Thanks guys | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/13

Hey, I'm 13 and a die hard muse fan. My dad was the first one that showed muse to me when I was 2 years old, the same year that origin of simmetry was released, and I have to say that when my dad played bliss on our old radio, I. Just fell in love with that song. When I was 5 my dad died, and they played plug in baby, his favorite song, after that I made a promise to myself that I would learn to play the guitar for him, now everytime I listen this song I remember him, but I never knew the meaning until now, so thanks guys :)

anonymous muser | Reviewer: new born | 1/20/12

I have to admit..I found out about muse because of twilight..I heardneutron star collision and I was like omg! What a beutiful song!! I would listen to it everyday..then one day I searched new born with the intention of watching a twilight video but there I saw "newborn by muse" so I thought..maybe this song is in twilight I clicked it..and I wasn't use to hearing piano so at first I thought the begginning was weird..but then the guitar started and I was like wow!! And I heard his voice and saw his face and thought.damm he's cute he looks like carisle I started watching all of his live videos..and now I listen to all of his songs..including his symphonies <3 I fell in love with the sound of his voice since the first day and now if I don't listen to him at least once a day..I go crazy and miss his voice so much.. I also watch all his interveiws and funny moment videos<3 so I'm not one of those twilight fans that only listen to supermassive black hole

twilightfags | Reviewer: nameless | 5/31/11

People who fell in love with Muse thanks to the movie that shan't be named are hated by me.

I have loved Muse since plug in baby an I listen to them all the time. The music, the lyrics, they get you pumped

Bliss | Reviewer: Showbiz | 5/2/11

WTF Muse were in Twilight?

Also I love Matt Bellamy he is my Muse.
Oh My Absolution there are just too many things to say about this song. It's just simply beautiful, though quite funny that Muse can smash stuff and go bonkers when they used to play it. - Yes people I'm pissed of at Kate Hudson! Anyway I LOVE Muse. They have been my favorite band for many years now. And my favorite song by them is: Map of The Problematique oh and Yes Please but MINIMUM!! Now that's something!

Reviewness | Reviewer: Colton | 2/27/11

I love every muse song, even "Super massive black hole"
This song is pure amazing. Sounds to me he is absolutely loving on a girl, almost comparing her to angels,(they're watching you from above) that being like her would make him a better person (everything he describes, you know, not hating anything, and how everything about them is how he'd wanna be)

Either way you look at it, Muse is amazing, from the sounds of ther instruments, to their songwriting, to Matthew's hauntingly Amazing voice

Seriously | Reviewer: Michael | 1/29/11

Seriously guys. I can't believe that you would talk about Twilight when you could be doing other things like listening to Muse.

I used to like twilight. Then I hated it. But without twilight, it would be very likely that I would have never heard about a band that I have been listening to everyday for over a year.

10 out of 10 :D | Reviewer: SpammidySpam | 1/15/11

I was only in primary school when I first heard of Muse, though I can't remember what song I listened to. Their music is impeccable, I can't get enough of it. To be honest, though, I've been embarrassed to admit my interest in their music because of twi-hard fans immediately assuming I actually enjoyed the putrid Twilight series D: I mean, it's a glittering pedophile, an insecure and very confused/lonely schoolgirl and Myers decided to throw a bit of bestiality and anthro into the mix?!
It's sad that such an incredible band has been stained with such an association. I adore their older music, just not the ones featured in the Twilight movies :(

ANYWAYS! Reviewing time.
"Everything about you is how I'd wanna be...Everything about you resonates happiness
Now I won't settle for less"
I'm not an expert, but (using this line as an example) it sounds more like he REVERES someone to the point of almost worshipping them after getting a bit of a 'sample', I guess. Then, he's obviously envious too and rather possessive. It's in the lyrics. So, basically, it's reverence, greed, envy and desperation. Either way, it's an incredible song. I don't know what you guys are smoking, but how the hell could you get emo kid 'end zeh painz' out of this song? I mean, you can write. Why are you unable to read?
And you have completely ignored the tone of the singer's voice in the song. He's not bawling. Sheesh.

Twilight... | Reviewer: Matt | 12/18/10

Guys, there was only one song written for twilight, and it was by far and away the worst song muse ever produced (and I have heard interviews suggesting they think the same).

Please, if you're interested in muse because of the books or movies - that's great. But Muse have a great deal of depth beyond the last 3 years.

Get yourself some back catalogue, listen to classics like sunburn, stockholm syndrome, citizen erased, time is running out, Hysteria etc.

If you genuinely like muse then there is far more to them than resistance and black holes.

The reason for my existence (: | Reviewer: Silke | 11/1/10

Muse kicks ass ;o
Anyway, I think this song is about someone who feels lost, alone and down all the time. And then he meets a girl that is 'saving his life' ore something. Idk, its just the feeling I get when I listen to this song. But; because everyone is talking about 'Twilight'. It DOES look a bit like the situation between Bella and Edward. Edward doesn't want to change Bella into a vampire, because he doesn't want to steal away her humanity. He says life is so much harder when you are a vampire. He loves her pure beauty.

The Twilight fans | Reviewer: Ramon Felipe | 9/17/10

So, I've been reading a lot of hate against the Twilight fans who became Muse fans so I'd like to say something.

I read a lot, so I read the Twilight Saga naturally. I liked it, I am not a huge fan but I liked it, and I learned about Muse thanks to it (that was in late 2007/early 2008).

I eventually bought the HAARP album (live from wembley 2007) and Muse started growing on me, soon I was so in love with the album that I started looking at their older albums and I now know pretty much all of their songs and a good deal about them (though I don't like getting too much into band's personal lives), when Resistance came out I bought it right way.

So, don't come and tell me I am not a true Muse fan because I learned about it because of Twilight.

I am a true fan, deal with it.

PS: I do kinda of dislike the teenagers who only know their twilight songs by the way... especially as I hate the movies

=) | Reviewer: Mark | 9/12/10

I think the problem with twilight is that it has created many wanna be fans who have no idea about Muse, I'm 18 and have listened to Muse since Showbiz was released 1999, listen up twilight fans, Muse inspired Stephenie Meyer to write the books, and who can blame her there songs are inspirational but just cause you heard a few songs in a movie doesn't mean your fans or that any of the songs Muse have written are based on/written for Twilight. Muse Rock and this song is brilliant, it was the best song to open the wembley 2010 tour with =)

Muse is the reason I'd rather be blind than deaf. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/10

Lol twilight is shot I've never seen any twilight shit movie and never will!!! Fuck twilight! Muse is amazing and I've been listening to them way before I heard about faggot twilight using one of their songs..

Wtf | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/10/10

I am seriously disgusted that someone had the audacity to say that this song is about Twatlight. I wish that foul woman had never mentioned that this band was her inspiration for that trash, because since then a great number of fuckwits now claim to "love" this band when they only know the songs that are in the crappy movies. It's seriously repulsive, and insulting to the true fans who have liked this band for the past decade.

Muse is Influential | Reviewer: GWF | 6/26/10

Dear Muse lovers and Twilight lovers:

I will settle this for all of you once an for all:
The music and especially the lyrics of MUSE inspired Stephenie Meyer to write and develop
the Twilight Saga. She admits this on her website and on the back of every one of the books in the the thank you credits. If you look at when these songs are recorded and the date her books published, its obvious because Muse pre-dates her books. It's also pretty obvious when you look at the Muse videos like Newborn, Bliss, as well as she used a direct line from a Muse song "You Will Be The Death of Me", Edward says this to Bella.
Stephenie Meyer also derived ideas about the mindreading etc. from the writer of the TRUE BLOOD series, which also came out before her books. ENOUGH SAID. END OF ARGUMENT.

Awesome. | Reviewer: Ch-rhis | 6/24/10

This was the first Muse song I ever heard, and the music video still gives me chills. Aside from the absurdly detailed piano throughout, the words are actually pretty important. My interpretation, which is no doubt different in every way from all of yours and will piss a bunch of people off, is that it's about someone in a relationship who is growing jealous of their partner because they seem flawless. But that's just one idiot's opinion. Happy listening, Muse rocks and all that.