Muse instead of JLS and like Matt Bellamy instead of Justin Bieber .
Oh well :P
Muse kick ass ! september roll on !

Ergh | Reviewer: Sara | 3/28/10

I love this song. I really do. Origin of Symmetry is one of their most abstract albums. And it's been around for YEARS, and still stands true to itself. And to the person I believe 2 comments below me, you sound ridiculous even trying to make that connection.
There is not a single intention of Twilight in this song. It was release in 2001, four years before the first book was even released. In fact, none of Muse's songs have anything to do with Twilight - they have too much respect and meaning in their music to even sing about Tweeny mythical relationships between Humans and Vampires. Mm, just saying. *end of rant*

Twilight??? WTF | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/10

This song is brilliant! I love it so much but it has nothing to do with twilight. I like twilight... a bit...but this song was written before twilight was even thought of! Just because Muse ( the best band ever) has been in the twilight and new moon soundtracks dosen't mean that all there songs are related to them.

Excelent song!!! | Reviewer: Daniel Bogdan | 12/19/09

It's a great song! It relates to twilight though because Eduard can read people's minds so when Bella found her power which is to shield anyone completly she can shield him from reading anyone's mind. He was also envious of the fact that Bella couldn't read people's minds because that way she has peace in her mind. I am a guy, I did read all the twilight books, loved them and am straight. It might be because I'm from the country of vampires and I am a guy that's into romanticism/Is romantic

Stop the Twilight fans! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/09

This sort of music should be kept from the feeble minded Twilight teenagers. Been a muse fan for about 8 years and though the new album is not as good as absolution, and actually think they are going down the hill (at least in terms of thier music but maybe not in popularity) and still seeing this Twilight fans makes me violent, gosh i'm getting old haha

Muse = Awesome | Reviewer: Nat | 11/28/09

The stupidity of some of these comments is staggering. I blame Twilight for dragging in the vapid teenage girls.

If you enjoy Muse, please go buy their albums, it's the only way you'll support the band. I download music, sure, but I also buy their CDs.

Origin of Symmetry has never been my favorite album by Muse, but this song is simply fantastic. What I love about this band is the passion in their songs. Its hard to describe. I cannot wait to see them live again, it has been way too long.

Note | Reviewer: Nick Davidson | 11/26/09

That's quiet sad. The Twilight novels are just horrible. How can that be a reference? You should know that Muse is well known. Although I have to agree that their last album is not that good. They sound mainstream. Maybe it's time for a label change

:D | Reviewer: Catrihel | 7/25/09

I have heard about muse for the first time in twilight saga, I felt curiosity, and here I am. I've already listened to their songs and think they are great, fabolous to be more accurate. I'll keep enjoying their music, they have won a new fan!

Muse;; Bliss | Reviewer: emma | 6/4/09

i just plain love Muse; i heard of them from the Twilight novels, and was suspisious to see what the band actually was like, so i bought the Blackholes&Revelations CD, its amazing to be honest.

i dont think i have ever liked a band as much as i like Muse.

Bliss is an amazing song that has all the emotions in the right places. (: it is by far one of the best songs i have heard, i just lovee Muse. (:(:(:

Yeah | Reviewer: Maureen | 5/18/09

Muse is great. And toward the comment below - i don't think they were at all taking for granted that everyone is BRitish. Iuno what you are talking about. They just said they weren't as popular in the states, which they aren't. Although I adore and tell everyone about them. I listened to them a while ago and i only knew a few songs then i really got into them and they... are delicious. :]

to the person "really?" | Reviewer: alex | 5/9/09

okay so MCR aren't as good as muse, they are extremely popular because they are radio-friendly, but they're music is still. well, they're new stuff is radio-friendly, i wish they'd go to the old them. But Muse aren't well known because they are classified and unfriendly to the radio, so no one ever hears their songs. okay so they might have heard of the BAND, but none of their songs. i always knew Muse but i'd never heard their music, and when i bought their album i fell inlove with them. and also... NOT EVERYONE LIVES IN THE UK!! so don't have a go at people for saying they don't really know Muse. jees

Overwhelming | Reviewer: Brandon | 5/1/09

This song is like about a dozen Muse tracks: absolutely brilliant and profound musically, vocally, and lyrically. Don't get me wrong, most of their stuff is great; some is just on a whole other level: Beatles-like: primordial, cosmic, brilliant, unique.

It's clear that the line is actually: "Give me the peace and joy ... " which actually only makes the song more brilliant, since the word "bliss" (though obviously a theme of the song) actually does not occur anywhere in the song.

The video for this song (with 4:12 of cosmic falling) is also one of the most brilliant music videos I have ever seen.

With a little promotion, Muse would be the biggest thing in the States as well as Europe.

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