beautiful song | Reviewer: Simon | 2/27/11

this song is the best on absolution because its so gentle just like screenager and guiding light which are some of the best songs by muse :)

i first heard muse in the movie Millions in which a boy finds millions of money and needs to spend it because britain was changing their currency. in the scene where blackout is played the boy imagines he's with saint nicholas and puts some of the money in peoples' mailboxes. this song always makes me think of this movie and when bellamy says
this life's too good last
this life could be the last
i think he's saying do good rather than bad while your life lasts
it's a great movie rent it or something :)

Blackout | Reviewer: PattyM78 | 10/18/10

This song is so much more than captivating. The melody is hauntingly beautiful, serene, and very etherial. I've loved it since the first time I heard it, but since experiencing them live, more than ever Blackout simply transports me to another world and eases my soul into a sacred space. And I have to agree, it is a particularly lovely bedtime lullaby. What more could a girl ask than Matt singing her to sleep. I'm on my way now. Long live Muse!

I feel like... | Reviewer: nameless | 9/6/10

I feel like sinking to the bottom of the ocean and never coming back up when I hear this song. Beautiful and terrible.

And yeah, I don't really think this is like Radiohead at all. Maybe the falsetto is somewhat similar, but Muse is unique in it's own way, I think. Especially their latest album, I think.

grr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/10

I don't hear the thom yorke at all. They have an individual alt. Rock/pop sound... I think people just try to hard to be haters. Did you just randomly look at this page to diss. I don't think so. You secretly love it. Haha

Anyways this song is so captivating. Tears at my heart strings everytime and never gets old... also I love both bellamy and yorke.

it makes me ache... | Reviewer: dawn | 4/4/10

because i feel like a fool for loving this damn aquarian man, so elusive yet powerful,consuming me with every look and breath when we are together then he is gone, amd i am lost...muse feeds this, good or bad i need it, it fills my mind, many songs..but this makes my eyes water with confusion. *sigh*

Gorgeous.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/10

This is such a captivating song. When I first heard it I didn't think much of it... But then I really listened to it, and now I simply adore it. It's a song I listen to while I try to sleep... Muse have done well with this piece. Just like every other if theirs c=

bitter sweet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/09

This song lets me reflect on a very great and long relationship coming to an end simply because "we're too young to see". It really captures the delicateness and sadness of the ordeal rather well. MUSE ROCKS!

Lovely | Reviewer: Anna | 10/22/09

I haven't heard much from Muse, but this is certainly a perfect song to listen too! I need some slow non-extravagant music to listen to when I fall asleep, and it's not like Assassin will help much xD

Beautiful song.

Classy, that is, for a wanna be Thom Yorke | Reviewer: Djangology | 6/12/09

Even though I still (and will always) think that Muse's vocalist jerks off to a shrine of Thom Yorke in his closet every night, this song is definitely a classy one. They're a solid band, I just wish they'd try and be more eclectic every once in a while, and draw less from other, more established Alt. bands out there. Oh, and the bombardment of microphone-breath in between each vocal phrase gets kind of annoying, too.

blackout - classic | Reviewer: stuart | 12/7/08

I first heard this one (not been a fan for long of muse) last year when they played wembley.

Cant suggest any better way to be introduced to this than in a stadium with two ballerinas floating above you on tethered balloons!

I loved this from the first time I heard it - along with a load of other songs they performed that night, I now have all of their back catalogue